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Sign Me Up | Snowflake

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#1Venus Rosé 

Sign Me Up | Snowflake Empty Tue May 30, 2017 10:57 am

Venus Rosé

The Hargeon Beach was much more crowded than Snow had expected, perhaps due to the warm weather and approaching season towards summer. Families, children and couples – young and old alike, flooded over the sandy beaches while adolescents played beach ball among their peers. Cheers and laughter could be heard throughout the entire coast as people splashed into the water. The young girl closed her eyes briefly, feeling the cool breeze from the sea caress her face. Through her nose, she smelt the fragrance of sea that lingered in the air. Scrunching her toes, she could feel the softness of the sand, still damp from the retreating tide.

Snow was dressed in a white bikini, one that matches the colour of her hair. Her blue hues were free from the black cloth that would normally wrap around her eyes. Young men that passed by her would throw a few glances at her and their cheeks would flush from embarrassment. She fixed the hair-band on her head and began walking into the water. The incoming tide whisked away the sand and pebbles that were collected by the coast and washed over her bare feet. The water was cold, even when the sun was blaring. Slowly, she submerged into the water while her limbs began to get carried by the water currents. She laid upon the surface on the water, her body floating as she stared up at the blue sky. Clouds raced over the cobalt sky and she loved how fast they go, over the blazing yellow orb and other puffs of white cushions.

Her legs attempted to reach for the bottom of the sea bed, but to no avail due to her short height. Kicking her legs underneath, she tried to stay afloat on the water as the waves carried her further way from the shore, away from the rest of the people. A large wave towered above her before washing her away. The salt from the sea soon encrusted her dark eyelashes and she could taste it over her cracked lips. She dove under the sea and fluttered her eyes open just to close it immediately after her eyes got stung by the seawater. Snow remained underwater for as long as she could and came back onto the surface onto to gasp for her. Her lungs threatened to burst out of her ribcage and pounded against her chest like a drum.

Snow began to swim back towards the coast since she wasn’t supposed to stay in the water for so long. After all, she was an android. Droplets of water cascaded down her body, silver hair drenched wet and had turned into a darker shade of grey. Head turned into her direction and girls admired at her body while men ogled at her large assets. She ignored the stares and some furious glares from the girlfriends of some men as she strode past them. Each step she took, her feet would sink into the sand, like walking on foam as she placed her full weight down on the ground.

In a distance, a familiar figure stood tall gazing out into the sea. Muscles protruded from his bulky arms and his chest was broad and wide. The blonde hair, she wouldn’t mistake it with anyone else and it was no other than Jay Holiday. Grabbing a towel that she had purposely dropped on the ground, she wrapped it around herself to dry off her wet body. Upon reaching the outdoor gym, she approached Jay who seemed to be looking troubled. She gave him a gentle pat on his back causing him to turn around to face him.

”Oh, Snow! Perfect timing. I really need your help.”

And thus, he went on about how he needed someone to sign up for a registration, solely for weightlifters. Apparently, he is too busy with training the entire day which is why he required some assistance. The location was on the far end of the beach and he wasn’t sure if he would make it in time.

”If you aren’t sure, why’re you asking me to do it?”

Then, he continued to beg until she had no choice but to accept his request. Since the deadline was at sunset, Snow had to run all the way to her destination to make it in time. Despite how she was running out of time, children playing along the beach, drunk teens and elderly people seemed to be preventing her from arriving in time. After she reached the registration place, Snow bent over, her hands resting on her knees as she inhaled huge gasps of air. Beads of sweat cascaded down her temple and forehead and onto her neck while she struggled to breathe. Her eyes glided over to the horizon. She had just made in time. A long sigh of relief escaped her lips and her eyes fluttered close for a moment.

In front of her was a long line of weightlifters, their height meters above her and their size almost way too colossal. Being the odd one out, she stood among them while still in her bikini and a towel wrapped around her waist. She maintained a good distance between herself and the rest of the queue, not wanting to get close to the men covered entirely in sweat. Even some of them continued to work out, lifting up dumbbells in their hands while still in the midst of queuing up. It did not take her long until it was her turn and the man who was responsible of writing down the information of the participants stared up at her from head to toe with an eyebrow raised as if he was questioning her the reason as to why she was here.

”I’m signing up for Jay Holiday.”

She muttered and the man parted his lips into an ‘ah’ shape as if he finally understood the reason and noted down his information. After she was done, she decided to return back to the beach right away since she had left her clothes and came out in a bikini in a hurry.


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