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More Experimental Hexes [Roxanne]

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More Experimental Hexes [Roxanne] Empty on Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:16 pm

Another day and another dollar. This would be her last request before she up and split from this place. Oak stilled had a lot to offer but she wanted to travel around and see what else the world had to offer. She wanted to see all this land had to offer. For the most part of her life she lived on the sea and she swore that she would die in it. Unfortunately fate had another path carved out for her, a path that hardened her as a person far more than anything else had done. "fucking knights. " the words fell from her breathless in a mindless whisper. As she found herself lost in her thoughts she found herself replaying that horrid day that landed her where she is now, without her family alone in a land that was not her own. With everything had been stripped from her she had a chance to start a new life but old habits die hard and she wasn't ready to turn a new leaf just yet. With a sigh Roxanne pulled out a hair tie and placed her hair in a messy ponytail before heading out to her destination..  Dr. Stephan Mabuz's magic shop.

It was weird taking request from the same person. Yes it built up some sort of relationship and trust between client and employee, but the familiarity that became the norm was unwelcoming on Roxanne's side especially from Mabuz. She stood outside his door, pulling a flask from the pouch on her hip she took a long sip before opening the door and striding in. " Aye. You should know by now the only reason I come to see you is because I've heard you needed a helping hand. I don't want to buy any of your.. wares.. If you wanna keep callin em that. " Her voice was sharp because she wanted to be in and out. It was clear that the less time she spent in the shop the better she felt.
" Oh? I don't call them wares.. They are more precious than that. BUT of course I am indeed in need of a helping hand and you seem to be a face that I'm getting use to seeing. Like seeing in fact. Anyway onto the point. I need some more Hexes tested out. I could do it myself but this work is for those with.. Your kinda talents. just report your findings. That'll be all. "
Roxanne smirked as she turned away. That man's explanation on things got longer every time she stepped into that shop. Is it so hard to do something as simple as explain things in ten words or less...

Looking at the hexes she remembered how the first batch worked. The memory of that shit girl going through those changes were a delight and she hopped to find another victim worthy of being a guinea pig. The full moon lit up the night sky and there were more people out than usual, too many for her tastes. Her blue-green orbs scanned the streets until she found one particularly douche bag of a man. She could probably beat him as quickly as he opened his mouth to a girl who didn't seem like she wanted to be bothered. Pulling out the first hex she muttered the words under her breath as she envisioned the man. He had blond hair and blue eyes with a body that said he liked to skip leg day. " Decrepify" the hex vanished from the paper and she could see the results as they happened before. His limp was so noticeable that the girl he was tailing easily was able to walk ahead of him. She wondered if that's all it was suppose to do. Placing the blank paper in her pocket she took out the next Hex. She liked to torture the same victim. It was easy to pick off wounded prey. " Magna " As she whispered the hex a jolt of power flowed through her and she felt like she could lift a car or maybe more as if her strength grew two fold. She liked this Hex but she was sure it wasn't suppose to do that. Shrugging it off she reported her finds to the good old doc. He was interested by the second hex but didn't pry for any more information than she gave. With coin in her hand she swaggered off with newfound strength.



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