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Scold That Brat [Roxanne]

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Scold That Brat [Roxanne] Empty on Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:35 am

The thought of children never crossed her mind. She knew they were a thing, she was a child at one point. Now thinking about them she has no comment at all about them. The request given to her was one from a shopkeeper who seemed to be at his wits end  and all because of a child. The thought was amusing, a young degenerate being shamed for her tactics. It was a real pity to see such promising criminals get shut down. Shaking her head she rose from her seat. Roxanne had found another cafe that sold this really moist chocolate pudding that made her melt at the taste. The cafe also had very pretty gals and the company of there pretty ladies kept her there for an unusually long time. Paying up her bill she thanked the woman and was on her way. Now that she had filled up on sugary goodness it was time to see what this old man wanted. The way to the shop was across town which gave her time to reflect on her recent choices up until now. She was only apart of the current guild because she wanted it's ship but not much else stood out about the dammed place. It's members seem to always been gone and they had to move in silence. It was dreadfully boring if she were being honest. Not to mention all the coin she was missing out on because she was working for a guild under such...Detestable standards. She almost wondered if being in such a guild was worth the waste.

" Please miss this boy in a menace.. I just want him to be taught a lesson. Oh do not kill the boy but give him a good whack or two. Make him scared enough that he wont come back messing with my store. Stupid orphans, just because they do not have any damn parents they think they could do whatever they want. Yes. make damn good sure the little runt gets the message and make sure you bring him back to me so he can relay the message back to me. "

Roxanne could only nod. She was amused at the old man's convection but pitied him and his plight. Walking out of the store with the man behind her she waited until he pointed out her victim. It didn't take long before the old man was pointing out the child in question and it took even less time for her to be halfway standing over the poor kid but she couldn't get there quite fast enough. Before she could yank the boy up he had sprinted off causing her to run after him. The kid was faster than the hounds of hell she had to give him that much praise but she had been in oak long enough to know these streets.

Watching the kid vanish behind a corner she followed his lead and ran down a ally way. Jumping over trash cans and climbing fire escape ladders to make it on the rooftops. She has the high ground now and that kid wouldn't be safe for too much longer. Following in the direction of where she saw him last, Roxanne began to run across the rooftops. her feet pounding against the hard tile as she caught glimpses of the boy who ran down below. He had run for about five minutes straight before slowing down and walking. Roxanne stalked the kid trying as she was trying to find the best place to drop down on him. He seemed to be smart enough to stay out of alleyways, that is until he followed a cat into one.

Watching closely she waited until he was deep enough in to drop down from the roof and grab him from behind. With one swift movement she tore his pants down and began to use her hand to slap his little ass mercilessly until it was swollen and red and his cries were turning his throat horse. " Now listen here ya little shit. We are gonna take a trip to that shopkeeper ya keep fucking bothering and ya gonna apologize and leave him alone. If ya gonna be a little cuck, next time don't get caught or else I'll be paying ya another visit. . " Her words stung sharper than her hand as she dragged the sobbing boy back to the shopkeeper who seemed to be overly pleased at the boy's condition. The boy did as he was told and apologized, and she was paid caught nicely before walking away to do her own thing.

- exit -


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