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Gang Tension [Roxanne]

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Gang Tension [Roxanne] Empty on Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:30 am

The Martello's were gettin bold and Roxanne liked it. This was the second time she was called to service them, to mess with Vincenze and his family who were slowly losing footing thanks to the Martello's. She found the feud interesting and honestly she would work on any side paying her money. At the end of the day it didn't matter to her at all. The politics between the two families was really none of her concern overall but their business was greatly appreciated.  One day she was a coroner, the next a arson, but today it seemed she would be artist for the Martello family. Roxanne didn't know much about painting but she knew how to follow directions. and her orders were simple. Take some spray paint and a template and start tagging Vincenze's properties. She only needed to do three, send a message of sorts. She found the whole ordeal entertaining. As she was given this items she was also given a mask. It was to help wit the breathing since she would be so close to paint fumes. This wasn't too far off from what she use to do with her crew. All she was doing was basically vandalizing and that was pretty much her forte, even if it came in a different style and handling.

Now that she had her tools she had to pick where she wanted to go. " Now where would it hurt the most..To see the tag of anotha family. What kinda message would that bring to the masses? " Thinking carefully she decided on all the places where the coin came in and out. Those were the places that mattered the most. Now that she had the equipment, a plan, and some thought into this whole thing it was time to get to work.
Let's hit up that safe house first. Let the workers of that little family know what's what first.
With a chip on her shoulder she followed the map that she had obtained from one of the Martello boys with each place marked. Lucky for her night was drawing close so she wouldn't have too much of a problem with getting the job done. The trek to the safe house wasn't too far from where she was. The streets were crowded with people for sure but that didn't stop her from doing her job.

Once she arrived at her destination she went straight to work. Scouting out the place to see where her art work would show the most. After about twenty minutes she decided to place two tags. One of the tags she placed was right in front of the safe house above the door. Don't ask how she got it there, but trust it involved some creativity on her part. The task was simple enough as she pulled the mask over the bottom part of her face. Taking the can out she shook it up a few times and placed the template on the wall. Carefully she began to spray the black spray paint on the white walls. It took her no longer than five minutes but when she was done she stood back and admired her work. It was time for the second tag which would be on the left side of the building, the side of the building that looked out into the street. It took the same amount of time to do the tagging and soon she was done.  She didn't stick around for too long because a voice called out in her general direction which meant she had to split.

It didn't take long before she was at her next spot. Which was the bank. An easier target for sure, seeing as how the bank closed earlier than most establishments. She decided to tag the door of the bank so that everyone could see. Pulling her mask over her face she began the deed this time in red and soon enough she was finished. It looked pretty nice against that white marble door and soon she found herself at her last location. The casino was far more active than the last two place so she would have to be super careful. Finding her way in the building she decided to tag the right side of the building. Creating a harness she tied the thing onto something and shimmed her way down the side of the building. Once she was in the middle she started tagging away. The job altogether took no longer than thirty or so minutes. It was a fun easy job and soon she was back at Martello's home collecting her pay.

- exit -


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