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Where it all Started[Kenny]

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Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:47 pm

Lyss had done all she could to shield Kenny at the moment.  She needed to jump into action and quickly.  With her sword drawn, she found that the burly man was busy being held by Kenny at that point.  With the wall behind him, Kenny and the bar in front, he would not be able to dodge her next attack quick enough.  Slashing her sword, she released an arc a meter in length that covered a distance of ten meters aimed where half of it would slice through the man, and half of it would linger behind intending to strike the man even if he decided to step backwards or to the other side that was not blocked by her form.  As soon as the spell had been released, she dashed forward, covering the five meters between them in the matter of a second and would lunge forward, her small form allowing her to maneuver herself under the side of the man's arm, running her sword through the man's side in an upward motion intending to hit as many main organs as possible and then it's main target, the man's heart.  If he stepped back to avoid her coming at him with the sword, he would be hit even more so with the spell, still causing fatal damage.  If he tried side stepping, he would still be hit with the spell as he was incapacitated dealing with Kenny.  Lyss froze once she had run the man through, hoping that would be the end.


Spells Used:
Name: Night Arc
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Haunted Blade
Type: Offensive
Element: Darkness
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user does a slash with the Haunted Blade and releases a black arc that is the same size as the Haunted Blade's blade.


Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:29 pm

“Cheese and Peaches what did you eat? Ass?” Kenny held his eyes, “Did you just fucking spit on me?” he rubbed his eyes briskly with his free hand, still holding his hand. Though he was in a bit of a bad state he kept his grip on his wrist and would soon fall down due to his shin being kicked from under him with quite a bit of force. “Think I like ya? Hell yeah I do, I love fat bitches!” Kenny cackled happily on the ground, his eyes started to sting a hell of a lot. For whatever reason, he held on, but good god was this a screwed up situation.

“I am starting to like ya though!” the beard was having fun, though Lyss turned out to be a gut chaser, and this guy ruined his good time at first, this was actually pretty fun! Sure he almost died, but he didn’t so why not have some fun? Adamant to let go, even with his eyes stinging and shin throbbing Kenny as fast as he could gripped the rotund man's left leg, letting go of his wrist, unaware of Lyss’ movements. With little care for his well being at this point, Kenny would sink his teeth into Boltan's leg as hard as he could, teeth clamping down and tearing at the flesh in a try to draw blood from the beast. It was a dirty way to fight, but Kenny had nothing to lose but his life plus he was having fun! And fun was more important that petty living any time of day.


Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:51 am

Boltan's left hook connected cleanly on the man's face. Not only that, his lower kick to the shin also seemed to be effective. The man didn't curl up like most people who would get assaulted by Boltan. Instead, he started to effectively taunt the strong galoot. With comments about his breath and weight, Boltan became infuriated. "I have big bones, son of a bitch!" Boltan exclaimed out loudly to defend his honor. As he finished what he said, he noticed that the female on his left side slashed her weapon at him from a distance and released a black arc in his direction. Boltan got startled again because he didn't want to get a scar on his masculine face. In order to get out of the situation, he ducked to avoid the hit on his face but felt a stinging pain in his right calf. It seemed that the man had let go out of Boltan's wrist during the female's attack and sunk his teeth into Boltan's flesh instead. While he was in a lowered stance, the female was sliding at him with her blade. Boltan, who had his hand right wrist released now, slightly rotated his body to the right in her direction and attempt to swing his axe downwards to chop her down, but no avail as she was too close already. Her blade cut through Boltan's thuggish garments along with his right arm and chest. Boltan's grip on the axe's handle loosened as it fell out of his hands. He was no longer capable of holding it and using his brute strength with his right hand. Not only that, but the injuries he had just sustained across his chest made it no longer possible for him to continue fighting. Meanwhile, the man still had his teeth in Boltan's leg. It seemed that Boltan got more than he bargained for that night. "I just wanted some fucking noodles." Boltan said as he collapsed and blood gushed out of his wounds.

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Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:52 pm

Boltan has been defeated by Alyssa and Kenny.


  • Alyssa: +50,000J, +5000 XP, +300 Fame
  • Kenny: +20,000J, +2000 XP, +100 Fame


Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:01 pm

Lyss felt it the moment the man's blood spilled. It dripped down upon her and the floor. Removing the sword from the man, she kicked his lifeless body with a smirk before turning to Kenny, helping him off of the floor. "I really cannot believe you just bit him. Good job, love!" She was beaming with excitement. They had their first combat scenario together and they became a thing for real. Lyss was gushing with pride and power. She sheathed the sword on her back and sat down at the bar, somewhat exhausted. At least her blood lust had been quenched and the old man trying to pick her up was non-moving on the ground as well. She pulled some jewels out of her pocket and threw them on the counter towards the terrified looking shop owner. "For any damages to the place and cleaning fees. Thanks for the food. Should we get rid of the body, or do you have someone for that?" Turning back to Kenny, she was excited to hear about his take on the experience. She noticed the spots he had been punched were slowly turning purple. Frowning, Alyssa held an open palm out at the man before her and cast her healing spell on him, hoping to relieve some of the bruising and the pain. She was sad that Arcane had not got to experience what they had just went though, but it was probably for the best. If the man had hurt Arcane, he would have ended in a much more painful state.


Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:58 pm

Kenny gnawed on up until the oaf fell limp on the ground, it seemed his biting was more effective than he thought. No wait, he looked up and saw Lyss and her blade. She tried to help him up, he brushed her off and stood up on his own. He didn’t look at her for long, he didn’t even pay her much mind. Instead he dusted himself off and ignored her, well up until he registered what she said. “Love?” he hissed, “I am not your love.” he rubbed his throbbing side, when she tried to heal him he tried his best to brush away the magic, “And I don’t need your healing. Why don’t you heal him since you were so quick to drool over him. If I knew you liked fat bastards I would have left you at that bench as soon as we met.” he still held his side. His face, leg, and side was sore, but he wasn’t going to show it, or at least did his best to not look pained as he was already hurt by her. His eyes were narrowed with little to no gleam in them, he was a combination of angry and sad as he looked her up and down and shook his head dismissing her. “Why don’t you get him up and take him back to the hotel room because I'm sure as hell not going with you.” he kept on talking, there was pain in his words but he said his best to sound cold as he kept holding his side, leaning against a table in attempts to catch his breath and rest.


Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jun 24, 2017 3:12 pm

She froze as he brushed her off. He actually thought she was hitting on the ugly man. She could not even be mad, she simply laughed. "Are you fucking insane? Do you not know what a diversion is? Maybe if you looked at the big picture that would have got through your thick skull. You literally could have killed him in the two seconds his eyes were on me if you would not have been so worried about me trying to save your ass." She was mad, a lot madder than she had been in a while. She could not believe Kenny actually thought she was being serious. "I know you are not a fucking idiot. I thought you knew me well enough to know I would never hurt you like that. And really? That man? That would be such a downgrade. When it comes down to it, I was trying to save your ass and let you do some damage, did not work like that huh? I had to save your ass anyway. Running in like that was stupid. That is how you get killed! You think Alyssa or I could have dealt with it?!" She was ranting at this point, still very upset that he thought so lowly of her. Thankfully, Lyss had satisfied her blood lust otherwise she might have been mad enough to want to fight Kenny. He was already hurt enough, she just wanted to heal him, but it seemed he did not want her pity or help, so she would not give it.


Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jun 24, 2017 3:48 pm

She laughed, mocking him further. Kenny couldn’t speak, she ranted at him and to say it was effective was an understatement. She mocked and berated him, he had no words to say she had him at a loss as she continued on. And then she finally said it, the words that put the nail in the coffin, ‘Me saving your ass’ his eyes would say it all, that her words cut him deep and he had nothing to say to her. She saved his ass? She thought she saved his ass? “I can handle myself, I don’t need you bailing me out,” he huffed, then it occurred to him that he very well could have died, and that he would have left the two of them and would probably never see them again. Though, even with this fact presented he was still angry, “You saved my ass? I don’t need you saving my ass when…” he paused, “Whatever.” he turned his back to her and exited the shop, even though he was obviously in the wrong he didn’t care, the very idea… His mind was seething just thinking about it. “Why don’t you find someone else to partner up with.” He was in fact acting childish, after such a hard fought victory for her his pride was obviously hurt. She saved him, he couldn’t believe it. He was in shock, he knew she was strong, he had the bruises and scratches to prove it, but he didn’t need her saving his ass and then boasting about it. He was his own man and he could help himself. Just as he exited the shop, however, he collapsed to a knee as his shin was still slightly reeling from the attack it had endured, even if it was just a kick it hurt all the same.


Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jun 24, 2017 4:37 pm

She rolled her eyes, Kenny was throwing a tantrum and she really did not like it. "Kenny! Stop, you know I did not mean it like that. You did a great job. How do you think I feel with you pretty much calling me a Harley? I love you, you asshole." She followed him out of the shop, the street lamps the only thing lighting their way. She quickly grabbed his arm and attempted to pull him to a stop. "Seriously, you are pissing me off!" She could feel herself getting angrier. Did Kenny want to have to fight her? Her anger was slowly getting to Lyss and inside her head, Alyssa could feel it. She tried pushing her way back into control but Lyss was too mad for that. Alyssa knew Lyss would snap sooner or later and it would not be pretty. If only Arcane was there to calm them down. His happy demeanor was something that could make the angriest person smile. They both needed a break before one of them did something they regret. "I am sorry! Okay?! I am used to taking care of the people I love. I did all I was good at to help." Alyssa froze at the sound of her split apologizing to someone. She had never once apologized, only murdered. She would dance in the blood of those that dared defy her. Kenny was something special, even more so than Alyssa first realized. She had to keep this man with her.


Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jun 24, 2017 5:16 pm

“Just leave me be woman.” he snapped, or more so tried as he stood up the best he could, if not for his legs he would have walked off and left her. But he couldn’t, thus she managed to pull him to a complete halt, “Yeah I loved too.’” he mumbled with little to no affection in the words. They had gone through this before her out strengthening him in a contest of power. First it was the blowing up, not it was this. “Don’t apologize Lyss,” he pulled himself away from her, and finally managed to stand without any wobble or stoppage, he looked down at her his hues staring into hers and he placed his hands on her shoulders, “I didn’t do anything in that fight, I know I didn’t, I love the fact that you want to make me feel included, but you did save my life and I am very grateful as well. I think I just feel like you are going to get stronger than me, so much stronger and eventually you’ll leave me as you join a guild. I know we worry about this alot, but it is a scary thought to be apart.” he leaned in and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“You are my entire world, I would do any and everything for you and honestly I wish I had killed him sooner but apart of me was so envious in its thinking that it wanted him to dull my pain with his axe.” The thought of leaving her alone made him emotional, he didn’t want to leave this world without her and if it wasn’t for her he would have let that brute kill him. His hands slid down to her waist and he stared down at her, “I love you too, and I’m proud of you, you saved me and I owe you… So how about we head home and I show you just how much I appreciate what I did for you or… We can head into that alley over there and I’ll give you a quick dose of appreciation.”


Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:43 pm

Lyss was still upset, something that she was not used to feeling. A frown captured her lips as she tried to talk to the man she loved. Should she have flirted with the man to try and draw his attention to her? Probably not, but Kenny was just as at fault as he did just try and die. Pointing an open palm once again towards the man she willed herself to heal the man once again as it was stupid for him to try and deny the healing in the first place. "If you deny the heals this time, you will not be taking me anywhere. In your current state you could not handle angry me, especially in the bedroom." She wrapped her arms around him once again, placing her forehead against his chest as she sighed. Inhaling his familiar scent calmed her down and she hoped that he too was calmed down a bit. She glanced over at the alley way, it was dark out, so no one would ever be able to see them. They would very possibly be heard, but that was not something Lyss was too worried about. She was angry and she wanted Kenny at that point. She did not want to have to wait until they got back to the house and were greeted by an excited Arcane. The things she was going to do to him needed to be done away from her companion, at least for the time being. So taking his hand, Lyss pulled him off into the side alley with a smirk. "You better be ready, handsome. I am a lot harder to please when I am upset."


Where it all Started[Kenny] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:14 pm

How many times have he and Alyssa done this? It felt strange to do it with Lyss, the confrontation by no means was unfavorable. In fact he favored both women the same, he made sure to love them both the same, the very reason he invited her out and the reason he had grown enraged when she flirted with the now slain man. To put his perspective in blunt terms, Kenny loved the women in his life; they had not only shown him more warmth than anyone he had ever known, but gave him a sense of security, a sense of belonging. His journey in life was to find himself, the most difficult task he faced each day before meeting her was looking himself in the eye and telling himself that he needed to find something to fight for, something to live for and when Alyssa came into his life and they first kissed he knew that she was that someone that he would fight for, that he would protect with everything and that he would please whenever he could. There were hiccups, just as earlier with their first fight or the many time Alyssa had knocked him silly, but each and every flicker in their love always ended the same, the two of them made up and were stronger for fighting. Truth be told, Kenny was dependant on her when they began their relationship, he needed her to be his security blanket, his rock, he was weak and easily discouraged, but now he was far stronger and instead of depending on her strength, he bonded with her and indirectly she had built his to where it was now. No, he wasn’t the stronger man and he had nearly died just a few ticks of a clock ago, but he was improving and with her at this side, no, with them at his side he was ready for whatever life threw at him rather it be drunken bastards, nightmares, or anything else that wanted to hinder them on their path.

Kenny allowed for the healing to take place, the water was cool and he let it heal his wounds for the most part. The darkness under his eye faded, his shin healed up nicely and most importantly his vigor had returned. She was angry and he was sorry, but tonight was their night and they were going to spend it together. He hugged her and rested his cheek on the crown of her head. He took in her aroma, it always eased his mind when they were together, she was always so sweet it put him in mind of strawberries at times. Though, much to his surprise she took him by the hand and led him to the alley way. And here he thought he would earn a slap across his lip, well who was he to complain?

The alley was quiet, dead to the dimly lit street lights. The only light to speak of for the two lovebirds was that of a stray lantern at the end of the alley at a door. It provided just enough light for Kenny to see her ruby hues, but everything else was caked in shadows. He would waste no time in advancing on her, his hands traced her slender form down to her rear, he leaned down and picked her up both of her legs at his sides. He carried her to the outline of what must have been a stack of boxes, hopefully they could support her which they did. Hm, the fact they were doing this in public excited him, though the fear of getting caught was still there for him it wavered when he got to work. He would kiss down her neck, just past her collar bones and onward until his pecking was stopped by her attire. Such annoying garments always stopped the process, but Kenny continued on the good fight and raised the fabric. Shame he couldn’t tear it apart, but they still had a walk home to make. With little to no care for the public eye the two would begin their exodus into pleasure, the flame in the lantern flickered and die, her eyes the last thing he peered into before everything around them began to fade to black.

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