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Marigold Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Traveling]

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Marigold Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Traveling] Empty on Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:16 am

Diana felt that after her last mission, she should leave Marigold for a bit and come back later. She would totally miss the breakfast shops at the marketplace, but since she was more worried about getting found out for what she had done recently, she decided it was a good idea to leave Marigold for a while. There was no doubt she would be back, maybe after a bit of traveling, depending on her mood. If she was feeling like it, she would move around the map a bit before coming back. After all she was looking forward to learning new things. Diana had to get a carriage to get to the location because she had too many bags with her. She arrived at the spot where carriages that traveled to Hargeon Town gathered. If it was not for these carriages, she would probably have to walk. She could not find a different form of transport, or maybe she did not look too much. She was in a hurry, after all, so this carriage was fine. “1 seat. Booked by Diana,” she said when she saw the girl with a list going around. She checked Diana’s bags (there were four altogether) and then ticked her name off on the list.

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