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Experimental Hexes [Roxanne]

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Experimental Hexes [Roxanne] Empty on Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:26 am

The summer sun was setting at a slower pace than she liked. The heat was dying down a bit making outside just a bit more bearable. Roxanne had a habit of taking walks around the town. Looking for news of work or possibly anything dealing with coin. It was hardly ever hard for her to find what she was looking for since most of the time it came to her in a cloaked figure. She didn't ask questions about who the person that delivered jobs to her was. She didn't care. The only actions between the two were transactions. He or she would find her work and that person would give her detailed information on work. It didn't matter where Roxanne was either, the cloaked individual would always find her. Now that she had time to think about it, that was very unsettling and she didn't think she liked that fact to much. Looking around she wondered if she would be able to catch a glimpse of em'. Did they watch her? Were they watching her right now? If so how? Probably magic. At the end of the day with things like that it was always magic. Scoffing at the thought she shook her head and before she could look straight a cloaked figure was handing her a piece of paper. Honestly the sudden appearance made her jump  a bit. Hastily she reached for the payment and boom they were done.

Taking a deep breath she continued her walk, unfolding the paper and reading the contents she frowned a bit. It wasn't dirty work like she had been taking up recently. It was work based around... Magic. She really did loath this but it was probably best to get it done quick, fast, and in a hurry. She knew of the place where this shop resided and soon enough she was inside speaking to the client. " Oh. Ello there are you ere to see my wares? " The shop was dim and smelled of something she couldn't quite place but something she knew she didnt like." I ain't come here to shop. I came here to work.
Corrdin' to my sources ya need someone to do some dirt."
She cut to the chase, she didnt want to be here too much longer." Oh.Yes. yes. Here take these hexes and use them on someone, anyone, who cares. These hexes are quite easy to use. say the word and think of the person you want to use it on. of course the person needs to be in your line of sight so that you can tell me how they worked. Basically use them, tell me what each one did, and relay that information to me. that is all" The man talked too much for her blood but in the end he got to the damn point.

Making her way out into the streets of Oak, she began to stalk around, looking for someone to use these hexes on. The night was coming in faster now and she decided the first hex would be used on a blond hair girl who was talking to loud. Smirking she looked at the paper with one word on it. She hoped this guy was good at making something useful as she envisioned the girl in her mind. Blond hair, grey eyes, and a voice that was just so annoying that Roxanne couldn't help but grimace at the thought
[color=#6633ff]"Stimuli" [color=#339933]
The words came out as a mutter but the effect was almost instant. The girl quickly shut up and she seemed to be very uncomfortable. Not in a pained sort of way but like she had to take a shit. Smiling as the words vanished she decided to use the next Hex on the same girl. [color=#6633ff]"Decrepify" [color=#339933] The words yet again vanished and as the girl began to walk her legs limped a bit. Her friends rushed to her side to make sure she was fine but all the girl could do was nod. Roxanne was certainly satisfied and made her way back to the shop. The shop wasn't a far ways off and as she gave her client the info he seemed to be satisfied with her findings. Quickly he paid her and quickly she left, another job done.


- exit -

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