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Smuggler's Schemes [Seira]

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Seira woke up to the sounds of ocean waves and seagulls and while she very much enjoyed the first, the latter could be compared to the dreadful sounds of doors creaking nonstop and someone running their nails across the chalkboard—Seira hated seagulls and the obnoxious noise they made. She kept forgetting that they were very much a thing here, in Hargeon Town, however and a little reluctantly the vampyress rolled out of bed and closed the window. Much to her excitement a look outside revealed that the sun was covered by clouds and a storm was very likely to come up soon. After changing into a vampyre Seira had realized that sunny weather wasn’t exactly her cup of tea anymore and the girl enjoyed gloomy weather more than anything. The sunlight weakened her and she had to be wary from light wizards and such from now on, knowing that it could possibly harm her and cause her a lot of trouble. Seira wasn’t exactly a fighter, nor was she violent but she was perfectly capable of defending herself if she had to. The young woman understood that in order to protect herself and her life she needed to know how to step over the line, but fortunately something like that rarely happened. For now, she decided since she was already awake she might as well get out of bed and ready herself for the day. Seira had plans of finding work today and she knew that the harbour and port of Hargeon was usually the best place to find something here. Most good jobs were taken away by the light guild Blue Pegasus, which was the local guild here but Seira was at a point where she didn’t exactly care about her status and reputation anymore, she really just wanted to own the money. Doing jobs and earning money was all she had ever known and things had been going well for her lately, so she decided to continue doing that until she knew what else life had in store for her. When Seira walked to the harbour she noticed that it was very crowded and some sort of commotion was going on. This wasn’t normal, after all there was a lot of export and import going on in this part of the town. Furthermore, the sea wasn’t exactly the safest place either and due to the huge amount of pirates that were willing to take over company boats, the Rune Knights had to be constantly present as well. Before Seira could get any closer, however, she was called to the side by a man she recognized as Reagan Hullston, who immediately appeared fishy to her. He was known to sell wares from ships all over the country, but the means of requiring those items had been unknown to most and Seira assumed that this man had a lot of illegal business going on for himself. “You’re a wizard, right? You’re not from Blue Pegasus, I can tell. I need your help and I’m willing to pay you.”


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Seira’s ears perked up and she immediately rushed to the site to get more information. “No, I’m not from Blue Pegasus,” she confirmed, “I’m not from any guild. What do you need?” The man looked around and then started explaining. “Some goods are set to be smuggled to Galuna from a ship here in Hargeon. But the port increased security and all these Rune Knights are hard to deal with. I need you to help me cause a distraction, right now for as long as you can. Ten to fifteen minutes will be alright, it will help me get the goods onto the ship more quickly. If you do that I’ll pay you 25,000 Jewels. Seems like a good deal to you? It’s easy made money.” The man seemed to be in a hurry and Seira could tell why. His deal, however, was pretty good in her eyes and considering that she was a woman she had many easy ways of causing a drama and distracting people. Furthermore, simply going by her appearance people wouldn’t be able to connect her to Reagan and they could both go by their businesses easily once this was over. “Alright, I’ll help you.” She said with a nod and Reagan pointed out which of the ships was his. “Get the attention as far away from that one as possible. Now go.” Seira did what he said and noticed the huge masses coming towards her. A lot of security, like he said. Seira decided to go the easy way, that no man could possibly question, and suddenly and completely out of nowhere, while she was surrounded by people, started screaming bloody murder. Her voice was loud enough for everyone nearby to hear and she put a terrified expression on and started running towards the opposite direction of where Reagan’s ship was before falling to the ground and beginning to cry. She then continued to scream something about being molested by a man in the crowd, unable to defend herself and immediately all the guards rushed to her side, trying to help the poor girl while Seira kept an eye on the ship. Everyone was so eager to help the pretty lady that they didn’t even notice that Reagan’s ship was leaving the harbour without being checked and by the time they noticed they probably would have forgotten that it hadn’t been checked anyways. As soon as the ship was far away enough she stood up and explained to everyone that she needed some time to herself and ran away all teary eyed, pretending to be embarrassed at the situation. Of course the security couldn’t follow her, that would be weird. Once she was no longer being watched she walked back to Reagan, who was pretending to be a harmless fisherman, but he had witnessed the whole scene from afar. There was a bag next to him and Seira took it without saying a single word to the man and then left. Her reward was in the bag, just like he had said.


Smuggler's Schemes [Seira] LqKLdpe

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