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This fire burns twice as bright [Alyssa]

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This fire burns twice as bright [Alyssa] Empty Sun Jun 04, 2017 2:04 am

It Burned

After all of the hard work, Kenny put in training he was taken out by a puppy. After the “Spar” he was tired, signed, and irritated. He wasn’t irritated at Alyssa, nor was he angry at Arcane, if anything he was pissed off with himself for being so weak. Even though Arcane was a magical being, it hurt to lose, but it was also a learning experience and one that he would cherish for a long time. Sadly, things didn’t go as smoothly as Kenny thought they would have when he picked himself off of the ground earlier today. Alyssa wasn’t there when he finally got up, his legs were wobbly and it felt like he had been put through a mini meteor shower; pulverized and pummeled, but even with that he still loved them both.

He didn’t go straight to the hotel room after, he lingered in the courtyard and let his body recuperate from the beating. After a few minutes of sulking he got up and took himself upstairs to their room. Stopping a few feet away he thought about it, he loved her, but she and Arcane were powerful… Well being weaker wasn’t an issue for him. He knocked on the door and lightened his voice to sound feminine, “Housekeeping.”

This fire burns twice as bright [Alyssa] Qurywgl

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Alyssa had been crying, her red eyes and tear stained cheeks were a clear giveaway to that. She and Arcane had made their way up to the bedroom Kenny and herself shared after their fight. She hated the fact that she hurt Kenny, and would honestly never be able to forgive herself for it. Arcane did not seem to have a problem with it, as his master was the one who had given him the command to attack. Even Alyssa's split was feeling a bit remorseful about the fight, though she had not even been a part of it. She hoped with every fiber of her being that Kenny would be able to forgive her for it. Upon thinking of Kenny, she heard a knock at the door followed by his words. A touch of a smile graced her lips as she could not help but feel happy he had even wanted to come up to the room after the fight. She would not be able to hide the fact that she had been crying, and she was not tempted to even try. "It's your room too, you can come in." She called, shyly. She had stripped and thrown on just a large shirt the moment she walked inside, the shirt belonging to Kenny. She was going to be embarrassed when he walked in, but that was the least of her worries at the moment. He had seen her in less, and being in his shirt comforted her. It helped that it covered all the way to her thigh, keeping her unmentionables hidden though she had nothing on underneath. Alyssa looked at the door, waiting for the man to come in and tell her what his verdict was. He was probably going to leave and Alyssa was well aware of that fact, but it did not mean her heart was prepared.


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Kenny heard her voice and slid his key into the lock and twisted it open, “Well Love how am I supposed to play the sexy foreign maid if you don’t play along.” he pretended to pout and staggered into the room. He was still a little shocked from the fight, but at the moment he felt good enough to walk and function for the most part. He placed hand on the wall and made his way to the bedroom portion of the room where she was. He saw her in one of his shirts, that same grin he always had crept across her lips as he hugged her, “You scared me,” he rubbed her back, “I’m sorry I made you cry darlin’, I didn’t mean to. I was just a little burned.” he laughed.

“Though I hope you don’t mind your man a little well done.” he joked once again, after a moment he would release her and cup her face in his hands. “Arcane is amazing, and you are amazing. It’s clear you’ve had a great impact on his strength, but first thing’s first my heart, please do not think I was angry at you. You are my everything and I would never be angry over a loss like that I was shocked and proud if anything and irritated with myself.” he pecked her lips, “I am sorry if I hurt you, could you ever forgive me?”

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Alyssa smiled. "Of course I can forgive you, love. Can you ever forgive me? I am so sorry for hurting you." She said. Her arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him down with her. "Just lay with me here for a while." She put her head upon his chest and sighed. "I'm going to get a sword and we'll train together. That way it won't seem like such a horrible loss next time I beat you." The last part was a joke, but yes, Alyssa would get a sword, and they would train together and get stronger together. They were a team.


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Kenny pushed pearly strands of hair out of her face and kissed her, “Well, then let’s hope next time I’m better equipped.” he laughed, looking down at what she was wearing, “My, my, that shirt looks good on you. But tell me, how would you feel about the two of us joining a guild one day? Since we’re so much more than a team I was hoping that we could maybe join one together. That won’t be for a long time of course but it’s a thought.” his hands traced down her hip side and rested on her hip, “I mean it doesn’t matter to me if we never join a Guild, I’m content with it being the two of us traveling on our own for the rest of our lives.”

This fire burns twice as bright [Alyssa] Qurywgl

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A guild? Alyssa had not had a very good experience in guilds in her lifetime. "Which one were you thinking?" She asked, curious to what the man may answer. "As long as I have you, I am fine with wherever we go. Though I would prefer to not return to my former guild. Wherever we end up, I would like it to be a place we both benefit from." She was fine being alone with him, though a guild held it's benefits at times. Especially since being an illegal mage was not what she was striving for in life.


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“Well I don’t really know any outside of the knights, but you left them and it would be odd to go back.” he rubbed her side, “Maybe we’ll get recruited into some famous Guild down the way. But i’m in no rush.” he laughed, “As long as it’s the four of us we can never get a guild.” he would need to eventually look into guilds around Fiore, but it would be quite a task to find one that fits mostly because I want you and Lyss to be comfortable and what not.” he looked down at his shirt, “But how are you feeling my love? Are you and Lyss doing alright?”

This fire burns twice as bright [Alyssa] Qurywgl

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Alyssa could not help but feel ecstatic that the man cared so much. How were she and Lyss doing? Better than they had been most of their lives. Alyssa felt as if she had finally found a place where she fit in, and it was at Kenny's side. She would never be able to thank the man enough for what he had done for her. "Lyss and I are doing well, completely at peace with each other, which is strange, but I will take it. I am sure sooner or later she will want to have some time with you, but for now, she is behaving in the back of my mind." She explained. "Not many people knew me in the Knights, they just were not as much like a family as I had hoped...yet I do not know much about family outside of you and Arcane. I trust we will find a place we belong sooner or later. Let's just not let ourselves be recruited by the first guild that comes along and tries. They can get a bit annoying with their recruitment tactics and would do pretty much anything to get members. So let's just be careful, okay?"


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He was happy they were doing well, obviously it made him happy that both sides of his lovely lass were at ease with one another, “Ah I’m happy you’re doing well and of course, thought I’m more concerned some powerful Guild will try to steal you away from me sooner or later, you are pretty damn strong after all.” she was extremely powerful, perhaps the strongest person he had seen in action this far into his journey. All in all strength or no strength he considered her his other half, without her he was incomplete and all of that jazz. “We’ll need to begin the next chapter, the only issue is I don’t know where we should go.” he sighed, “There’s work all over the place, but If I may be blunt for a second I don’t think I care where we go as long as we can lay like this every day. Though, there is one article of business we need to attend to.”

Kenny rubbed his still aching neck, “I still want to learn more about you, so may I ask, where did you meet Arcane?”

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Alyssa was silent for a moment, a small smile slipping onto her lips as she remembered where she had first met Arcane. "It was a long time ago. I never had friends, no one to talk to, not even my parents. They pretty much abandoned me, not claiming me as their child when people found out about the split. There was a special place I would go when I was feeling upset, somewhere deep in the woods where no one could hear me cry. One day, I found Arcane. He was sitting on the rock I usually sat on, looking as sad as I felt. I guessed his parents had left him as he had damaged his paw and could not keep up. I took him in after that and found my affinity with animals. Ergo, I became a beast tamer. Arcane has been loyal to me ever since." She explained, the memory sweet in her mind.


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Kenny listened attentively and sat up when she finished, he looked down at her and did so for a few moments before finally speaking to address her, hands cupping her face “Thank you for sharing that story with me, I’m glad to know.” he wore that same goofy grin he always had, “Well Alyssa, how about we get you that sword? And I’ll grab some new gear as well.” he was ecstatic with his words, kissing her once. A yawn escaped his lips as he stretched, “But for now how about we relax and rest for a bit? It’ll be a long bit of travel wherever we go.” Thus he leaned back and rested with her in his arms.

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This fire burns twice as bright [Alyssa] Qurywgl

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