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Oak to Hargeon [Foot Travel]

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Oak to Hargeon [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:39 pm

It was time to pack up and go. Not that she had anything to really pack since her bow slung over her back around her shoulder. Clothes weren't really a problem either since she brought them as she traveled, not keep any for longer than a few days. Oak was nice, good for coin but there plenty of other places good for the same thing and those other places might have one of her guild mates in em. If she could get a hold to one of them she could probably convince em to join her on higher paying jobs. Pulling out her flask she sighed as she took a swig from it. The burning liquid going down hot then sweet. She was going to need more of that, things were too weird right now and her being broke due to her getting robbed by something was putting on her one edge.

She tried to put it at the back of her mind as she left the inn she stayed at while in oak. She tried to ignore the changes in her body as the rain fell and she walked out of the town and onto the main road going south. She wanted to ignore the rapidly healing bite mark that was in the side of her stomach but with each step she took, with each swipe of her tongue across her newly enlarged canines and sudden hunger for meat.. Well she couldn't not think about it.

The day turned into night as she traveled. Settling in whatever town she happened to stop at or pitching a tent in the woods or plains. She found it easier to hunt food, climb trees, do things her body could not do before. She could smell things far more strongly than she had ever done. lift much more, run faster, take more damage as she remembers she fell out of a tree and onto her back and she didn't even wince. She didn't know if she should welcome the new changes or be horrified by them. Flashes of that night played in her mind when she slept, when she had gotten rob it was by something and not someone. There was no doubt in her mind that whatever that was it was most certainly not human.

Thinking back it was really just another work day in Oak, well work night. She was doing some particularly dirty work that night. Chopping up bodies in the woods and burying them was one of the more stressful things that she did. She didn't remember how long she was in those woods and how fear wasn't what she was feeling on that full moon night. She ignored the growls in the night and the footsteps, passing them off as animals probably wanting to eat her work. No fear struck when she realized that it was an animal out there. It was something bigger, almost humanoid in shape but far too large for that. She wanted to yell that night but her voice broke and not even her arrows could protect her. Thinking about it now caused Roxanne to wince and hold her hand to the side of her stomach, the would there nearly gone. She couldn't sleep well due to that night. Every time she closed her eyes she felt herself nearly dying and how she hadn't was a mystery all on it's own.

It took her five days to arrive at the icy cold town of Nanuq. She hardly experienced cold such as that before. The people there did have good liquor to warm the bones tho, so it wasn't as bad as she thought originally. Her time in that coldness was short lived of course. She was on the move, in part to get as far away from Oak as possibly and on the other half of that coin to get to somewhere warmer. She enjoyed the whiteness and overall beauty the snow covered land represented but she couldn't stay there more than she had too. The people there were kind to her. The healers healed her for free and gave her a few supplies. It was before she left the village that one of the healers gave her some news that now sat with her and ate her up inside.

As the days and nights passed Roxanne kept traveling, the weather getting warmer. She worried every night would be a full moon night and every night she had gotten lucky that it wasn't. She knew one would be coming but she didn't know when, she had been far out of practice in studying the sky for the time on things of that matter. The information she was given from that healer shook her to the core and if what that healer said was correct then she wouldn't even be human any more. Not being human, just the thought of it was strange but was it bad? She was stronger and faster she needed to know what she could truly do now that she was.. what did that girl call it.. a Lycan.

She was deep in the south now, already had come to terms with what she was now. It wasn't so shocking anymore but the nightmares of that night grew more vivid. Would she turn into that? whatever that was? She didn't have much info on her new life but now that had to be pushed in the back of her mind. She finally reached a suitable destination in a place called Hargeon. Upon arriving she noticed the ports, the salty scent of the sea and like a moth to flame she was hooked. The town reeked of nostalgia of her days on the seas going from port to port. She heard the town was good for work and and even better for liquor. She had traveled pretty far and looked for an Inn to settle in for now and probably get some food, she was craving a burger at this point.

WC: 999
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Stealth [Passive]: Time is of the essence for Grimoire Heart members. They must move quickly to take out their designated targets and move onto the next one. With that in mind, they always appear to be traveling efficiently. Users receive a 10% wordcount reduction on foot traveling.

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