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The Plot Thickens[Private]

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Alyssa had awoke early morning much more grumpy than usual.  She had not slept well, despite Kenny holding her close to his body all night.  Usually being cuddling up next to him she slept like a rock but that night she could not help but toss and turn all night.  Getting out of bed, she decided to travel into town, she did promise Kenny she would be getting a sword for them to train together.  With nothing else to do, she dressed and headed into town.  She found a small shop on the outskirts of town that held cheap weapons and trinkets.  She was the only one in the shop at that point aside from the shop owner.  It was dimly lit and quite frightening, the perfect place for Alyssa to be shopping.  As she began scouring the swords hanging on the wall, she let Lyss take over a small bit, helping her with the decision.  None of them felt quite right, at least until she saw one in the back.  There was an immediate pull towards the sword that seemed to be gathering dust in the corner.  The shop owner saw where she was looking and pulled the sword out of it’s hiding spot, solemn look upon his face.

“My dear, does this weapon call to you?”  Alyssa could not help but nod and reach out towards the weapon, her lips parted slightly in wonder.  The shop owner pulled the weapon back.  “I must first warn you, this sword is cursed.  It once belonged to an amazing yet evil samurai.  Some say that his spirit still resides within this sword, ready to take over the person who owns this sword.”  Alyssa still felt drawn to the sword, even though she had heard the ridiculous rumor.  Even if it was true, Alyssa already had an evil side, the sword could not do much else.  

“I would like to purchase it.”  Alyssa decided, pulling her jewels out of her pocket.  The shop owner handed the sword over to her and took her jewels, disappearing into the back of the shop, worried look upon her face.  Alyssa held the katana in her hands, smile climbing upon her face.  It felt right.  A rush of energy seemed to pulse through her as she tightened her grip around the hilt of the sword.  Lyss seemed to be triggered by the energy rushing through her and she pushed hard against the barrier in Alyssa’s mind.

”Let me out.  I need to feel it for myself!”  The split pushed harder, breaking through the barrier, taking control of the body they shared.  A sinister chuckle slipped out of her lips, a new powerful force taking hold of her.  This was who Lyss was meant to be.  Spending her time with Kenny had almost made her forget about her insatiable bloodlust.  The bloodlust that was quickly slipping back into her system.  Alyssa could not take control back, Lyss was too strong at that point, her will too powerful.  Shoving Alyssa back further into her own body, Lyss slipped the sword into the sheath it had come with on her back and headed out of the shop towards the woods.

She found herself in the back side of a park with very few people wandering about.  It was very early morning, the sun just beginning to peek over the horizon.  The darkness shielded her form in the shadows of the trees.  She found herself staring out at a group of people.  There were two older looking women along with three little boys, playing with sticks as if they were swords.  Making her way out of the darkness, Lyss watched closely as one of the boy’s sticks broke, the broken part flying back hitting her in the cheek, drawing a bit of blood.  Lyss froze, glaring at the child, it’s mother stepping in front of it.

“Are you stupid?  Maybe you should not be so close to them while they are playing!”  The woman scolded.  This set Lyss off.  The bloodlust was already becoming too much for her to bare.  She wanted to kill.  Wiping the blood off of her cheek with her thumb, she laughed.  

”My my, you really should not have done that.”  She drew the sword, quickly slicing straight through the throat of the woman before her, blood covering the grass of the park.  The other older woman gasped and screamed at the children to run, but sadly it was too late.  Lyss had the taste for blood, and it was going to be sated.  She lunged forward, running the other woman through while the children screamed and ran.  She left the woman bleeding out on the park ground as she caught up with the children, one by one ending their short lives with her new weapon.  

Once they were all either dead or on the ground bleeding out, she chuckled, bloodlust satisfied.  The gasping for air from the dying children were the only sounds surrounding her as she lifted the katana up to her lips and drew her tongue across the blade, the blood of the dead coating her tongue with it’s metallic taste.  Yes, the split would thoroughly enjoy this new weapon.


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Upon taking control again, Alyssa collapsed to the ground, the blood of the innocent lives she had just taken pooled around her. It was not the first time the split had killed, but it was the first time it had taken the lives of this many at once and the first time it had taken the lives of children. Her clothes were now ruined, covered in the sticky red substance that was quickly drying against her porcelain skin adding a beautiful yet sickening contrast of color. How the split had taken full control, she did not know. The sword must have truly been cursed, giving her momentary power to take full hold of the body they shared. She could still feel the split in the background of her mind, smug over the murders she had just committed. A ghost of a laugh played within her mind and she knew she needed to run.

The sun had broken over the treeline, casting a stream of bright light upon the scene. She knew it would not be long before someone stumbled upon the crime and called someone. She could not be there when that happened, as she was covered in their blood and would be the main suspect at that point. So she ran. It took a bit longer getting back to the motel, as she had to take the back roads where no one would notice her blood soaked appearance. Upon reaching the door, she entered finding Kenny and Arcane still sleeping soundly. She stripped the ruined clothes and tossed them in the trash before turning the shower on as hot as she could stand it. The steaming water did nothing to ease her guilt, even as it was washing away all the remains of blood. Soon her skin was red from the scrubbing she was doing trying to remove the blood as well as the guilt that was weighing her down. Realizing that the guilt was going no where, Alyssa sank to the bottom of the shower, gut wrenching sobs pouring from her lips as she cried. What had she done?

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