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Rum Diary [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

Rum Diary [Bianca] Empty Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:56 am

Bianca Fleur †
Bianca has been going to the docks a lot lately, mainly to do jobs given by literally one and only one client, the old man Reagan. This time, the objective was to get a crate filled with rum bottles that was hidden in a bigger crate filled with bananas. She thought this was a bit funny. The good thing about this request was that she did not need to meet Reagan before she did the actual job, and the reason that that was good was because she would waste less time traveling. The objective was written on the request paper and it was clear. The first thing she needed to do was get to the docks. She wore a simple outfit in dark colors to blend in. She noticed that the uniform for the workers there was a dark blue so she put on a dark blue shirt and long dark jeans. She tied her hair into a bun and put a cap on too, making the disguise almost perfect. She stopped to wonder if Geb was still around in Hargeon Town. Maybe he was also going around taking jobs? It was almost a habit for Bianca now, doing missions on the daily, but it was a good habit, because she got money and experience from every request she took. And that money she could use to buy herself things. She had been looking at the companion market as well as the weapons on sale.

At the docks now, she saw that a lot was going on there. There were a bunch of people in the dark blue uniform she had seen before, gathered all together in one place and unloading the ship that had just arrived. She wondered if there was a lot of them. Then it would be difficult for her to look for the banana crate. In fact, she was not even sure if the banana crate was marked. But if it was, that would make it a lot easier, plus she thought she read on the sheet that it would be marked with a banana or something. Bianca walked closer to the group of busy people. No one seemed to notice her since they were all so busy and she was not standing out so she basically blended in quite well. She looked around, as if she was helping with them, but her objective was to look for the banana crate. She lifted her head once in a while to check if people were staring at her or something, but nobody seemed to care since they were all busy after all. Bianca walked around and around looking for the crate, but a while later she was tired and could not find the crate, so she stood in one place and pretended to be working with one crate. People pushed past her and almost bumped straight into her, but she kept bending down and pretended to be inspecting this crate although that was probably not the job of the people here.

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#2Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
As she was about to give up and search somewhere else, she noticed...THE BANANA! The banana mark! She found it. Feeling triumphant as ever, the vampyress grinned and walked over to the banana crate. It was in the corner of the entire bunch so people did not even look in this way. She made sure, however, that she was not going to get caught, and opened the crate. The drawing of the banana was pretty bad, but that was not her business. Once the crate was open, she moved the bananas around in search of the smaller crate. There was a lot of goddamn bananas in here though, making her want to throw everything out, but she could not let anyone see her digging into a banana crate angrily at this time of day and here. So she kept her mind as calm as she could and continued moving the bananas around so that she could get the smaller crate. Finally, her hands felt something hard, something woody and way below the bananas, covered perfectly. This had to be the smaller crate. Bianca rested the lid of the crate on its side since she needed both hands to get the small crate out - one to hold the bananas and one to hold the crate. It took a while since she was trying to go unnoticed and after about a minute, it was a success. She was able to take the crate out without getting the bananas out of the crate without making a single noise.

Bianca placed the lid back on the crate and left the scene, walking along a path that not many people used. By now she knew the Hargeon docks inside out, but not as much as the people here of course. Now she was supposed to deliver it to Reagan who would be waiting around here somewhere, she would have to look for him, an old man with graying hair. She stood around with the cap still on looking for him when she spotted him, looking all shady although she could tell he was trying to blend in the background. She approached him carefully not to surprise him. She did not know if he was easily surprised, but since her movements were usually soundless, she usually caught people by surprise, like the time at the theater in Marigold when she would do it all the time. Shocking people, that is. As she approached Reagan, the old man turned as well, so it was perfect, no shocking. Bianca made no sound, she just handed the crate to him. Reagan looked at the contents and then brought out one to give to Bianca. The vampyress felt over the moon to receive free booze, but her hopes were crushed immediately when he said that she was supposed to give it to Balthazar. “Yes sir,” she told the old man before leaving with the bag of jewels and the bottle of rum in her hand.

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