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Gang Tension[Quest: Amon]

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#1Amon Irving 

Gang Tension[Quest: Amon] Empty on Tue May 30, 2017 1:50 am

Amon Irving
Amon was glad to be back working for the Montellos and away from that crazy doctor that he just finished doing a job for. He made his way down the streets of Oak and as he did so he caught a few strange and evil looks from other citizens was it possible he was slowly making a name for himself. Even if that was the case he couldnt be worried about such trivial things at this moment he had a job to go do. He would walk up to the Montello family home and he would be met by none other than Remy, Martin's younger brother.

This was the brother Amon worked with first and the one Amon preferred because he was more kind and respectful than Martin. "Hello Amon nice to be working with you again. This job will be much easier than the work my brother had you doing I promise." Amon scoffed a bit as he said "I have no problem with hard work, as long as I am well compensated for whatever I do Remy." Amon and Remy would then begin to discuss what Amon would be doing this time around. "Ok so basically youre gonna take this spray paint and this stencil of our family's crest and go paint our crest on the competition's businesses. Simple right?"

Amon would nod his head agreeing to the notion that the task was very simple. Remy would then give him a map which showed where all the opposing family's businesses were. And so Amon took the stencil and the spray paint and he made his way to the first location, a bar that was called "Magic and Spirits. The name was pretty nice however the building's design wasn't too good seeing as the name of the bar was painted on the wall by the front door. So Amon decided to spray paint the crest right over the name of the bar. That was one location down and only 2 more to go.

The next stop was a magic shop funny enough it was the same magic shop where Amon had just tested out magic hexes for the owner. It was rather funny how one day Amon was helping him and the next he was defacing his shop with the Montello family crest. Amon made his way to the side of the building to begin painting the crest when the owner came outside to smoke a cigarette. This obviously made Amon slow down with his plan and he would leave and decided to go spray paint a different target. So now he would make his way to the next place on the list which was a fine dining restaurant.

Once Amon had got there he would begin to scout out the place since this was a rather big building. He wanted to find a spot where the crest would be seen the most and where he could put it on without being seen very easily. After a scan of the building he found a very good spot. It was close to the front door so almost any and everybody could see it however when hhe would be placing it down not many would be able to see him doing it.

Amon would creep his way towards the front corner of the building which is close to the front door. The wall space was in the neighboring alley but so was the door practically which is why he choose that spot. Amon could hear the voices of all the people inside the place as he would spray paint the crest with a nice bold white paint. The wall was a dark red brick so this white stood out a whole lot. Now that the crest was on the building Amon thought maybe he should go back and try to place one on the magic shop yet again. However this wasn't in the plans as he would get caught by the local rune knights as he was finishing up here.

A chase started as soon as Amon was aware of them. They chased Amon down the streets and down a alley with a dead end. Amon was now backed into a corner by 2 guards, when suddenly a scream could be heard. "Help those 2 guys just stole my purse. And just like that the guards who were chasing Amon had no choice but to take off running to stop the purse snatchers. After the knights ran off the women came into the alley entrance and yelled to Amon "Quickly run away and finish the task Remy has assigned to you." That made it obvious that the Montellos were helping Amon by getting the Rune Knights off his back so he could continue to work.

Now back at the magic shop it was late at night now, so the place was closed up and the doctor had left for the night. However word must have gotten to the crime family that someone was defacing their properties and so they said a overnight watch detail for the building. They were no more than some lowly street punks and they would be easy to take out. Amon would sneak up behind the thugs who were making casual conversation and with 2 swift punches 1 to each of their temples he knocked them out cold.

This left the place empty and ready to be tagged with the crest. After Amon was done he would walk back to the Montellos where he was greeted by Remy right outside. "Hello sir we were waiting for you. We had no idea such a task would take you all day and half the night." Amon sighed "Yeah sorry about that things got a little tricky but I think imma leave town for a while." Remy looked a little sad as he handed Amon his payment "Yes I understand I heard you got into it with the Rune Knights. In any case I hope to see you again soon."

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