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Smuggle the Goods[Caius]

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Caius had finished the Cell event so now he would be a Hargeon as that was the way his path had taken him and there was work to be done. The hargeon town is really where most of the light guilds like to hang out as it was home to Blue Pegasus which was a light guild and that was a guild that was one of his sworn enemies as it was a light guide that really hurt the abolition of the Grimoire Heart guild. In essence ti would either be bow to the will of the dark guild that was the guild that Caius was in of Grimoire Heart and the guild blue pegasus would be the guild that was good. However, he was a man that was cautious and he would make sure that he would keep a low profile as he was in a dark guild and he would then keep a low profile so he could make sure he kept a low profile and keep out of trouble. His job was to help the dark influences of this town and make sure they got the dark stuff done in the town so the dark guilds could set a foothold. He had taken a request that was labeled "Smuggle the Goods from the dark guild board that had requests he had a lot of work to do that the usually basic D rank requests that he had taken in the past that we're all D rank requests and easy. This one would challenge a man of his  stature that was an A rank mage and would be able to use his magical skill rather than do stupid errands like paint a fence or tell a bully that he is a nerd and needs to screw off like the little wanker that he is. Caius headed to the warehouse that needed the request to be done and opened the door. He found the client inside.

The client was a rather older man but you could tell by his stature that he was very wise. He wore a hat that was brown and it had a red stripe and he also had a brown overcoat on that would hang down to the bottom of his feet. HE was old as shit and had a sick gray mustache and it was so awesome because the mustaches were in in Fiore now a days. The man was known as Reagan Hullston and he was one of the smugglers in the light guild ran town in the Hargeon Town that was lead by Blue Pegasus as their head of affairs as the light guild in the town. Reagan is a smuggler who transports wares from the pirates outside Hargeon to be sold elsewhere. He does this because there is quite some profit to be made. Purchasing the wares at a low price, due to the risk of getting caught, and selling them in another town at full price is his business. He cleverly hides his wares with all sorts of methods each time.Caius walked up to the man and asked him about the request that he needed to take."So what do you need me to do? What is it that needs smuggled" Caius would ask raising his eyebrow. He was itching to put up a fight and get the request started so he could let loose after the Cell Event which was a disappointment in his eyes.


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Reagan Hullston took a sip of his tea as he offered Caius a seat before clearing his throat. However, before he could speak the door swung open as a Rune Knight barged in looking extremely pissed off. Caius kept his hand on his sword as he didn't know what was going on. If they knew who he was this whole scene was about to get ugly. For now he would just sit back and watch as the situation unfolded. Luckily the knight would walk over to Reagan and looked really angry at him like a mom who just got mad at her child that was really angry. The rune knight slapped a piece of paper in front of the quest giver showing what the offense was and what he would have to do to clear it.

"Your ships were parked illegally again. It delayed a rune knight ship by a day when we had to move it. Try it again and we will slap an even bigger fine on you. You got that Reagan?!?! This is your last warning!" he screamed. It seemed like the two of them knew each other and this wasn't the first time this had happened. Caius would just sit back and watch as the event played out. He didn't want to make matters worse. Regan just sighed as he took up the piece of paper and tore it to shreds much to the rune knights displeasure. The old man had balls that was for true. He took another sip of tea and would then speak to the knight.

"I already have told you multiple times I have a permit. Go talk to your Superior I have already talked to him and shown him the papers. Now be gone I have a guest to entertain!" The old man stated. The rune knight was furious with a vein busting in his forehead as he slammed his fist down on the table causing the tea to spill over on the ground and it made it wet. He cursed the old man as he walked out the door. The old man sure to wait that the rune knight was way out of site before continuing "Sorry about that. The police and I aren't the best of friends. Anyways on to business. One of my clients Balthazar the pirate had one of his ships scuttled that washed up on the beach north of here near the edge of town. i need you to go and get the goods and return them for me. Make sure not to get caught and you will be handsomely rewarded."

Reagan would hand him a piece of paper that detailed a list of what the goods were and the general location of where he would find all the items. It was ranging from weapons to jewels to gold to magic items and other items such as clothes and booze. It was some really exotic items that would make a lot of money once they were sold to the right vendor. The end of the beach was a long walk but the good thing was the warehouse of the man Reagan who was the guy who ran the smuggling business was not to far away so it wouldn't be that bad he just had to make sure he stayed out of sight so he didn't attract any attention or he would get fucked by the police and that would suck. Caius took the list of items and headed out insuring that Reagan that he would get his items back. Caius was a member of Grimoire Heart and they always paid their debts and completed their missions no matter what the cost. If a cop got in the way they would get blasted by his magic. He decided to wait for night to fall before continuing to the beach.

After a few hours passed, he had finally arrived at the northern end of the beach where all the items were scattered everywhere on the beach where the crates of all the smuggled goods were from the pirate ship that was on the beach and had all the goods listed there. Caius saw that it would take a while if he had to carry all of them by himself to get to the warehouse and there was no way he could complete that all in the one night of the time limit that he was given. The crashed ship that was a on the beach that was the pirate ship that had the smuggled goods would take forever and he would need something else to carry it. He was thinking he would need a truck from somewhere in the city so he could park it on the beach and then he could get the goods in the car and then he could transfer the goods from the car into the warehouse in one trip and it would be quick and easy so he wouldn't have to carry them all. He went to one of the crates and lifted it up to test the weight and it wasn't too bad. A truck would easily be able to pick all of these up. It was a good thing right now he was on the docks because he could then go to the docks and find a vehicles that moved goods. He left the beach and headed towards the many warehouses around the docks.

It was a good thing it was night time. Not many people were around. The security around the docks was pretty lax so Caius didn't have much to worry about. Caius would then go to one of the warehouses but the door was locked and he couldn't get in because it was locked and that wouldn't allow him the access he needed to check in and see if he could get a vehicle's. Caius. It looked like he would have to do it the hard way to get the vehicle that was in the locked garage to get the door open. He would pull out his sword and then would aim it at the handle and do a quick slash that would slice the handle off the hinge and he would be able to reach behind the door and he would be able to to open the door from the other side and enter the warehouse. Caius looked around and saw a bunch of boxes stacked up as it was a shipping warehouse but then he saw a few forklifts. Those wouldn't work as the sand would fuck up the tires and a truck could handle that. Caius searched and found a white truck at the back that most likely would have enough room. Caius used his sword the slide it into the door and break the lock of the car so he would then go into the car and remove the bottom of the compartment under the wheel and then he would pull out the wires that powered the magic vehicles and made it move like vroom vroom i'm a car. Caius had picked up a few tricks in Grimoire Heart and hotwiring a car was one of them. He attached the red wire to the green wire and the yellow and purple wire which got the engine up and running so he could continue the quest. He kept the lights out and opened up the warehouse door as he drove slowly and silently to the beach.

Once Caius arrived at the beach, he would park the truck at the end of the beach near where it met the street and would start to head to the boat and would then start to pick up the crates. There were about 10 of them and it looked like they would all fit in the truck because they were all square it would be easy to fit them and he could do it pretty easy. He walked up to the biggest crate and figured he might as well get it over with so he lifted it up but it was so god damn heavy. He dropped it and was curious to see what was inside and saw it was filled with a bunch of metal weapons so it was no shit that it was so heavy. He took a deep breath and squatted down and would pick it up and slowly move over to the truck and would drop it over on the truck. The hard part was out of the way so now he would have to easy with the rest of the light crates. Over and over and over and over again he would move all the crates and stack them perfectly into the back of the truck and then make sure they were secure. He got a bungee cable and would attack them to the truck and the crates and then make sure they were secured and then head back into the car. It looked like it was a success and he would be able to go to the warehouse with no issue. The security in the docs really needed upgraded.

Caius drove up to warehouse of the Reagan smuggler when a man stepped in front of him. He was a rather large old man dressed up in mostly rags. He had a giant white beard and had weapons attached to his belt. He looked on Caius without fear as he held out his hand signalling him to stop. Caius gripped his sword as he stepped out of the car and drew his blade. He aimed it at the man and prepared for a fight. "Step aside unless you want to die." Caius spoke with a threatening tone. The old man just laughed at his request.

"So you are the smugglers new errand boy huh. Balthazar Barbossa is the name. The captain of that ship you just plundered. Don't worry I'm not here to fight. In fact I wanted to thank you for recovering the goods that way we both get paid." the old man laughed as he walked over to Caius. Caius kept his blade out but lowered his guard down. The old man would put his hand on Caius' shoulder to comfort him. "If we need more help in the future I'll make sure to contact you. You seem like a good lad that gets the job done. We need more of you in your line of work. Anyways i'll let you go. See you later." He said as he opened up the warehouse. he then left and would wave goodbye. Caius sheathed his sword and would then get back in the truck and drive the rest of the shipments into the warehouse and then be done with the quest. He just had to unload the rest of the crates and shut the warehouse door. The good news is Rageon would now have a new trcu along with all the other shipments and that would be ince. Caius would head out of the warehouse and shut the door and return the the smuggler to get his payment.

Caius woke up the next day and would head out of his hotel to head to the docks and then he would go the building where Reagan Hullston was staying so he could then get his reward. Reagan Hullston: would greet him as he walked through his door and give him praise for a job that was really well done. He had hired others before that failed but Caius was one that got the job done with no issues at all and even had a truck to sell as a bonus along with all the goods that were smuggled and illegal that would fetch a high price. HE went into the back of the room and would give Caius a suitcase full of money. Caius flipped open the suitcase and opened it up and saw all the bills. He flicked through them to make sure he had the correct amount of jewels before he would close it and lock the case back up. Reagan Hullston made sure to let him know if he had any more work in the future with his smuggling goods so he could let a reliable dark mage like Caius take control instead of the random help he got. Caius told him about the pirate that he met named Balthazar barbossa and Reagan told him that he was an old friend that helped him in the past and the present. They both grew old in the business together and wanted to die rich. Caius was glad to help them both out as long as it helped make him rich in the process.He defiantly could get used to all of this smuggling business to fill up his pockets. For now he would rest after a mission well done.

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Hi I'm Caius

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