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Crash The Cash House [Roxanne]

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Crash The Cash House [Roxanne] Empty on Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:22 pm

It was weird carrying around a bow. She was so use to guns, swords, and even axes that having to learn other weapons just felt so out of place. It was slower to use than a gun, but it shot a bit farther than a gun. She couldn't decided if the bow was a weapon fit for her or not but it did the job and that's all that mattered. Roxanne smirked a bit as she took a wet cloth down the lower limb of the bow. If she had one good thing to say about it, it was that it was far easier to maintain than a gun. Looking at her handiwork she had let boredom get the best of her. Roxanne has for whatever reason spent some time personalizing her weapon. She was use to branding things that belonged to her, it was the only way you'd know if someone took your things or not.

Running her hands across the limb of the bow, her fingers took care to caress the indents placed along it. The cuts were clean and formed words, words that growing up her mother always told her before bed. People are capable of doing terrible things The words were as true as the seas were deep and she would take these words to her gave if she had learned nothing else. In the midst of her admiration she almost didn't notice a cloaked figure approaching her. She was at her usual spot for receiving news and passing along information. The tavern didn't have a name, it didn't need one. Those who know about it had business their. Taking the last shot of Whiskey she placed the glass down and picked the note up. As her bluish green orbs took in the notes contents she nodded to herself. It seemed today was a good day to start a fire. Before leaving she ordered two shots of whiskey and paid off her tab. At this point it almost like a ritual and she had spent enough time at their that the barkeep would have em ready when he saw her coming.

Stepping into the light of the sun, Roxanne had the shield her eyes from the transition from dim to blinding bright. It was the most annoying thing to say the least but she had a job to get done. Making her way to the Martello family house was the easiest part of her job. She gotten her map and before heading off to her destination she brought a pack of matches and some lighter fluid. The job was simple on paper, but she had to move in shadows which should be to hard since that's all the sun is good for casting. Today was a rather crowded day on the streets of Oak. Some kinda festivities going on which made her job all the more easier. The amount of people moving about would hide her movements as she made her way into the diner, the location the cash house was suppose to be on her map.

Aye, they could take a lesson from my mum.
She wouldn't leave her money in a shoddy place like this"
These people were idiots if they thought some kids wouldn't come in here playing around and they may or may not stumble on this money here. The thought upset her at the carelessness of some people. and as that thought settled in she felt her foot shift deeper into the ground as she walked. Looking down to see what kind of misstep she took her eyes almost sparkled when she saw that a tile led to something deeper. Quickly ripping up the tile she could see what she was looking for. Quickly grabbing it from it's cozy spot, the red headed woman took out the lighter fluid and began to leave a trail of it all over the place throwing matches here and there for that extra flame, leading to where she had came in. The bottle would be empty by the time she was done and without another waste of a second she struck the final match and lit the fluid trail that led to the building. Making her way back into the crowd the fire would make it to the building as the money was passed off to it's own destination by a man who clearly knew what she held in her hands. With that bit of mess done Roxanne made her way back to her bar for another drink.

- exit -


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