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Marigold to Magnolia [Foot travel]

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Marigold to Magnolia [Foot travel] Empty on Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:07 pm


Marigold had been a complete waste of time. Honestly the only worth this trip was learning a bit more about the mystery of Snowflake, but in the end Alisa's time here all came down to sightseeing. It couldn't be helped, hardly anything or anybody here that really motivated her into doing anything other than laze around and sculpt, but there's only so long she could allow herself to do so. Question was, where to go next? She had only just come from Hargeon so her wandering nature wouldn't allow her so quick a homecoming.

No, she had to pick someplace else... And Fairy Tail's hometown presented itself as the most likely candidate. After all she kept hearing how so many people had been going there for missions and mingling, and all she hoped was the city wouldn't be as noisy as the guild itself.

Thus she woke up early and slipped on a casual blue summer dress, the lightest choice she had in her wardrobe. It was a pretty sunny day for a walk, enough for the cool lover to fan herself, put on her sunglasses, and stick under the shaded treetops for the most part. But the breeze kissing her skin provided a welcome relief against the warm summer sun, and made for a rather pleasant little hike...

Just what would she find once she finally reached Magnolia...?

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