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Clean Up Crew [Roxanne]

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Clean Up Crew [Roxanne] Empty on Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:48 pm

Whisky was always a fine drink. It went down smooth, hand a nice hypnotizing scent, played on the tongue well like drinking burning liquid spice. Yes it certainly was a fine drink. A drink that Roxanne had come to love above all others. A drink that as she sat in a dark seedy bar she swished the golden brown liquid in a crystal clear glass before taking a swig. " That's real good." The words slipped from her lips like smoke from a cigar, vanishing in the air and getting lost with the rest of the tavern talk. Roxanne had been doing a fine job of not drawing any attention to herself, joining Grimoire Heart was one of her wiser choices if she were being honest with herself.

Polishing off the rest of the Whiskey her eyes began to wander over the bar. It was dim but cozy , a perfect place for nefarious deeds to be set up in. Everyone minded their damn business and no one tried to start any shit. As a stray thought crossed her mind her jade orbs skipped over to the entrance of the bar. A figure with a black cloak entered and began to make it's way over to her table. Roxanne reached for her bow that was strapped to her hip snugly enough not to fall when she moved but loose enough to quickly pull it off and use it. She didn't trust anyone that came in this bar and she damn sure wasn't about to let her guard down now.

"You lost or somethin' " her voice slurred slightly slurred but not enough for any real notice, it would sound more like a drawl than anything else. The cloaked figure didn't say anything and instead slipped a piece of paper on the table to her. Roxanne raised an eyebrow and her eyes went towards the paper for only a second before looking back up to see the cloaked figure had gone. She scoffed a bit. He must have been a mage to move that fast and she wasn't too thrilled to have a mage delivering her messages. Picking up the piece of paper she smiled at it's contents. She had been lazy recently, slacking on her duties and not taking up any work. That of course would change today.

With the connections she had made work would come to her rather than she herself going to look for it and it looked like today's job would be a messy one. "This should be easier than debonin' a fish. " Ordering two more shots of whiskey before paying her tab, Roxanne made her way out the door and into the rain. "Shit. " The rain was coming down heavy, not something she signed up for seeing as how it was just clear skies and sunshine when she got in the bar. How long had she been in there again? Well none of that mattered now because she was off to see a man about taking out some trash.

it wasn't long before the rain stopped, but she had gotten soaked by then. Her contractor wasn't hard to spot and as she made her way over to him it was clear that he knew who she was. " Thank goodness you could make it. This job is messy but don't worry if you just do as you are told we can get this job done lickity split." His voice was too cheery for what they were about to do. It made Roxanne grimace at the man but she followed him all the same.

Their destination ended up being a construction site of sorts. Bodies were all over the ground, all of them dead, all of them messy. " All you need to do is pick up the bodies and hand them to me. I will chop em down nice and small for disposal. Easy right? " There it was again, that damn cheery voice. She nodded her head and began her task. Picking up the closet body she handed it over to the man who's name was Remy as she had read on the paper.

The man worked fast but as she handed him the fourth body he stopped. " Oh. No. This one is special. It deserves a proper burial, take that one to the back. " She could hear a sadness in his voice but she did as she was told. In the end out of the ten bodies that were there, only three were taken to the back. The job was over and she was glad she didn't have to do the chopping. Roxanne waited in the back for Remy to come sauntering out with the last of the large body bags. Paying Roxanne he thanked her and she gave a nod of acknowledgment before parting ways with the man.

- exit -


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