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To Magnolia [Travel]

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To Magnolia [Travel] Empty Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:09 pm

Eva-san! Will you really be alright?” her manager’s worried voice reached Eva as she walked out of the hotel. It was finally time to say goodbye to Hargeon. They had stayed there for far longer than what was initially planned. Last night, she had taken the initiative in telling her manager that they should leave already. Surprisingly, he was quite happy with the idea and even agreed without any fuss. They decided to check out that early morning with her manager arranging their transport. But to his dismay –mixed with a tiny bit of relief- Eva decided that she would want to walk to Magnolia while he went back to Era. He was skeptical about it first. Eva had to persuade him with all the reasons why she would be ok on her own.

“I’ll be alright, Hanase-san,” she reassured him one last time before turning to walk down the road that would soon lead to a forest connecting Magnolia to Hargeon. She could have taken the ship but Eva wanted to walk under the calm breeze of the day.

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