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Era Town to Magnolia Town [Foot Traveling]

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Era Town to Magnolia Town [Foot Traveling] Empty on Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:06 am

After merely two days Seira was, yet again, done in Era Town. It wasn’t a place she stayed at for too long and especially in the way she was right now, transforming into a vampire and all that, the girl didn’t want to gather unnecessary attention so she decided to finally return to Magnolia. Seira had spent some quality time at her old family home and after making a plan she figured out a way to get over the rounds and since there was a huge library in Magnolia, it was definitely her next stop. She decided to travel by foot and enjoyed the walks through the forests. It was summer so the weather was quite nice, warm and beautiful and she hardly met any people on her way to Magnolia Town—which was good. She timed it so that she arrived there a day later at night time and she checked into the same inn she had been living at before. Seira felt more confident being around people again so she figured that this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Once she had checked in she put all her belongings down and climbed into her bed to get some rest.


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