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More White Claudia [Alyssa]

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Kenny had gotten up early with a loud groan as he rubbed his face. The alarm was blaring ever so loudly as he shut it off and sat up in bed. It was strange, he didn’t remember getting up and coming home, though obviously Alyssa had helped him get here. He looked over at her, the grim hallucination he had seen was thankfully just that, a hallucination and she was still here with her. He did his best not to wake her up as he got out of bed and headed for the kitchen. Opening up the fridge he shoved their groceries, the little they had, “Hm, all outta milk” he sighed, looking back at Alyssa he silently tiptoed and picked up his clothes, putting them on and lacing up his boots. It was about time to get a quest, with that he proceeded through the rest of his morning as normal before leaving the room and heading down stairs.

It was still fairly dark out, around six in the morning, he wanted to be the first to the notice board, though this time something peculiar caught his eye. On the board the doctor from before had posted a request for the same drug. Kenny thought it over, it was hell taking that stuff the first time, but Alyssa trusted the man. A job was a job, so Kenny took the notice down and headed back home. On the way to the hotel he passed a Ramen stand, an old man tiredly setting up. Kenny approached and bought a bowl of miso ramen to go. It was put into a plastic container and Kenny paid what he owed.

Ramen in hand he made it to the hotel, marched up the stairs and down the hall to their room. He opened the door and peeked in to make sure Alyssa was still asleep. It seemed the sun was just cracking the shades as Kenny entered the room. He opened the ramen container and set it on the table. With that out of the way he opened up the fridge and retrieved the apple juice to pour his beloved a glass. Yep, he gotten her breakfest.

Placing the juice down he put the orange juice back and got himself a beer, at this point all of his noise probably woke her up and if not he could do so himself. Crawling over the bed he began pecking her cheek with kisses, in between every two he’d go “Wake up, I got us a job and I got you food."



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Alyssa awoke to Kenny kissing her and she could not help but smile.  He had gotten her breakfast?  What a sweetheart he was.  Another quest as well?  How could this man get any better?  Alyssa had surly hit the jackpot with him and she would not be letting go anytime soon...if ever.  Climbing out of bed, she slipped on a large shirt before sleepily making her way over to the table where he had placed her food.  She smiled up at him and reached out to pull him over to her for a kiss.  "Thank you, love.  You are perfect."  She began eating the ramen slowly, allowing her body to fully wake up before ingesting the rest of the food.  

Arcane was beside them, tail wagging happily, smacking against the floor.  He was ready for the quest that they would be doing today as well.  "What quest will we be embarking on today, sir?"  She asked, needing to know what she had to be ready for.  She quickly finished off her food and started searching the room for some pants to slip on to cover her bare body beneath the shirt.  "Hmm, where the hell did all my pants go?"  



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She would soon wake up, he planted a last kiss on her cheek and drew back to stand back up and take a sip of his beer. Seemed like he was relying more and more on bubbly ever since that quest he had done for the good doctor. Though, Kenny’s main worry was more that she would be against it after what happened. He feared for her, though this time around he wouldn’t let her be the subject, no, he hated seeing her like that, in a state of fear and agony. Now, it was his term to take the drug and suffer the consequences. Even with this new plan on his mind it still had become apparent to Kenny that he wasn’t 100%, even after the past few days without the drug. The hallucination was bad, but he managed to live through it so he could do it a second time right?

Kenny turned up his drink and nodded, “Okay gorgeous, please don’t be mad, but your doctor friend put out a request again,” he held up the request and pointed to a line that had Alyssa’s name on it, “And apparently he wants us to come back for it.” he put the notice down and crossed his arms, “But this time I think i’ll take it on my own.”

He chuckled when she brought up her missing pants, “Hm, it seems I’ve been tearing so many pairs off of you that we’ve cut your supply short. I guess we’ll need to do some shopping.” for a moment however he went back to a more serious demeanor, “But honestly i will be taking the drug this time, I don’t want to see you like that ever again. I couldn’t forgive myself if something happened to you.”



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Alyssa frowned, looking up from what she was doing.  "You cannot just take it alone.  What if something happens?  Kenny I cannot even think of what I would do if something happened to you and I allowed you to take this alone."  She said, thinking of all the horrible things that could happen.  "I can do this too, I am not a little girl.  I am a grown woman and I can handle a little fear."  She said, looking around to find Arcane.  Though she would not be bringing him along, she did need to feed the guy.  "I worry about you just as much as you worry about me.  You are my only family and losing you to some drug would...really hurt."

She finally found a pair of shorts tucked away in her travel bag.  As she put them on, she realized exactly how white her legs were.  Boy she needed to get some sun.  She silently wondered if Kenny was really going to try to take the drug alone.  Would she be able to watch that?  Would she be able to sit idly by while he went though that pain on his own?  She highly doubted it.  If he was that set on taking the drug by himself, she would at least be in the room, trying to calm him fears, and be there for him when he woke up.  She would never leave him lost, alone, or scared.  That was her promise to him.  They were a team and if he would be taking on this drug alone, he needed to know he would not be fully alone.  Alyssa would probably still allow the doctor to test the drug on her once he was seated and injected anyway.  She really honestly thought the tests were interesting.



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Kenny was adamant to not let her take the drug this time around, she told him he couldn’t do it alone, that she wouldn’t let him suffer. Her words touched him more than she would know, but for Kenny this wasn’t a topic of debate, “I know you aren’t a child,” he replied nodding with a smile on his face, as much as he wanted to do this on his own he would fold to her and nod, “I suppose you’re right, but I want to try it out first, once I’m injected you can do it. Deal?” he didn’t want to see her in pain, thus he was going to use the white gunk to mask his fear of seeing her undergo any pain. If the chance came, however, he would stop her even if he had to destroy the vials to do so.

He watched her get dressed and crossed his arms. He opened the door and soon the two of them would make their way to the shop, upon arrival they would see that the door was open and the doctor was in as expected. He didn’t say much, he only gestured for them to follow and this is where Kenny would speak up, “I’ll be the guinea pig today doc.” he blurted out before any introductions could ensue, “I’m sorry Alyssa but I've made up my mind, I know you’re a grown woman but one of us needs to keep a level head in case things go bad.”



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Alyssa shook her head in disappointment, but she decided she would heed Kenny's request. He was right, someone needed to be level headed in case something went wrong. She took his hand in hers and looked up at the doctor. "Will it be in the same room this time, doctor?" She asked, ready to head back and sit with Kenny while he went through the pain of the medicine. The doctor still looked tense, a smirk plastered on his lips.

"Not this time, you can follow me. I will be giving you the vial this time and you will be in charge of administering it yourself. I do not care if you give him the shot, Alyssa, or if he gives it to himself. Kenny, it is imperative that you try to remain calm during this experiment. If not you could severely hurt your partner." The doctor led them back to a different room, this one open, with not even a chair. He handed Kenny the vial with the white liquid and also a syringe. He also handed Alyssa a set herself. "In case you decide you would like to indulge in the nightmare again." With a cackling laugh, the man excused himself from the room and Alyssa looked at Kenny.

"Are you sure you want to go through this on your own? I can do it as well. I survived the first time, I can survive again." She said, trying to convince him not to go through with it alone, though she pretty much knew he was not going to change his mind now. He seemed adamant about going through it on his own.



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Kenny nodded, “Well Alyssa, if you truly want to I cannot stop you. I only fear that I have to see you in pain, I will face any nightmare, but to see you like that again, in such torment like the first time I couldn’t take that.” he sighed, “But do what you wish my love I’ll see you when I awake.” he held his vial in his fingers and kissed her before looking down at his syringe. Was this a good idea? Well there was no time to think, he injected himself and backed into the nearest wall as he waited for the drug to take effect on his mind. He wouldn’t hurt Alyssa, he wouldn’t dream of doing so to take caution he placed a hand on the wall began getting as far away from her as he could.

The world began to shift once again, as it did the first time around and grew horizontally, the walls and floor began to peel exposing the rusty metal underneath and in a blink of his eye Kenny had found himself in a corridor now doors on either side of him and a stairway filled with a blinding light at the end. “Hm, the place could use a touch up,” he began walking down the corridor, opening the first door he saw. In this one it seemed to be a memory, ah yes a green insect man starring a second Kenny down tail wagging about. Kenny or well the imaginary Kenny was at Cell’s feet defeated atop a pile of rubble as was the small woman he had met that night “Mother fucker…” the real beard mumbled to himself, “That night would have been so magical…” he wiped a tear out of his eye and closed the door. There was a screech at the darker end of the hall Kenny looked back with narrowed eyes, “What the hell was that?”

He shrugged it off and moved on to another door, In this room there was a living room setting; A fireplace, a recliner, bearskin rug at the center and a bookshelf at the far end of the room. Kenny sat down in the chair and warmed up by the fire, “Ah, what kind of nightmare is this?” he reclined and sighed comfortably. “Ken, darling, dinner's almost ready.” a feminine voice chimed behind him, he looked back and saw Alyssa in a rather different garb than what he was used to. She wore a white apron dotted with what Kenny could only hope to be ketchup. and black sundress and to make matters even stranger her hair was black.

“Oh sure thing dear, but um, did you do something with your hair?” he asked getting out of his chair though the room would begin to change as soon as he stood, it had become a slaughter house, There were corpses strung up like cattle, limbs tossed everywhere. His bearskin rug had turned into a mass of guts, his recliner was replaced by a pile of bodies ,his fireplace turned into an incinerator. “Alyssa, what’s happening? What is this?” he asked the dark haired version of her.

“What do you mean my love? We always decorate like this, now calm down before you wake Arcane and the baby from their naps and why are you calling me Alyssa? You know she isn’t in control right now.”

“BABY?!” Kenny almost fainted right then and there, “Whaddya mean baby and Alyssa isn’t in control? What is even happen-” a baby’s cry could be heard from behind the wall along with a pair of heavy footsteps.

“Oh now you’ve done it, now they’re both awake.” Lyss hissed at Kenny going to check on the two, Kenny on the other hand tried to make sense of all of this and instead went back to the door, just as he put his hand on the door knob a deep bark stopped him. It was Arcane, or well a much bigger angrier looking Arcane.

“H-hey boy, I’m just gonna go out for a little bit.”

Arcane stepped towards Kenny, growling and baring his teeth. He barked once again and got closer, Kenny immediately said “nope” and opened the door and closed it. Arcane could be heard barking at the door and scratching at it. Kenny leaned against the door and slid onto his rear, “What the fuck was that…” he asked himself trying to make sense of whatever the hell that was.

He stood up and dusted himself off, he opened yet another door. He opened this one and in it was a meadow of flowers. It was beautiful, so many vibrant colors and beauty in one place. He took in a deep breath and fell on his knees overcome by emotion. He knew this place, it was where his grandparents used to bring him every spring when he was younger. Kenny looked up and saw three people in the distance, an old couple and a child happily sitting in the field. Was that him? No, he didn't have time to look there were so many other doors to see, he had to see what other memories he could find. The raven hair stood up and exited the meadow and stood in the hall. There was yet another screech and this time it filled Kenny with dread. He began running for the stairway, he ran as hard as he could as the screech grew louder and jumped into the light.

With that, he awoke in the same empty room he was in when he took the drug. He crumpled up in a corner and closed his eyes. “What the hell was that…”



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Alyssa watched as Kenny injected himself with the medicine, and heeding his request, she put her own medicine down. She sat at his side, pulling his now limp body into her lap. She did not know what he was experiencing, but soon, he was whimpering in her arms and her heart dropped. He was mumbling things silently, she heard her name a couple of times, along with Arcane and 'baby'. She could not help but chuckle at the fact that having a kid was one of Kenny's biggest fears, as it was her own as well. Nice to know they held the same mindset in that matter.

His whimpering got a bit worse after a few moments and Alyssa became frightened for him. At one point he had even lashed out, nearly hitting her, but managing to catch her with an elbow to the stomach, which was pretty painful. It took nearly two hours but he finally woke up. “What the hell was that…” Yeah, Alyssa would like to know that too. She quickly pulled the man into a hug.

"Are you okay? You had me scared for a bit. Can we just get out of here now?" She asked, wanting to get the man back home. "What did you see?" She helped him out and collected the payment owed from the doctor before walking out with him, hoping to never have to see him go through that again.


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