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Era to Marigold [Foot Travel]

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Era to Marigold [Foot Travel] Empty on Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:08 pm

Yumi stretched her limbs as her eyes began to slowly awake. Her crimson hues glistened like bright red rubies as they gazed up at the ceiling above her. The young woman rose from her bed, using the bed sheet to hide her petite frame as she approached the window and gazed on out. The flying high in the sky, rays of light brimming down on the town of era. The demonic lolita rubbed her eyes removing the sleep from them, how long had she been asleep for? The lolita could not remember what had happened only that she had suddenly fallen into a deep slumber only now to rewake once more. In her dreams she had visions of her Mighty Lord Malum followed by seas of fire, oceans of blood and mountains of corpses with blood curdling screams filling the air.

The lolita pulled the window open feeling the wind on her soft skin. As she enjoyed the feel she could a boy down on the streets selling the days newspaper. Shock overcame her as he proclaimed the date, it had been a month since she slumbed. She couldn't believe it, what had caused such to happen. But the demon would not concern herself with it. She had allowed a month to pass her bye, she had wasted time. She would have to make up for it.

Yumi quickly headed to the bathroom taking a shower to clean off grimmee and get the dust out of her eyes. Once she was done she quickly dressed herself into her gothic lolita dress, tying her boots uptight. Yumi brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. As she did her companiond duskull raced in crashed into her chest tears forming on the edge of his eyes. Yumi gave him gentle smile and patted him on the head to comfort him. She remained for an hour simple consoling the tiny creature before departing commanding him to follow.

Yumi left the inn earning a look of surprise from the owner. She politely apologised to him and paid what was owed and left. She needed to move she had spent to long in era, perhaps she would hourney to Marigold. With her destination in mind she headed on out.


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Era to Marigold [Foot Travel] FIXCi2K
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