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Oak to Baska[Foot Travel][Kenny]

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Oak to Baska[Foot Travel][Kenny] Empty Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:28 am

This was it, Kenny and Alyssa were leaving Oak. They had a great time while they were there, but it was time to go. Their next stop was Baska, it had the closest train station and it would be nice to travel using something besides walking. Alyssa gathered her things, staying quiet the entire time as she was still very upset about the events that had unfurled in Oak. Of course, she had became something with Kenny...she did not know what, but it was something. That was probably the best part of her trip to Oak, and now they were traveling together to take on the world.


-In Baska-


Oak to Baska[Foot Travel][Kenny] Empty Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:32 am

Alyssa was eerily quiet when they got up to leave, she didn’t say much of anything to him. When he asked about her new sword she didn’t say anything about the name or anything for that matter. He didn’t prod her as they got ready to go his new armor on, his helm in his bag and his Pike on his back. He wanted to ask her what was wrong but during the short walk to Baska she didn’t utter word besides where they were heading. During the short walk Kenny put his hands between his back and whistled, he’ll find out what was up eventually.

-in Baska-

Oak to Baska[Foot Travel][Kenny] Qurywgl

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