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Tea Party {Solo}

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Tea Party {Solo} Empty Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:51 am

Roman and Kiryu entered town not to long ago. The mission details came to them in the form of a pigeon messenger. We aren't gonna question it just roll with it for the sake of the mission. The bird dropped a small letter with information written on it concerning their next task. The two were to cause havoc on the docks of Hargeon. “Look's like we are hosting a tea party. And not the good kind.” Roman explained while looking at the paper. Kiryu smiled from behind his dark toned shades. A grin crept across his face in response. Vandalizing was his forte so this was right up his alley. The two approached the docks with haste to their next mission. Only to find a rather portly man in a bowler's hat looking out to sea. His face appeared to be conveying the look of annoyance. This was the client they were supposed to work for on this mission. He was standing there rubbing his chin as if he was deep in thought. His train of thought was broken for a moment as the two approached on the wooden docks.

Their footsteps coming as a warning to the man that someone was approaching. The wood made subtle creaking noises to offset the shifting waters. “You must be the help for today.” the man stated. He knew of Roman coming due to sending a request out to dark guilds. Grimore Heart has been somewhat silent so it was up to the Guildless and Phantom Lord to do the dirty work. “Aye we are the ones for the deed today.” Roman responded.

Kiryu said nothing but picked at his nails while listening to the two talk work. He was just here for the heavy lifting. “I expected bit more, not a man and his cat. But I guess we are short these days on those willing to deal in shady dealings. Beggars can't be choosers right?”

“Make another comment like that and I will gut you.” Kiryu explained. The man's face looked a bit scared and confused at the same time. Roman spoke up quickly to diffuse the situation. “So about that job.”

Kiryu rolled his eyes and went back to picking at his nails with his claws. Reagan cleared his throat before speaking. “Uhm yea about that. My competitors are trying to put me out of business. I can't be having that kind of thing staining my name. I have to make a statement. Several ships are coming in today, with loads of shipment. I need you to make sure that shipment doesn't get where it's going. Anything at your disposal. Just make sure at the end of the day folks are coming to me.”

Roman pushed up his rose tinted sunglasses and smiled. “Oh that is easy.” Kiryu chuckled before speaking to his trouble making companion. “Well let's get this show on the road shall we?”

The two walked off towards the docking area to think how they were going to do this. The two rubbed their chins while looking around. They spotted something interesting, and of grave importance. They quickly made their way over to the churro stand and bought some treats. Crunchy Mexican delights dipped in brown sugar. They now walked through the small crowds back on task.



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The two crunched on their treats while walking around to spot some individuals in uniforms. Roman with his face covered in brown sugar looked around for a moment. “I think I found our way in.” Kiryu wasn't really paying attention due to eating the churro. He stopped for a moment with crumbs on his face. There was two individuals wearing uniforms with clipboards. Being the smart one of the two, Kiryu automatically caught onto where Roman was going with this. Well Kiryu liked to think he was the smartest of the bunch. The idea that was shared between the two without a word was simple. Kidnap these two, impersonate guards, and hijack the shipment. Or better yet just outright blow up the ships and make up excuses. It was brilliant really. The client did not give a real way of going about the job. The shipments did not need to make it to their destination. The two finished up their treats and wiped their faces. They casually walked behind the two while keeping them in their peripherals. The two guards were inspecting the incoming shipment and did not suspect a thing. Roman and Kiryu used the cover of the boxes sitting on the dock to move around.

There were people around so it would be hard to outright nab the two in broad daylight. There were some boxes being stacked over to the left near a building. It created a subtle blind spot to operate in for a small window. Large cargo ship boxes that were lifted around magically. The two guards were walking towards the large boxes to actually inspect them. Kiryu transformed into his human form to help Roman take out the other target quickly. Roman and Kiryu leaned behind the boxes waiting for the two to come around to their side. This was were no one was currently as their was two buildings and a alleyway in front of the boxes.

The taller guard looked a bit confused as to why these two were just chilling here. “Uh, can we help you?” the guard asked. Roman looked over at his now human companion and smiled. “Yea you can help us. There seems to be something amiss with these cargo boxes. We came off the ship to see if we could speak with some authoritative figure. And here you are.”

“Alright, seems completely not suspicious at all really.” The guard responded in a non-sarcastic tone. Roman and Kiryu stood up off the boxes. Roman pointed to the area he was talking about. “Come closer both of you so you can see what I am talking about. The two guards moved directly in front of Roman and Kiryu. Roman's eyes cut over to Kiryu as the two latched onto the necks of their prey. A rear naked choke with all of their might at once so no sound was made. Well their was minimal sounds of individuals choking to death while being dragged into the darkness.

After some minutes passed the two 'guards exited the alley with a clipboard. Their prey was knocked out in the back naked, tied up and gagged.

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Disguised as guards the two fit the bill pretty well. There was a issue however. The uniforms were a bit on the small side and did not fit too well. Roman relied on the folks being stupid on the docks to not take notice. His feline companion came walking out  looking at himself. A bit depressed at the fact he looked so uncool. “This is kind of tight for us don’t you think?” Kiryu was right but that wasn’t the point. Roman held up the keyboard while writing some nonsense on it to look like he was doing work. “Just look natural, no one will take notice trust me. If not we kill them. Alright?” Roman was trying to keep a cool head about things, he hated being in the monkey suit. “For now just act natural.”

“Okay.” Kiryu’s voice had a hint of reluctance in it. He turned and walked over to some crates to inspect the box. He didn’t know what he had to do with it just needed to look like he was doing something important. The ship already arrived in the docks. It was a galleon class ship with a large cargo. Sailors in black and white striped shirts were already unloading goods onto the docks. Kiryu was making sure the boxes weren’t undamaged or untampered with. He walked back to Roman and held his chin. He was enacting real life thinking emoji at that moment. He spoke only loud enough so his partner could hear. “So what are we looking for exactly.”

“I am trying to figure out myself.” He replied. He was flipping through the pages, thinking he was blind because he couldn’t find the specific thing. At the end of the day the two may just have to toss everything overboard.

Roman continued on with the clipboard, he was reading over it. It was a invoice for the shipment for today. The two guards they were impersonating were inspectors. There was a large vessel coming in with a huge assortment of goods. There was a specific case he was looking for in this mission. They had to sabotage a certain shipment of tea.The reason why it was the focus of this topic, was the two had to sabotage the goods in question. He looked up and down on the invoice to see if he spot the tea on the list. Roman figured they would just have to toss everything overboard. Or better yet have the crew do it to lighten the load. Flipping the pages up and down he maneuvered around the docks as the men unloaded the boxes. Kiryu followed closely looking important. Roman quickly found the line he was looking for. There were supposed to be three large crates filled with the stuff. He memorized the numbers he was looking for but did not speak them out loud. With his companion following close behind him he spoke calmly. “Just follow my lead.”

Kiryu said nothing and placed his arms behind his back. Roman cleared his throat loud enough so he could get the attention of men moving around on the dock. He spoke loudly, “Can I have your attention please! Where is the captain of this vessel?”

Kiryu facepalmed in response and mumbled under his breath. “Smooth.” Roman smiled and waited for a response from someone on the docks. A man with a peg leg came walking down the docks and responded just as loudly. “Aye! I am the proprietor of this vessel.”

Roman had a big toothy grin on his face, Kiryu looked up and waved to the captain. The two made their way over to the peg legged man as he walked onto the docks. Roman extended out his hand and shook the hand of the captain. The sailors got back to work unloading everything. “How can I be of service?” He paused for a moment waiting for the name of the inspector.

“Harold, and my companion Ryu.” Kiryu tipped his hat as a sign of respect. The captain placed his hand on his chest. “Captn’ Striker, tis a pleasure Harold and Ryu.”

Roman pulled out the clipboard he stored under his arm pet and flipped through some of the papers. “I am looking for suspicious boxes in your shipment. We have some information that you are shipping some undesirable goods. It is our duty to inspect such a rumor.”

The captain nodded and walked back up the dock. “I would be my pleasure, I am curious to where this information came from. I have the best security in the sea. We keep our goods under close surveillance for that reason alone. Follow me, I know of which goods you speak of lad.”

The man hobbled back up the docks and made his way onto the deck of the ship. There were a bunch of boxes on the ship. Roman and Kiryu split up while the captain showed Roman to the three boxes in question. “Aye these be the three you two were looking for.” Roman looked at his sheet and looked at the boxes. Roman got down on one knee and looked at his papers. “Oh my, this won’t do. This simply just won’t do!” He had a worried look on his face. He was acting worried to reinforce the tale he was about to tell for this man. The Captain had a worried look and spoke with a nervous twinge in his voice. “What is it lad!”

“These are the boxes we were looking for. The information given to us stated if they matched the numbers on the invoice then all of these were tampered with. Your shipment has now been deemed dangerous. You must order all of your men to toss everything you have off board.” He explained.

The Captain’s face frowned up and turned to one of anger. “I am telling you that information is false! Where did you hear this from!”

Roman’s whole demeanor changed and he stood back up with the same smile. But this time it was different. The twisted smile on his face did not change. He towered over the captain in question, invoking fear in the man. Electricity began to crawl all over his body from the energy rising up. “I have no need to explain myself to you. I wasn’t asking that was a order. You do what I ask or this becomes obstruction of justice. I throw you behind bars and I erase your vessel from this planet.”  The Captain began to sweat because he could feel the truth behind the giant’s words. He was beginning to sweat under the pressure, his men watched intently waiting for this situation to unfold. The tension in the air had grown exponentially. Everyone had stopped in their tracks, waiting for something to happen.  Kiryu place a hand on the shoulder of the man, as a means of reinforcing what he was saying. This was the bad cop, good cop scenario. Roman was the bad cop in this and Kiryu was the good cop.

“Look man, we don’t wanna hurt you or anyone else just listen to him.” The man looked deep into Roman’s piercing gaze. Looking for some sort of weakness at this very moment. Wondering if he should call Roman’s bluff or not. He wasn’t a young man anymore and he had no one on the vessel that could use spells. He was at a massive disadvantage and there was no need for needless blood shed. The Captain swallowed his pride and began to speak loudly. “You heard the man men! Dump everything!” The sailors looked confused for a moment, and looked around. One of them was bold enough to speak up. He was most likely the first mate because no one else had the gall to speak. “Are you serious? It took a week to get all this and a month to bring it here!”

Roman did not break eye contact with the Captain. Instead he pointed a finger at the lad, well the general direction. Kiryu acted as if he was worried making panicked gestures, “Do what the man says! He is serious!” The tension had grown so thick it made it hard to breathe for the captain. He felt like he was short on breath suddenly. This was getting really dangerous, really quickly. Energy danced even more furiously around his finger tip as he primed a spell. The Captain panicked and stepped in front of Roman’s finger. “Do what I said! Now!”  Kiryu let out a sigh and rubbed his forehead. The sailors began to scramble and the men on the docks began throwing everything overboard. Roman put his finger away and used the same hand as a means of tapping the captain’s face. “Good boy. Now hurry up so I can go home, I have a dinner date and I don’t want to be late.”

The captain said nothing and retreated to his quarters while his men did the work. Boxes were tossed overboard and began to float away. There was something in the shipment that spilled out when it hit the water. Barrels filled with oil began to leak into the ocean as they floated away. This only made sure the boxes couldn’t be recovered from the water when they left. They began to leave the ship by the plank they used to get up to the deck. The captain was livid, he was staring the two down as they left the ship. Roman stopped for a moment and turned to the captain who was looking down from the ship. “By the way your lot is not welcomed here. You didn’t pay taxes and your shipment is illegal. If I see you here I will personally exterminate you vermin on order of the Rune Knights.”

The Captain looked defeated and lost as to what exactly just happened. Not only was all his hard work destroyed. They were banished from this port. He was genuinely lost and he couldn’t say anything. He knew that the inspector would not hesitate to carry out this threat. He just yelled out to his men. “Hurry up!”

Like the villain he was Roman laughed and walked off with Kiryu in tow. He knew full well all of this was a lie. He didn’t really care what happened to the Captain. It was nothing personal, Roman was just doing his job as requested. He wasn’t going to turn down the large sum he was getting for doing this job. They began to leave and the fat man who gave the job to the two approached the scene. He had a giant grin on his face and on the way out he tipped his hat to Roman. “Good day to you sir.” his replied was followed by a maniacal laughter that only saw fit to piss off the captain even more. It was Reagan, the man who gave the mission in the first place. About thirty mintues later Roman and Kiryu met at the location. They waited for the client too show up. They were behind some warehouses on the docks. The fat man waddled up and handed Roman a large sum of jewels. “Good acting, they had a change of heart about everything.”

Roman took the bag of jewels and nodded to Kiryu. The fat man said nothing and left in the opposite direction. Roman felt the weight of the bag and bounced it up and down. "Easy money." Kiryu reverted back to his cat like state. The clothes on his body didn't shrink so he had to walk around naked for a bit. It didn't bother him, he was a cat. It was actually more out of the ordinary for him to be walking around in clothing.


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