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Experimental Hexes[Quest: Amon]

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#1Amon Irving 

Experimental Hexes[Quest: Amon] Empty on Tue May 30, 2017 1:12 am

Amon Irving
Amon has yet again been tasked with doing yet another bad guy’s evil deeds. This time his contact has gotten him involved in some real shady stuff, Amon didn’t really wanna take the task but money is money and Amon really needed the money. This guy appeared to be a regular magic shop owner here in Oak who made a honest living, even though his store didn’t get many customers. The truth was that this man was really deep into the underground trading network trading any and everything with dark mages for the right price. This wasn’t something Amon was very fond of but hell even he was considered a dark mage to many. The man needed to keep up public appearances and he obviously didn’t wanna look suspicious by closing his shop for a day so he was paying anyone to go and test out 2 new hexes he had made. Word had gotten to Amon’s contact and he told Amon and that put us in our current situation.

Amon walked the streets making his way to the magic shop so that he could talk to the shop keep who wanted him to test these hexes on whatever poor sap. Once Amon arrived at the shop the man smiled at the sight of him. “Please do come in Mr. Irving and close the door and put the lunch sign up for me.” Amon did as the man wished and put the sign up and would say after “So whats this you want me to do exactly? All Deno said was that I was supposed to be testing out some hexes or something.” The man would move from behind the counter and walk closer to Amon with a piece of paper in hand and say “That’s exactly what you’re doing my boy! Take this paper and use these two hexes on any random person out on the streets. All you have to do is say the word and bam they will activate. So just go use them on someone and report back to me how they do, now hurry up and get out before someone sees us.” The man would then hand Amon the paper with the hexes on it and then push him out the door.

So now Amon was out of the shop with one very simple goal and that is to test out both the hexes and the report back. Amon wandered the streets for at least an hour before he decided on who he would use the first hex on. His target was a middle aged man probably in his early thirties. The man was wearing a suit and tie and carried a brief case so he was obviously a business man. Amon spoke the word on the paper “Stimuli” he would say while looking at the man and then suddenly the word would disappear from the paper. Once the word disappeared the man would immediately drop his briefcase almost as if it was hurting his hand. This was a good sign as the hex was supposed to make the person who was effected by it extra sensitive to any external stimuli. Amon figured he would watch the man for a while longer o see if the effects last a whole hour like the old man said they would. After about a half an hour Amon thought he would conduct a test of his own by seeing how the man would react to someone else touching him. So Amon would approach him and begin to converse with the afflicted man. Just off body language and facial expressions alone you could tell the man didn't want to be bothered but he tried to hide the pain behind his smile and charisma. That was until Amon put his hand on the man's shoulder and he let out a loud yell of pain as he would drop to his knees. This was good enough for Amon as he would confirm that the hex had indeed worked. Amon would then walk away leaving the man on the ground in pain.

It was now time to find another target this time for the second hex. This one was supposed to make the target lose use of their legs at least that's what the instructions the doctor left said. Amon again scouted the streets in search for the perfect test subject when he found a nice young lady to use it on. she appeared to be a body builder who had very strong and toned legs. She was perfect because of how muscular her legs were, because if the hex could make her fall it could make anyone fall. Amon looked at the paper to find the hex's activation word and when he found it he would say it out loud. "Decrepify" he said as the word would then disappear and soon after the word left the paper the woman body builder would fall down to her knees. She stood about about two minutes later but she was only capable of walking very slowly and with a limp at that. You could tell that with every step she took she would get weaker and weaker. Amon would then conduct his insurance test by going over to the woman and pretending to be a concerned citizen and asking her what was wrong. After helping the woman home and putting her on the couch he would then make his way back to the magic shop so that he could report his result to the doctor.

Once he made it to the shop he would walk into its doors and tell the doctor everything went just as he said they would. The doctor was extremely happy with the results of the tests and smiled very strangely. "Thank you lad for your help, now please leave my shop before someone thinks I had anything to do with those nasty hexes you placed on those people."

WC 1001/1000

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