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#1Oliver Theronson 

I AM BACK !!! HUGE NEWS and/ THROWING A PARTY Empty Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:04 am

Oliver Theronson
Fellow roleplayers. Dear friends !

Has it been 3 years already?

Before I say hello, I would like to complement you all for all those nights of roleplaying with passion, you were great !

One of the eternal drive of the roleplay game would always be the possibility to do what you cannot do IRL. In that “dream” world, you could be the savior knight who fought the evil dragon and saved the charming princess or you could be the dreadful villain who was hated by everyone, but in the end even he was trying to help in order to save the world… by of course destroying it and creating a new one! This is why it is not called “a muse to write”, a muse that goes away and flies back… it is not an obligation to have a muse and write. It is a drive… a drive to experience a tale, an adventure or maybe something completely screwed up...

We have all experienced that drive here before and this is why up until that day, once in a while we can all see a returning ash, but still many eyes lay down in the shadows, viewing "THAT" place and waiting for a someone or a "something" to happen, to grab them back and torment their soul here.

Well… No more waiting,
I would like to say hello to all of my old friends, it has been long !
Glad you are here and see you all very soon !

Also I would like to introduce myself to those new ones who sold their soul to their imagination. I am Oliver Theronson, a philanthropist by nature and a cocky brat by soul. In the dream world you would see me saving people, hunting things... the family business! Often i would stay at a bar chatting with my friends or hitting up on a lady. You might even see me jump off a cliff chasing after one ! Even thou she might be the demon who's going to kill me ^^

Everyone, you can simply call me Oli, nice to meet you ! In the old days here I had a night pub, the biggest in the whole kingdom ! Now I will simply rent one and recreate a topic for a specific purpose…

I welcome you all to “The Painted World of Pandemonium” event.
I AM BACK !!! HUGE NEWS and/ THROWING A PARTY Tumblr_np4syfuoS01u3hs6ho1_500

Do proceed with caution thou… Because the following event is:
Not safe for home
Not safe for work
Not safe for bus
Not safe for happy people

You shall experience how this world is going to wreck havoc upon your soul. You will venture on that tale… fulfilled with glorious moments, love, friendship, pleasure and at the next moment you will watch the joy burn into the ashes containing only blood, gore, greed, violence and hatred. Expect Saw [The horror movie], expect “weird” and expect “hard”, because the only way to win will depend on how deep you can poke in to you imagination and creativity, in order to get out from there alive.

So you better all come prepared, or you will burn forever into the deepest abyss!

The only requirements are the following:
*You will find a teammate and join together for the epic blast
*You will buy a talisman from the entrance of the pub [will choose from out of 5]
*You will confirm your invitation[topic will be up soon]

Who can participate? – Everybody. The event favors imagination, drive and skill instead of character stats and rank.
When? – The official start will be at 06.26.2017, after two weeks.
Where? – At that particular time, in Magnolia, you will look for an old pub right behind Olly’s cake shop. Search… and you will find it there.  

Why? – Because you wanna feel the drive, because you wanna see the challenge… Because I will say something that will make you come… and I will say that… you will… NOT … beat this game! ;)

I AM BACK !!! HUGE NEWS and/ THROWING A PARTY Tumblr_np4syfuoS01u3hs6ho1_500

So what is it gonna be ashen one...
Are you willing to enter one cold, dark and very gentle place ?

"For the both of us... you're gonna... live.
You'll be... my living legacy. My honor, my dreams...
They're yours now..."

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I AM BACK !!! HUGE NEWS and/ THROWING A PARTY Empty Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:29 am


Looking forward to seeing it. :D

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