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Era to Magnolia [Erebus]

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Era to Magnolia [Erebus] Empty on Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:14 pm


Erebus packed his bag, he sighed deeply upon realizing he overstayed in this hole that was once his home. Honestly speaking, he grew tired of it; it was just a place of bad memories. Never did he wish to leave it as bad as he did now. Leaving that armor behind, the boy through on a black shirt and some cheetah silk pants. He wore flip flops and a puffed smoke from a cigarette in his lips. The male walked over concrete, bobbing his head to the music playing in his ears from a lacrima powered cassette player. His bag was held over his shoulder, now more than ever his interest in exploring the great unknown was peaked.

Night time fell fast as he walked along the narrow, gravel-patted, path. The boys yawn echoed in the night. Sniffing inwards, the Lycan managed to pick up the scents of thousands of species surround the area. A barn owl, a snake, spiders. Nocturnal creatures were all around. Just like him. "The wild. My real home-- my real family." The criminal breathed an inhalation of the forest's fresh air. He set up camp under a tree, built a fire, then slept. When he awoke in the morning-- Magnolia was only a thirty minute walk out of the great unknown woodlands. Smelly, his trusted companion fell in close behind.


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