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[Foot Travel] Marigold to Hargeon

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[Foot Travel] Marigold to Hargeon  Empty on Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:32 am

The two exited the train, both making grunts while stretching. It was a couple of days being stuck inside the confines of a train room. It was astounding they didn't start to get cabin fever. Then again the two slept majority of the time so one could only guess that was the secret trick. Roman's back cracked as he bent back a bit while Kiryu bent down to his toes. “Alright now we gotta walk over to Hargeon, our next job is over there. We will be staying there for a bit before making our way back this way.” Kiryu stood up and gave a calm nod in response. No need to share words on the subject. A job was a job and one could always use more funds. Roman led the way towards the port town, Hargeon.


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