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Hunter-Gatherer [Roxanne]

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 Hunter-Gatherer [Roxanne] Empty Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:04 pm

It was another piss poor rainy day in Oak. The grey sky matched the dreaded town in more ways than one. People sloshed about in the downpour going about their business or trying to get out of the rain. Roxanne was still in Oak because it had so much work that she could make a small fortune just being here and the jobs she found were ones that only someone of her standing could take, away from authoritative eyes. Oak was the place of dark deeds and seedy deals. Where the things that go bump in the night make the loudest sounds and no one cared if you screamed or not. Phantom Lord a dark guild's base was here and the Rune Knights haven't even stepped in to check them. Thinking it over now joining the phantom lord guild would probably serve her better but she had goals with Grimoire Heart and she was gonna see them out to fruition.

Roxanne looked out of the window of the cafe she sat in. This place was different from where she usually roosted but this place also had the best meatball subs she ever tasted and it had a pretty nice window view of outside so she could see the rain. Her mind had wandered and she only looked from the window once she heard the door of the cafe open and a dark cloaked figure strolled in. Frowning she saw as a slip of paper floated from the figure's sleeve and onto her table. She knew she paid these people to find her work but they had no concept of when a good time to deliver was. Sighing heavily she pulled out a few coin and soon the cloaked figure was gone. Reading the paper that was left behind her frown became even more pronounced as she realized who here client would be and what overall she would be doing for him. Paying her tab she got up and headed out into the pouring rain. the rain soaking her clothes and clinging to her frame. This was a shit day for a shit job, but work was work and that's all that mattered.

It took her about an hour to get to her destination. The rain had stopped before she entered the store and she wasted no time explaining why she was there. " I hear ya got work old man. Just run down what I need to do. "  her words were rough but the man looked amused. This was their second encounter of course so she didn't expect him to be surprised by her rough attitude. " Oy, this is good. I'm glad to see you although I never got your name I suppose that does not matter eh? I need you to find me a mushroom of sorts. The mushroom is grey all over with glowing green dots. it is tall and very skinny unlike a lot of mushrooms out there. It might be better for you to search for it during the night hours. the glow of the mushroom should be able to help pick it out. As specific as I am there are many mushrooms like it. Be careful not to ingest any of it... It's very poisonous. We wouldn't want anything to happen to you now would we? Well that is all the information I have for you, now shoo shoo off you go and do come back with the right one. Roxanne nodded her head and headed towards the door but before she could get to it the voice of the client rang out to her. " Oh and one more thing. The mushroom is highly illegal so try not to get caught with it on you. "

Roxanne had spent almost four hours in the rain looking for the mushroom. The old man was right there were many like it but something was always off. She was looking in the woods for the mushroom, a little sack in her hand to carry it in and to collect it. After awhile of course she did find the mushroom and picked as many as she could, throwing the ones that didn't look right off to the side. Once she was done she head back to the man and dumped the mushrooms off. After he inspected them he paid her and she left for other ventures.

-exit -


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