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[Foot Travel] Oak to Baska

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[Foot Travel] Oak to Baska Empty Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:14 pm

Roman stood outside of the door in his usual attire staring at the blue sky. A baby blue color with no clouds present. He was lost in thought for a moment as memories of the Cell game flooded his head. He still needed to get stronger, it shouldn't have been as close as it was. Cell was a grim reminder that Roman still had a long ways to go. Kiryu closed the door behind him of the apartment as he exited it. He saw his taller companion lost in thought. He quickly climbed up onto Roman's back and settled himself on Roman's head. He laid on his stomach so his hands were hanging over Roman's face and his feet dangled on the back of his head. The cat also carried the items given to him by Roman. They were a lot smaller than normal due to the fact they re-size along with Kiryu's current form.

Roman felt Kiryu latch onto his head. It was more than enough to break him out of his daze. “You been pretty distant lately. Random spurts of just day dreaming.” Roman said nothing and began to walk towards the edge of town. The feathers on his coat bounced up and down as he made his way over to the He stayed in his thoughts for about a minute before speaking.

“I have to get stronger.”

Kiryu rolled his eyes behind his dark tinted glasses. “Oh that again, we won! Why are you still on that?”


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Roman continued his way to the edge of town on foot so they could head to their next destination. “It was sloppy. No matter how you spin it we could have died there.” He explained.

“Yea but we didn't so why dwell on the subject.” Kiryu rested on his head after speaking. Not really caring to utter anything else after that. “Ya maybe you are right.” Roman responded. Kiryu chuckled in response. But Roman knew Kiryu didn't understand what Roman was getting at. The hunger for strength was raging through him. He enjoyed the thrill of the fight but he did not want it to come so close like that again. That also meant he had to learn to contain himself in the heat of battle. He let his inhibitors go, but then again it was warranted. At the moment Roman had something to protect, and Kiryu could have died there.

“Where are we heading off too next?”

“Hargeon, we have work out there that needs to be done. First we gotta head over to Baska to catch the train once more.” Kiryu said nothing in response because he was Roman's assigned partner. For the moment were ever Roman went he went. Granted they both would never say it they bonded.


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