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So This is Era?(Social)

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So This is Era?(Social) Empty on Tue May 30, 2017 4:10 pm

What was so interesting of this place? Maybe he could if he had found his older brother here ask him that, After all it was that very brother that wish to go here speaking so highly of this place wanting to live in Era and even work there. Waylon would slowly wonder and want to learn why. Since he did not have anyone else but himself here he would learn why and see how the city of Era is on his own, Who knows maybe fate would lead him to meet some one new, a friend would not be a bad thing for Waylon since he only really had one to think off that had stuck around.

He was lonely at times sure, But his mind never thought about it too much, the walks and the views of nature helped pass the time while he was out, some could think Waylon was nuts for how he managed, But a person who was use to being alone tends to feel home that way.

"I wonder, what there is to do here, what people eat here." Waylon mentioned to himself. Feeling lost in the streets, he had only done a few jobs here, he had no idea where to go or what was what around Era, He was like a small dog in a new home with wooden floors that he did not know how to walk on, could easily make Waylon nervous but it did not, Often being told by family he had to get out and learn, explore and figure out life some how...maybe just him leaving with out saying a word wasn't the best way to do it, Well at least he left a note which was good, Waylon would get hung by his mother and father, figuratively anyway he doubt anyone would actually hang him.

Nonetheless with traveling bag over his shoulder, He walks around aimlessly in the streets unsure what exactly and where exactly he was going, But Waylon would figure out eventually sometime soon.


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Sakama could not believe what had happened. Tori had run out on their date, leaving her nearly twenty minutes after they had begun playing. Was Sakama really that horrible of a person to be around? After leaving the bowling alley, Sakama had begun wandering the streets of Era, trying to find something else to do to ease her loneliness and complete boredom. There were plenty of people she could talk to in Era, yet none of them seemed interesting enough. Aside from the beautiful view of the mountains peeking over the trees at the edge of town, Era was nothing too interesting. She thought she had found a friend in Tori, maybe more, but with the way the girl had ran out on her...maybe she had come on too strong.

Noticing a man walking with a bag upon his back with hair and eyes blue like her own, she stopped and curiously watched the man for a moment. Was he a traveler? If so, why Era? It was a bit too populated for Sakama's taste, but to each their own. He looked a bit lost, so Sakama wandered over to him and cleared her throat. "You lost, man? I know Era can be a confusing place at first. You looking for something specific? Maybe I can be of assistance."


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Well this was interesting, Some one else with blue hair and blue eyes, his mind got him to wonder how many more people had the same features at him eyes and hair wise that weren't his older brother or older sister. Waylon being simple minded and lost in his thoughts almost forgot to answer. "Ahh I am actually, since I have not even the slightest idea anything about Era comming here on a whim to learn why a family member liked it so much, I traveled here by foot for alone time to see what is interesting here."

It was a bit long of a start he realized but he would get to the point. "What are the good places to go around here what is there to do?" Waylon asked, Thinking to himself that maybe he went on too much and looked slightly foolish, That or he was just really bad at this talking to people he has not met before. Both were possible options and thoughts. "Era is different from my home town of Marigold so there seems to be a lot for me to take into account knowing nothing here." Waylon just thought of something maybe basic. "Maybe i should just start with something to drink, Water would do nicely or tea only two things i really drink and i did not bring anything to carry water with or any tea with me just food." Waylon was referencing his back pack, Sure it was all simply packed sandwiches and other assorted things that would last long for the trip and could be eaten quickly.

"I am open to anything you can suggest really, As long as i really do not end up lost in the end i am happy."
Waylon was trying to be easy going and polite as her normally did which was just him, it was good he was at least trying to talk when he normally unsure and avoided it but he remembered being told he need to just do it anyway.


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Sakama nodded at the man, looking out among the numerous buildings that inhabited Era. "Well, as for water or tea...any restaurant here. I suggest the little one there." She pointed at a building a few down from the spot they were standing. "The best tea in town. You should honestly really travel with water on you. It is beginning to get to hot for long journeys without hydration. As for other things around Era...well I just came from a bowling alley." She shrugged. "There is honestly not much here other than that...at least that I know of. I have only been here a few times myself and I am not exactly someone who enjoys crowds...or really people in general, so I do not get out much." She said. The man had mentioned Marigold was his home, somewhere else she had not been many times in her short existence. "Yes, Oak is different from many places, but it is an experience. If you are looking for places to stay, most hotels are on the north side of town. Jobs can be found posted on certain boards near town square." Though Sakama did not like people much, she found herself taking pleasure in helping the man out.


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So far it was as he expect just a bit bigger, Then again Waylon had no idea what to expect the size of this place. Then again he had no idea the size of Era when he traveled here he just came here, It was the down side of him traveling randomly with out looking into anything, Waylon needed to plan his trips better, Or find better ways to learn areas aside from explaining maybe have a map, or something helpful. "Well I guess I have that problem too of not knowing how to speak to people or awkwardness." Waylon seemed to pause to think."Or unsure around people normally." Waylon was trying to word it that he understood that feeling but his mind was failing at it.

It was his normal slightly slow social down fall but hopefully it did not mess up the current situation. "You think an ice mage would remember some kind of water for the hot times of the year huh? I guess that am just slightly too forgetful." Waylon seemed to laugh mostly at himself, which was something he knew he could always do was laugh at himself.

"My only experience is a few night jobs, I could not tell too well were i was at the time but it was mostly outskirts and such so maybe it is why i do not remember too well."
yet again his mind was not working for him connecting what was what for the city.

"I have not been to Oak yet, then there are a few places I have yet to go too." He was learning the places one at a time, Maybe when he was done exploring and learning about the places around him he would remember the names. "But thank you for the information its been helpful." He smiled nicely while saying thank you. "But since i have no other plans." Waylon figured why not do something with the person he just met. "Would you like to do something? After all you have told of what is around here but to me with out some one to join me feels slightly pointless."Waylon asked and waited.


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Sakama shrugged, she had nothing else to do and was completely down in the dumps about being ran out on during her date. Boy, that was the last time she ever tried getting with someone. "Sure," She said quietly. "What would you like to do? It is Era, there are many things to do and many places to explore." Though Sakama only barely knew the town, she had spent a fair amount of time looking around and getting to know the area. Depending on what the man wanted to do, she could most likely lead them somewhere that would fit their needs. She had not spent time with another person around Era in a while, and she did not count her bowling trip, she would honestly forget it if she could.


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He did not think that far, after all Waylon was not a planner either, Maybe it was a good thing he was not picky either he did have the go with the flow mind set and he was not picky. "Hmmm.."He thought about it. "I am no picky generally, So I will ask what are thing you would like to do?"

He just mentioned it was an attempt to learn what she liked to do, Then again He also realized he never told her his name. "And so i am not a stranger. My name is Waylon." He was always told by his mother and father mention that and have manners."But yes I am personally not picky, I just tend to either end up drinking tea or swimming when i get the chance too, I am always open for new ideas." Waylon mentioned he wanted to see what she wanted to do, so far with how she seemed to far Waylon did not mind her company.

Any ideas that might be done with them would be move eventually then anything else currently Waylon would do. It would be less boring and less lonely for him, Then again Waylon also hoping he did not screw anything up here his mind was paranoid to that.


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Sakama began thinking about what they could do in the small town. Her mind racing as she tried to think of something as she was put on the spot. "My name is Sakama. I apologize, again I do not have very many encounters with people. If you would like tea, we could go to the shop there." She pointed a little ways down the street to a family owned diner. To her, they served the best tea and coffee. "It seems you need to rest and re-hydrate as it is. If you would like to do something else afterwards, I am sure we can think of something." Sakama had stated the idea, now it was up to the man if he actually wanted to do it or not.


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Tea sounded find to Waylon well then again he was just going follow anyway."Sure sounds lovely."mostly not being picky again. "My treat I'll pay, Since that place sounds good enough to me."Waylon also mentioned that right away. At least they came to a choice of what to do Waylon could have came up with something sure but he wanted to know more about this person since he was intending to be around her."If this place has various options it would be good."Stating simple things seems to be what Waylon can do, that or falling on his face sometimes.

"Sakama eh? pretty nice name."
Waylon has yet to meet some one with a name he didn't like, he doubt he would anyway but he could proven wrong at sometime maybe, Waylon just had to make sure compliments didn't get too weird, mostly because how does one give compliments he tried but was clueless if they were good or not, Waylon tried anyway.

But with the starting ground, Waylon started walking toward were she pointed with a content smile on his face. "Anything other then just simple sandwiches are better right now." He would not be picky just anything was better then the sandwiches he made, but he was in a rush to travel so he made them quickly."Then again, it was take it or starve when it came to food with my family." He laughed slightly about it, just not having a single worry for the moment. "What kind of food do you enjoy Sakama?"Waylon would ask to attempt to keep talking going between the both of them.

Waylon while walking stretched out slightly mostly because he felt like he needed to and that he stopped slouching while he walked as well it helped for a moment.


So This is Era?(Social) Empty on Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:15 pm

Feeling a longing dread closing in upon her and her lingering hate for people begin to return, Sakama remembered she could not let herself get close to another person. Her past came flying back to her as a wave of depression hit her. Everyone left her, everyone, including the blonde she had met and thought she had a chance with. Sighing, Sakama realized she was not in the mood for much of a social event. Thinking of an excuse quickly, she looked at the man with an apologetic smile.

"I do apologize, sir. I am feeling a bit sick and I believe it would be better if I did not eat and just hurried home." It was simple and kind, not that she would need to be kind in the days to come. She had decided her own fate. She was tired of people leaving, maybe she herself, should leave. Gathering her belongings, she trekked away from the man, waving. "Maybe I'll see you again." She knew it was a lie.

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Waylon just seemed to quietly wave good bye keep his expression normal and such. He seemed peaceful content and happy."Alright I will hopefully see you again." most likely feel on deaf ears but Waylon would still try and be nice about it, It was in his nature too not matter what really. Waylon would then just explore off on his own after all not much else to do besides that now. Unless he met some one else but he highly doubted that, No Matter maybe eventually he would find something else to do, But it was good to have that small amount of people experience.

"Hopefully She does get better."
Waylon also mentioned and kept to himself about, since there was no one else to talk too. Waylon would have no idea he never did, Time alone just seemed normal to him each time that passed, He just traveled more and more to different areas alone, Arisa gone sometimes Made Waylon a bit more unsure what to do. He realized he used her as a sort of mental fall back of help when it came to social problems, But it was a fear he realized he needed to win over, what else was he to do? become a tea seller? Join a guild? become a nameless person in the background? All these were left to wounder to him while he was roaming around. After all he had no idea what else he could do to learn of the area.


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