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More Experimental Hexes [solo]

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More Experimental Hexes [solo] Empty on Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:06 pm

“I would rather not associate with you after our last incident together,,” Kenny said, leaning against the desk of the doctor’s office. He was currently in the shop owned by Dr. Mabuz. It was the same doctor that was obsessed with white Claudia, and the same that had given Kenny his first Quest in Oak. In their first meeting Kenny helped him with a set of experimental hexes, in other times Kenny underwent a series of nightmare filled dreams thanks to the doctor’s beloved drug. It paid well, but the mental images imprinted in Kenny’s mind would last years thanks to the drugs. Back to the hexes, Kenny remembered for the most part what they did, the would have different effects on the victims, Kenny had read the old hexes closely it occurred to Kenny that he didn’t read them when he was with Aonaka, probably because he was busy trying to get his old friend into a dress. They seemed peculiar, all with the same instructions, chant and watch and the effects. This would probably be so much more fun with a partner, but for now he had to do this alone. That and He planned on getting Alyssa’s present today so it would be easier to get her gift without her knowing.

“Now, now Kenny, you’re lucky I didn’t tell your little “partner” about our last few dealings. Imagine how she would feel if she had found out you tested magic on innocent people?” the doctor retorted with a smirk, “She’s a sweet girl, yes? I’m sure she’d be devastated. But enough about that, here are today’s hexes. You know the drill, find a few guinea pigs and test them out.” The doctor handed Kenny two slips of paper with the hexes scribbled on them and went to the back of his shop. Kenny looked at the hexes, the first seemed to have an awkward effect; Decrepify’ paired with paralysis of the legs for exactly an hour. Hm, so it seemed that the best place to test this was either the pub or the streets. There was a restaurant not too far away from him now, so Kenny decided to head in, it was packed with people families here and there, what appeared to be families and others looked like groups of friends looking to have a good time.

Kenny didn’t wait for someone to seat him, he instead asked to use the restroom as a ploy to gain access to the place. Kenny, for a moment lingered as he went to the back of the restaurant and looked for his first subject of the day. He soon saw a table of rotund gentlemen huddled around the foodbar, burying their faces in various dishes like pigs in a trough, would they even notice if their legs went numb? Only one way to find out, Kenny picked one at random, the biggest of the bunch, one hand holding a fork the other his drink. Kenny looked at the target and held up the paper, he mumble the name of the hex and the large man would fall limp to the ground, onto his back like a turtle on his shell. Shockingly enough the other men didn’t notice their friend on the ground and instead another person would take his place. Hm, as long as they kept getting replaced Kenny could probably get away with doing another spell.

Then again, a ruckus soon started when the large man on the ground began crying out about his legs being numb. The entire restaurant was focused on the bar thus Kenny would have to retreat and looked for subjects elsewhere. Kenny made a route for one of Oak’s bigger parks, it seemed to be an average day, families were out having picnics, there was a group of joggers rounding the park, in the lead was a particularly fit looking gentlemen who was mocking and even going as far as to shove anyone who got in his way out of the way. “Perfect…” Kenny mumbled, He picked up the paper and mumbled the word “magna” for the second hex, the lead jogger would keep on jogging, but Kenny on the other hand felt a surge of energy through his body, it felt like his muscles tighten and flex. It felt like he had just gotten done working out, but none the less it was something worth noting down for the doctor.

Kenny took a note and made his way back to the doctor’s office, he didn't speak to the man he tossed the papers on the floor next to the desk without looking and collected his reward. With that Kenny left the building without so much as a goodbye and continued on to the store. “Now to get her gift.”


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