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Fetch Me This and That [Roxanne]

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Fetch Me This and That [Roxanne] Empty on Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:13 am

For once Roxanne was bored enough to find a board filled with jobs on it, and take one. She wasn't one to take on jobs that were just up for the world to see. Those jobs were usually A. boring, or B. not in her line of work. Today tho she wanted to chill a bit. in Oak the jobs on the job board were usually odd jobs and jobs that were just forever up there and never taken. Roxanne could have taken any of them of em but one that looked like it was falling apart was the one she plucked off the old, creaking wooden board. The request she took looked alot like a grocery list, but instead food it was just some random items with no relation to one another. Roxanne was almost tempted not to take on the request, something nagged at her about it. With a final thought on the matter she decided to take the quest. Coin was coin no matter where it came from, and the request didn't look too hard so she should be fine. With her mind set she took on the request and began reading off the contents of which she needed to find.

A old plant eh? that's real vague...So I guess I can get it from anywhere. The words of course were to herself as she spoke them, but she could tell gettin these items would be a pain in the ass. What could be considered old? as far as plants went did it honestly matter? No it didn't. She would not stress herself over such small details. These streets had everything she would need it was only a matter of taking them. As Roxanne walked along she passed shops and homes until her eyes spotted a potted plant sitting on a windowsill. It was low enough for her to grab and with a quick look around she did just that. The plant was small but it would suffice. There wasn't any specifics on what the size the plant had to be so she settled for what she could get her damn hands on.

Next. Some burnt wood. I could do the myself I could.. Shoving the paper back in her pockets she made her way to a park of sorts. Trees were in abundance here so she would have no problem finding a log or something to burn up. Taking a stroll around she checked out various pieces of wood before picking up a log that was easy enough to hold and not too heavy. Making sure it was dry she took a match and stuck it against the box it was in until a flame danced on the end of it. She made sure to clear the any grass in the way so the fire wouldn't spread, not that she cared but she wasn't in the mood to be hunted for it at the moment. Dropping the match on the log she waited as the flames engulfed it. Crackling sounds could be heard from the log as smoke rose into the air. The smell didn't sit well with Roxanne and after about three minutes she put out the fire and let the wood cool a bit. Once it was done she looked at her handiwork and nodded. The log retained it's shape and wasn't a pile of ash. The blackened wood should suffice well enough for the request. Now with that out of the way there would be one more thing to get.

Last. A large chunk of metal. Should be lots of that lyin round Mikey's old junk yard. Yea think I'll pay him a visit. And off she went. The junk yard wasn't too far off from the park and once she got their she explained to the man in charge what she needed. It didn't take long for her to walk out of that place with a pretty hefty chunk of metal in her hand.
Time to drop this junk off.
Her final destination would be just past the junkyard, upon arriving Roxanne would be met with a woman. " Someone actually took that thing up. What an idiot. It was a joke request.. but here.. some jewels for your troubles. The woman laughed in Roxanne's face after chucking a small pouch of jewels at her. Upset but with pay in hand Roxanne couldn't really do much before the woman vanished. With a frown on her face she departed, happy at least to have gotten paid.



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