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Travel From Oak to Seighart

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#1Amon Irving 

Travel From Oak to Seighart Empty on Tue May 30, 2017 10:31 pm

Amon Irving
The journey was to be a long and hard one, more so lonely than anything. In the past when Amon was to travel from town to town when working for The Watch he was accompanied by his handler Deno. However Amon was now on his own when traveling since they had released him from service. Amon made his way from his temporary safe house in oak to the oak city gates. Once he would arrive at the gates he would quickly be surrounded by the Rune Knights. The one who appeared to be in charge came within arms length and said "Sir you are under arrest for a number of crimes most of which involve helping the different crime families throughout the city."

Well wasn't this great Amon was about to be arrested just for trying to put some money in his pockets. Just as the lead Rune Knight took a step closer to Amon to prepare to put hand cuffs on him a voice in his head spoke out. "So you really gonna let these losers take you in so easily? Its ok kid I got you covered!" the voice would say in a dark mysterious voice. Suddenly Amon would allow the guard to take another step, making him the perfect length for Amon to take his sword and behead the man.

All that could be seen is blood flying and squirting all about and the man's head leaving his shoulders and going into the air then onto the ground. The other guards didn't even hesitate when they moved in to capture Amon. The voice would speak to him again and say "Relax kid let me handle this. You can just go take a nap or something..." And it was that moment when everything would go black for Amon. When Amon would regain control he would be about a hour away from Seighart. The town was in clear view and all that was on Amon's mind was how did he get here so fast.

After looking at himself a little bit he would see that his hands and clothes were covered in blood, and thats how he knew what had happened. The voice would speak to him once again and say "You could say thanks next time I save you kid. You're lucky we share a body otherwise I would have let those guys arrest you." Amon let out a sigh as he made his way down the path and into Seighart.

WC 418/400

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