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White Claudia[Quest: Amon]

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#1Amon Irving 

White Claudia[Quest: Amon] Empty on Tue May 30, 2017 10:15 pm

Amon Irving
Amon was spending his last day in Oak as he was preparing to leave town before things got too uncomfortable for him. What is meant by that is he has been having a lot of close calls lately. The first was when he was chased by the Rune Knights when he was doing a job, and the second was when he was nearly lost his cool when doing a job for the Montellos and almost killed a rival family member. All these events had made Amon decide he was going to move onto a another town and find work somewhere else. As he packed up his bags to leave his safe house and whatever he couldn't carry behind he had recieved a letter from the the man known as Dr. Stephans, the man who Amon spray painted his shop, also the same man who Amon once did a job for not too long ago.

The letter didn't say much only that Dr. Stephan needed Amon's help testing some of his new serum. Amon figured there was no better way to spend his last day in town rather than to go get some extra cash from the doctor. He was hoping that Dr. Stephan didn't know it was him who spray painted the Montellos crest on the side of his building a few days ago. Regardless of any of this Amon would make his way to Dr. Stephans magic shop located in the center of Oak town. Once Amon entered he would wave to the doctor and give him a plain sounding "Yo." As soon as Amon came in the doctor would immediately stand up from his chair and come from behind the counter. "Hello young man quickly go into the backroom I will be coming in right behind you!"

Amon simply shrugged as he made his way into the room and the good Dr. Stephans came in right behind him. In the room there was nothing but 4 walls a light hanging from the ceiling and a single chair that looked like it could be used for interrogation. The chair had straps to restrain whoever sat in it and many scratch and bite marks from what looked liked failed escape attempts. The doctor would look at Amon almost seeming tense really tense at that. "Are you ok Dr. Stephans? You usually dont act like this, or at least not when i'm around. I mean you just seem a little tense, well a lot of tense actually."

The doctor let out a sigh and said "Nothing to worry about dear boy now just sit down so I can go ahead and strap you down to the chair for the experiment." Amon would strip down to his underwear and then sit in the chair while the doctor strapped him in for what was bound to be a wild ride. After Amon was nice and secure within the chair Dr. Stephans began to explain what was going on. "Ok so I have this serum here and I need to test it on you. No need to worry I can promise you its 100% painless you wont feel a thing." The doctor would then load the serum into a syringe, as he prepared to inject Amon.

The doctor walked over to Amon and smiled as he put the needle up to his neck, and it was at that moment when Amon felt like this was all a mistake and struggled to get out the chair. "NO! STOP THIS NOW! LET ME GO YOU CRAZY DOCTOR!" All his screams were to no avail as it just made Dr. Stephans laugh harder as he pushed the needle into Amon's neck and pushed down on the plunger. The serum went into Amon's blood and began to take effect slowly but surely.

Out of nowhere the whole room began to shift about right before Amon's very eyes. First the walls made of nice solid brick began to fall off and then they revealed old rusty metal plates. These plates appeared to have some type of red liquid splattered all about them. Was it blood or maybe it was paint. Amon would never know because he was strapped down to this chair. Soon after the walls changed the ceiling and floor would go through the same thing, making the place look like a forgotten factory of sorts. Dr. Stephans was still standing there looking at Amon tied to the chair while he laughed. "You monster let me out of this before I kill."

However his threats meant nothing as right after he threatened to take the doctors life he began to transform into a monster, something you would only see in the movies. The doctors whole everything changed from that of a creepy older man into the of a monster who was about to end Amon's life. The monsteruos creature towered over Amon breathing heavily upon him. The monster would slowly drool upon Amon's head but it was strange the drool felt like acid due to the fact it began to burn and then chunks of hair began to fall from Amon's head. And then the monster opened his mouth wide as if he was about to take a big bite out of the young man and then bang he woke up.

Amon woke up from seemed like a nightmare on the floor of the magic shop's back room. Amon was drooling barely able to talk, feel, or even move. The doctor was standing in the corner watching as he layed there. He slowly shuffled over to Amon and left his payment for the experiment on the floor next to him, along with the key to the shop. "Take all the time you need to recover, just make sure you lock up my store when you are on your way out. Just leave the key under the mat outside and i'll get it in the morning."

WC: 1000/1000

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