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Eyes Staring Forward[Quest: Amon & Evangeline]

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#1Amon Irving 

Eyes Staring Forward[Quest: Amon & Evangeline] Empty Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:01 am

Amon Irving
Amon had arrived in Magnolia the home of the fairy tail guild, the day was fresh and new as it was merely 8 a.m. Amon had decided to do some quest while he was here in the town so that he could began to save up some cash. He made his way to the job board located in the center o town and began to look through the jobs available. He saw one that was from a magic shop owner and he required somebody to test a weapon he had acquired, the job seemed easy enough so he went on ahead and ripped the paper off the board so that he could go take the job.

Amon made his way to the magic shop where the man would be at, the one who was offering this job. As he made his way there he looked at all the beautiful sites to be seen in the city, he could understand why a guild like Fairy Tail would set up shop in a town like this. This was Amon's first time here so of course he wanted to soak up the sun and the sights. Down the streets he went and after about a 20 minute walk and sight seeing trip he had finally arrived outside of the shop.

Once Amon arrived at the shop he made his way inside and seen the man standing behind the counter and something up on the counter wrapped up in a off white cloth. The cloth seemed to be similar to what they wrapped corpses in before they were buried, sorta like a mummy. Anyway the man was caught a little off guard when Amon came in the door, you could tell by his actions. He scrambled around a bit before saying "Please please come in, welcome to my magic shop is there..." suddenly the man stopped talking as he saw the job flyer in Amon's hand.

"Oh so you're here for the job huh?" Amon was kinda nervous as to how he asked the question but he answered the man by saying "Yeah I am... Is that a problem?" The man laughed a little bit s he replied. "Oh no problem I was just asking as you made it here kinda late. Someone has already claimed the job, the young lady is in the back using the bathroom as we speak." The look on Amon's face was priceless as he couldn't explain how upset he was at the fact he was late getting to the job.

"Sir you can't be serious? I cam all his way to take this job! There must be something else I could do to get a few jewels from you sir." The man laughed a bit once again as he would then go on to say "Well I suppose both of you can go on the job. I dont see the issue with that I suppose." The look on Amon's face would then show a face of relief as he would in fact be able to do some work.

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Eyes Staring Forward[Quest: Amon & Evangeline] Heigif10

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Eva smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She had woken up way too early that day and Magnolia had been stripped off the festive vibe it had two days ago. It was now like any other town with just the usual amount of noise and the usual amount of people out and about. Since Eva wasn’t tired enough to slip back into her comfy bed, Eva threw on her plain white shirt and jeans before walking out the inn, rejecting breakfast along the way. For a while, she walked around the town, went to the market, bought some plums, and decided to check out the request board. There was a curious request up in there. Eva’s eyes lingered on it for a moment before she turned and walk away with a flip of her hair. She knew what she wanted to do that day.

Khalash was an interesting old man. For the first time in a while after meeting Alisa, Eva found herself engaged in a long and fascinating conversation. “This here is a rare magic item,” he started, pointing to an old lamp on the shelf. “It’s said to be able to draw away all light from an area and store it as energy. It’s a very rare item worth millions,” his eyes lit up. “But what you are going to be concerned with today is,” he gave her a mysterious smile before moving towards the counter and bending down. For a few seconds, she heard the clinking and tinkering of something until the old man in long blue robes emerged again. “This,” he placed something wrapped in worn out clothes in front of her, “is a magic item I surprisingly found in Magnolia. Sadly, I haven’t been able to try it out yet”. He sighed. “It’s said to be able to give someone extra ordinary powers in close combat,” he waved a finger in front of her face. “Your job is to test it out for me,” he finished as Eva nodded in understanding. She had been listening to him carefully with the excitement of trying out a rare item growing on her.

“You have found yourself the right person for the job, sir!” she spoke, sincerely happy about the situation for once. “But before I head out, do you mind if I use your bathroom?” she asked, pointing at the door to her left. Inside, she placed herself in front of the mirror and sighed exasperatedly at her messed up hair. It had not been a good idea to wear her hair down and if she was going to fight someone later, she wanted to have it out of her way. Pulling and tugging at it, she swept it back into a high pony tail before walking back.
"Well I suppose both of you can go on the job. I don’t see the issue with that," she heard Khalash and stopped. ‘What was that all about?’ she wondered before opening the door. There next to the counter, she found a man with striking black eyes and equally black hair. She ran her eyes over him once, smiled as usual, and greeted him with a hello. “I don’t mind sharing,” she beamed, though she was unimpressed and not as enthusiastic inside. “My name is Eva by the way. I’m a Rune Knight”.


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#3Amon Irving 

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Amon Irving
When the girl popped out of the bathroom and said that she didn't mind sharing Amon was slightly caught off guard due to how suddenly it was. However he wasn't caught off guard by much due to the fact the man had already told him that she was there. The girl would introduce herself as a girl named Eva who was in the Rune Knights! What a interesting turn of events this was for Amon as he had yet to meet anyone else from the rune knights besides the man who recruited him. "My name is A.I. I am also a Rune Knight. Fancy both of us trying to take this job, in the same city, and we are both knights. Thats a lot of coincidences." Amon would say before the man started to take action.

However the man would then grab the object off the counter as he would then begin to explain what the job was to do since both of them ere now present. The man waved the wrapped object around as Amon would stare at it wondering what exactly it was wrapped up in that worn cloth.The suspense was almost killing him, but that was when the man finally decided to unwrap the item and show them what exactly it was. As the man unwrapped it the item became visible slowly but surely, and the first thing that could be seen was a blade. A bladed weapon you say? That was seemingly right up Amon's ally as he was trained in several forms of swordsmanship when he worked for The Watch.

"Your job is simple test out this magical sword for me so I can know if it was worth the buy or if the person who sold it to me tried to play me. Just go out and have a sparring match or two and then come back to me with the results." Amon didn'twanna sound stupid but he still had a question he wanted answered. Sure he understood what was to be done but what he didn't understand was what exactly did the sword do? To Amon the sword seemed like a ordinary broad sword, although the designs upon it were seeming out of this world and time as they were nothing but beautiful.

"Ok so the sword looks amazing and all but what exactly is it supposed to do old man." The man smiled a bit as he would then chuckle. He would then raise the sword in front of his face while he stared at it a bit. "The sword increases one's vitality and by such increases their physical characteristics. Strength, speed, endurance all these things are enhanced to make the user better at combat... this is the sword of Hercules." Amon was almost set back by the explanation of the weapon but the name the name is what really set it off for him. Naming a sword after such a powerful being meant that this sword had to be at least twice as strong.

However now that his question was answered Amon was ready to now go out and test the weapon. He looked towards Eva and let out a devilish grin as he would say "Come on partner lets go test out a weapon.... you can carry the sword if you so wish to do so."

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Eyes Staring Forward[Quest: Amon & Evangeline] Heigif10

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Ah, so this guy was from the Rune Knights, too. It wasn’t that long ago when she joined the prestigious military force of Magic Council and thanks to her workload, she hadn’t even visited the headquarters save for one or two times that it was mandatory for her to do so. It was a different kind of surprise, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, to see another person bearing the Rune Knight symbol. It felt almost strange to be meeting one at this point. She did expect to see a bunch of them running around a city like Magnolia and in fact, she did. But to face one so up close gave her a feeling she couldn’t quite understand.

She dropped the thoughts soon enough when Khalash started explaining the rare item’s properties again. Leaning back on the brightly painted wall, she listened to both of their conversation, eyes sliding from one to another, letting the cogs inside her head spin incessantly. The testing it out part would go smoothly with no question, she decided as her eyes lingered on A.I’s solid form for a moment. That body, without a doubt, belonged to someone that had fought countless battles. This also meant that Eva was saved from the trouble of having to fight some random person and could, instead, watch the item in action, which is what she really wanted. She wasn’t interested in testing her strength against someone but she was quite curious about the item in question.

When he turned to face her, ready to set out, Eva instantaneously brought her guards back up, smiling softly and standing back up straight. “Yes, let’s go,” she said, her voice soft yet imperial. Inwardly, a bit peeved at him for his choice of words, Eva took the carefully wrapped item from him before walking out. For the reminder of the time that they walked around Magnolia, Eva let her fingers run along the surface of the sword. Just the intricate, almost archaic looking designs on the handle and the obviously old yet sharp blade suggested that it was mystery simply waiting to be unraveled in the hands of a worthy user.  

She was going to learn its true capabilities one way or another. But where in a peace loving city like Magnolia were they going to find someone willing enough to have a sparring match with them? As far as she has seen of Magnolia, people lived a simple, argument-free life. This would have been surprising for anyone unaware of a certain guild that laid at the very heart of the town but then again, it was very unlikely for someone to have never heard of them either. Fairy Tail protected their home with a fervent passion, and for that, Eva was actually impressed with them. But alas, she didn’t think they would run into any one of them today.

They decided to search the market first, hoping that they would find some rough looking person or even a hooligan to try the item out on. It was a failure since wherever they looked, they could only find honest people living an honest life by selling their honest goods. She sighed, “This is turning out to be hopeless. Why is it that trouble never finds us when we look for it?”


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Eyes Staring Forward[Quest: Amon & Evangeline] R1pERCr
#5Amon Irving 

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Amon Irving
Eva and Amon would set out with the weapon in the hopes that they could find someone to fight so that they could test it. Amon thought it was a rather cool time seeing as he was doing this mission with another member of the Rune Knights, a military organization he had just joined not too long ago. Even though he was forced to join the thought that this was going to lead him down the path of atonement. Atonement might just be what AAmon had needed so that he could escape his past and maybe, just maybe put Apex to rest.

They were in Magnolia so of course possibly fighting someone from Fairy Tail was an option. However, as they made their way through the city none of them could be found. He assumed that they were all out somewhere on a trip together building bonds and what not because of the fact that's the type of guild that Fairy Tale was. Anyway, the two would make their way to what appeared to be the market district. There they looked for anyone that they could test the weapon on. Obviously, with them being Rune Knights they couldn't just use the sword on anyone the person had to be a willing participant.

When they had arrived at the market they began to search, but their search came up short as they found nobody to test the weapon on. The girl would comment saying “This is turning out to be hopeless. Why is it that trouble never finds us when we look for it?” Amon laughed at this before he would make a comment "I am sure we shall find somebody in no time. After all the world is full of hooligans and misfits. Let us head towards the heart of the city, close to the fairy tail guild hall."

Amon would then begin to walk and as he did so someone stepped from out of the large crowd of the market and block his path. Amon stopped dead in his tracks as the figure blocked his path as he was slightly confused as to what was going on. However, the situation was about to make itself clear very soon. The person who stepped in his path was a young man, not too much younger than himself who held what appeared to be a regular broadsword. As he stood there Amon made sure to not let his guard down. "Can I help you, young man?" Amon said with the face of someone who was confused."

The boy laughed a little bit as he held his sword up in front of his face. "I could tell that you were strong and i've been looking for someone to spar with me. So what do you say, old man, you wanna go a round?" Amon let out his devilsh grin before looking to Eva and saying "Well you heard him Eva lets give him what he wants. Pass me the sword so that I can get this done and over with and we can go on about our day." Finally they had found someone who willing wanted to fight.

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Eyes Staring Forward[Quest: Amon & Evangeline] Heigif10

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Eva stopped, confused, and started looking around. Wait, she was sure that she took a turn somewhere with A.I but why couldn’t she see him anymore? Eva looked around but except for a huge crowd that kept getting in her way, there was no sign of the raven haired man that she met that morning. They must have gotten separated, she sighed, looked down at the sword in her hands and groaned. Now what was she going to do with this? It’s not like she had any luck in finding someone to test this out against either. ‘Maybe you should go back,’ her inner self shrugged, ‘it’s not like it’s the end of the world. You can attempt it again some other time’. She sighed. That seemed to be the better thing to do. Eva already had plans to leave Magnolia that evening, too.

With an irritated sigh, Eva ran a hand over her hair before turning around in a huff and walking off, retracing her steps back into the shop. She would have to come back and get this job done some other time. But for now, she was ready to drop the item back at the shop and leave for Marigold.

-exit- -quest incomplete-

Eyes Staring Forward[Quest: Amon & Evangeline] R1pERCr

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