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Time alone... Sort of[Alyssa]

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Time alone... Sort of[Alyssa] Empty Wed May 31, 2017 12:01 am

After another job kenny had requested to meet Alyssa in her favorite spot tonight. He had set things up nicely after nearly getting lost in the woods. He had an interesting set up; there was a nice large cloth on the ground, he had gone to the sandwich place she wanted to go to and got her a few sandwiches, he figured she would enjoy the variety he had got her, that and he had to get pick a variety because he didn’t know what sandwiches she liked. The sandwiches and a few extra foodstuffs that he thought she may have liked. To round up the night plan he had grabbed a bottle of tequila and some whiskey, two drinks that the knew she thoroughly enjoyed.

Now that everything was set he sat and waiting by the sight he had made. He didn’t have a candle, but he did have a fire started for them. It was going to be a night where they could just sit back and relax together, no jobs, no worrying about guild and no distractions just the three of them and a fire. Kenny sat on the rock where they had shared a kiss and waited for her with tequila in hand.

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Alyssa made her way from the hotel to her favorite spot, wondering what Kenny had been up to in the time they had been apart. Upon reaching it she discovered what Kenny had put together and she was astonished. A smile formed on her lips as she found him sitting upon the rock they shared a kiss on. She had left Arcane back at the house, wanting a bit of alone time with Kenny that they desperately needed. "You have been doing some work, huh?" She hugged him and placed a kiss upon his face. "It looks great, thank you. I needed this."


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It seemed she enjoyed what he had put together for her. It wasn’t all that much, but he did his best to make it look good. “Well i wanted to make our first date something special, so I figured we could share a night under the stars together.” he rubbed his hands together and placed his hands on her hips when she approached him, he accepted the kiss from her and smiled. He took her by the hand and brought her over to the cloth on the ground, “I think we both needed this, we’ve been working so hard and you’ve done so much for me so tonight is our night. No jobs, no one but the three of us.” he picked up the tequila bottle.

“Shall we?”

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Alyssa smiled once again at Kenny's attempt at a date. It was a very great idea on his behalf and he had gained many points in her book. He had even remembered where her favorite spot was. She grabbed a glass off the ground and held it out for the man to pour her a drink. As she downed her first glass, she felt the stress from the past few days melt away. There was nothing she had to worry about besides Kenny and having a good time. "We have been working hard, haven't we?" She looked the man in the eyes. "I am not really good with all of this emotional stuff, but thank you. From the bottom of my heart. You have quickly became one of the most important people in my life and I honestly never want to lose you. You may have heard it from the split, but not myself. Kenny...I love you." She said quietly. Needing the man to hear it from her own lips, and not those controlled by the split. She quickly downed another drink after the emotional spill.


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Her smiled certainly brightened the duskiness around them, oh how she contrasted everything around her. She was an angel blessing him with her radiance, her smile, her warmth and kindness. How a man like him got so lucky will be a question that haunts his mind for the rest of his life, though it did not matter. Alyssa was his everything, if something happened to her there was no telling what he would do, she gave him strength, but also kept him in a more humble state, as even with all of the love they had she knew she had the ability to end his life with ease and if Kenny were to be honest with himself he would not stop her, no matter the reason or the cause he would gladly allow Lyss or her to be the person who ends his life. But soon those darkened thoughts would be replaced when she spoke to, he smiled and poured her a glass for her. “Alyssa…” he listened as she told him how she felt, how he was important to her.

“I feel the same for you…” his response trailed off as he looked at her silent. His silence would soon diminish however when his face lit up with an overjoyed, cheeky grin, “God damn it I love you!” he dropped the tequila and picked her up in a hug and into a deep kiss.

“I love you too! You’re my everything. You’re strong, beautiful, kind, I fucking said this shit already when we were beating that guy up, but damn it Alyssa I want you to know again! I love you so fucking much! I want to spend the rest of my life with you!” he was near bellowing his words, “I mean it 100% when I say I love you and you, well the two of you, are the only people I want and the only people I think about everyday. I can’t shut up, but shit hear it a third time if you don’t mind, ALYSSA I LOVE YOU and I want the world to know that fact.”

He pointed at the sky, “You see the stars, I could match every star with a reason I love you, but you know what? Fuck those stars because eventually, I’d run out of them. Shit just take it for a fourth time, I LOVE YOU WOMAN.”  he was finally done after rambling, he had never spoken so much, but all of his emotion was just about tapped.

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Alyssa was honestly speechless. She had never had anyone pour out their emotions to her like Kenny had. It just made her fall deeper in love with the man. "Jesus," She muttered, pulling the man down onto the blanket beside her. "Why are you so perfect?" She took another drink and laid down on the blanket, looking up at the night sky. It was beautiful and clear, the moon full. It cast a beautiful reflection down on the lake before them. "This was an amazing idea. I am so glad you remembered this spot. Why are you so good to me?" She turned to her side, adjusting where her hair was not being pulled beneath her body.


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Her speechlessness said it all, did he screw up? Did he talk too much? Should he have said more? He could go back on some of the things, maybe she meant platonic love. Why was he so stupid with the words that came out of his mouth. Wait, Jesus? That wasn’t his name… Before he could correct her she pulled him down next to her, he rolled over and looked up at the night sky. “Why am I perfect? Oh no, I’m well below perfect, but you my love, you are. From those dazzling red eyes, to the way you laugh everything about you is a dream come true for me.” he placed his hands behind his head and continued gazing up at the sky before turning to her.

“I feel as if I don’t deserve you, I mean you are absolutely, astoundingly gorgeous and that's the least interesting thing about you.” he complimented, “I fear that one day, however, that you might find someone else. Someone who does deserve you, someone that’s stronger than me, someone who’ll give you a family or even someone who can give you so much more than the love I offer. You're a treasure and I'm just a nobody.”

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Alyssa laughed at the man. "I guess you do not quite understand yet, Kenny." She sighed. "You are perfect in my eyes, the most perfect person in the world. I will never be able to find someone better than you. I have met many people in my lifetime, many people who have wanted me, none that I have wanted with such a raw passion. You make me feel more than they could ever. You make me feel like the most amazing person in the world, and I want to do you the same favor. There will be no one else, you and Arcane are my family, and that is all I need. When I say I love you, I mean it. My heart belongs to you and no one else. You are not just a treasure, you are the most precious belonging I have ever held in my life and I will never let you go. You are worth too much to me." She said, trying to get the man to understand exactly how much he meant to her. "You are my life..."


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Kenny sat up when she laughed, worry on his face. She explained to him just how she felt, every word hit him like an arrow to his heart. He felt himself welling with happiness as she spoke. “You are my life and my guiding light,” he said through a smile, it hurt him to smile so much, he rolled on top of her hands pressing against the blanket to suspend him over her.

“Then let’s be together forever then, you’re the only woman for me and you, Arcane, and Lyss are the only people I need in this world.” he lowered himself and kissed her, “How about we spice things up? We are in the jungle, there’s nothing wrong with letting loose and going primal right?” he smirked and kissed her again.

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A smirk climbed upon Alyssa's lips and she ran her hand around the back of his neck to pull him in to kiss him again. "Nothing wrong with letting loose or getting a little primal." She ran her hands down his chest and under his shirt, pulling it over his head before pushing him onto his back and straddling him. She kissed his chest and ranked her nails gently across his bare skin. "This is a nice romantic place, too. I think we can definitely spice things up here."


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Kenny didn’t expect to be pushed onto his back, his shirt over his head. He pulled his shirt off the rest of the way as she straddled him, he just wanted to maybe snuggle or try out some new restaurant but this was good too. He could feel her nails gently scratch against his skin, he shuddered at her touch and relished in the moment. His hands took a familiar route up her thighs sliding up and under her skirt as they met at her rear. Those darn hands of his hand minds of their own as they would eventually pull that dress off.

The moon peered down for only a moment as the clouds rolled in causing the scenery around the two to go dark, the only light now for the moment was the flame Kenny had lit before them, in the illumination of that flame two shadows weaved together and the sounds of ecstasy that accompanied them. The flame, as the two went on would eventually die down and turn into hot coals meaning everything would soon fade to black.

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Alyssa had enjoyed herself too much, the date, the aftereffects. She was walking on cloud nine that night. Yet she knew every good thing must come to an end. As she knew they would be taking another quest the next day, she sighed and and stood, pulling on her clothes were she could help Kenny carry the things back to the hotel. "Thank you for tonight, really, it was amazing." With that and a kiss, they made their way back to the hotel to sleep for the next day.

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