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Hargeon To Marigold | Alisa Vollan [Foot Travel]

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Hargeon To Marigold | Alisa Vollan [Foot Travel] Empty Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:03 am

Venus Rosé

Hargeon To Marigold | Alisa Vollan [Foot Travel] Trees_11

Leaning against a tree by the gate was a Blue Pegasus wizard waiting for a comrade to arrive. Strands of silver hair that framed her small visage brushed against her features as a cold wind blew through the vicinity. The ends of the hair glistened underneath the sunlight, turning pale at its ends and drawing attention from the fellow citizens that passed by her. The owner of the aforementioned hair was a young lady with strangely bright eyes. Her blue hues and her hair was the brightest of the colours, at least on her petite body.

With her luggage and a bag resting beside her, she was ready to leave the town after enjoying a few adventures in Hargeon. Falling leaves tumble from the interlocking branches above and Snowflake would catch one of them without any intention before ripping up the leaf into pieces. She would repeat the procedure multiple times, to prevent herself from getting bored. Occasionally, her attention would drift towards the road, in hope to see a familiar face approaching towards her.  



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So, the day had come; after the Homecoming came busy days, and now it was time to leave again. In all honesty she didn't do that much in Hargeon, at least not as much as she intended, but Alisa was a wandering cloud. To her, moving around mattered more than the where, and often it also mattered more than whatever plans she might have made before hand.

And Snowflake? Well, the girl made an offer she couldn't refuse.

And it seemed they had picked a good time to leave, the weather had cooled down somewhat compared to the summery heat of the past few days, prompting a warmer choice of clothes from the stylish mage. A sweater light enough against the chilly wind, but loose and cool enough against the warm sunbeams. All in all more a girl next door pick than her usual style.

"Good morning, Snow~", Alisa flashed a smile and a friendly wave at her guildmate. She had missed the noon deadline, but thankfully the girl had waited a bit longer, "I kept you waiting it seems... My apologies."

And peeking out of her handbag stood a smaller, waxy figure, just as ready for the little hike ahead.


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Hargeon To Marigold | Alisa Vollan [Foot Travel] CyhFjWA

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By each passing second, her patience had started to run out thin and she was beginning to get bored of waiting. Her hopes of seeing a comrade were fading away until she heard a familiar voice. The sound of footsteps approaching towards her made the cyborg turn her head to the source of the sound. As she noticed a similar figure, Snowflake would immediately stood up and began collecting the backpacks that were scattered on the floor and threw them over her shoulder.

”Good morning, Alisa.”

The girl was just about to leave but considering the fact that her fellow guildmate might be a bit late, she decided to wait a bit longer and it turned out good. Snowflake would return a wave towards Alisa. ”No, it’s not a problem. Although, I was beginning to think that you might not show up.” Dragging the luggage behind her, she was prepared to leave. ”Let’s leave, shall we?”

The promise that she had made back in the café with Alisa suddenly flashed back into her mind. The youth pondered for a moment and struggled with the thoughts that ran wild in her mind before coming onto one single conclusion. ”Since I promised you that I’d share one of my little secrets, I suppose I should do it now.” The girl took a deep breath and somehow, regretted that she had made such a promise, although it was for the better cause. There was no point in hiding for her guildmates would soon find out either way.”I’m a cyborg.”



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A soft sigh escaped Alisa's lips at the girl's words; she disliked keeping others waiting as much as it being done to her. The girl didn't look too upset, but then again Snow wasn't the type to express anger easily, not from what she'd seen thus far.

"Mmm", with an affirmative hum and nod, "Let's hit the road~", the sculptress adjusted her handbag, a sign she was as ready as she'd ever be. She packed relatively light for a woman with such a wide array of wardrobe, but save for a change of clothes she often bought whatever she needed on arrival to the new location, and then sold back all but the favorite pieces she acquired.

Of course, even as they made way, Snow's promise still hung around Alisa's mind. She wouldn't push her about it, at least, not yet. They had a long way to go after all, and she expected their conversation, no matter how sparse, would eventually lead there. Alas, whatever the girl had in mind was heavy enough that she hoped to get out of her chest.

"I'm all ears.", as soft and elegant as ever, the sculptress cocked her head slightly, brushing a lock of raven hair behind her ear. Obviously expecting something serious, Alisa responded in kind, yet no amount of preparation could have steeled her for the bomb Snow dropped. Her widened half at the revelation and half at the fact that she actually went out and said it just like that, "Machia huh? Seems the changes you mentioned yesterday were quite the understatement..."

She'd heard about the race on occasion, but had never met one before, let alone expected to do so in her own guild: They were, after all, quite rare, and quite adept at passing for flesh and blood humans. Yet if Snow looked at Alisa, she'd find nothing but an accepting, welcoming look, treating her no different whether she was made of flesh or metal. If anything, she might spot a bit of envy: True to her vanity, Alisa saw in her guildmate a beauty that would never wither and age; she'd as stunning as she looks now, forever.

Some people - usually lovers - had called her body a work of art in the past. A flattering compliment, but Alisa took it for what it was; a metaphor. For Snowflake, however those words were as literal as they could be: "...But, why go that far...?", she'd inquire, rubbing her chin curiously.

Clearly, they'd have plenty of conversation to share until they reached Marigold...

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Hargeon To Marigold | Alisa Vollan [Foot Travel] CyhFjWA

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