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Captain's Rum [Quest: Geb]

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Captain's Rum [Quest: Geb] Empty Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:55 pm

Today was just a normal day in hargeon. What was supposed to just be a quick vacation for Geb somehow turned in a month-long stay. His hotel room was practically home to him now. Perhaps he'd have to get going... soon. But not today. Today, he had to go and do some work. He hadn't done any in a while, and soon he would have to start going into his savings if he wanted to continue to stay in this hotel. Then again, he could always stay in the streets or something... actually, scratch that. That didn't sound exactly very fun to Geb. Oh well, he'd just have to actually work for his money today if he wanted to stay. It seemed like he didn't fall on his head this time, but he was pretty sure all the times he did do that on working days were just a coincidence. It really made him cringe a little bit that he actually thought for a while there it was some sort of divine being that was telling him to do that... everyone but the churchgoers knew those didn't exist after all. He was a man of science, no, literally. He was a robot, of course he was a man of science. There'd be no other explanation, unless technology wasn't technically classified as science or whatever. But he was pretty sure it was, actually. So he left that little debate in the back of his mind as he began to get up to prepare to go and find some work, something that he had not done in quite a long while.

He got dressed in his usual attire, noticing he needed to get new clothes - his current ones were getting a bit roughed up. Perhaps he would do that with the money that he earned today. Seemed like a good idea to him, actually. He tried looking for Gallent, before finally finding the munchlax under his bed, sleeping. He supposed he would be able to go without the little guy for the day - he would certainly be bringing him on the next outing though. That was for certain, the guy needed to go outside a little bit more instead of simply eating Geb out of house and home all the time. Geb looked outside to see the weather - it was just a little cloudy, but luckily it didn't look like it would rain at all.

He left the hotel, taking the stairs back down to the first floor as he walked out the lobby. He was basically a regular here now, having stayed in this hotel for what? 2 months straight or so? It was crazy. Though, he had to admit the service was quite nice. He would reccomend it. He was probably giving them a lot of business too, at least through only him staying for so long. So, it wasn't too bad of a deal for the people at the hotel.

Now, the hard part. Who to work for today?

Actually, wait. Geb got tired and just went home.


Captain's Rum [Quest: Geb] BORZAPv

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