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Crash the Cash House[Quest: Amon]

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#1Amon Irving 

Crash the Cash House[Quest: Amon] Empty on Tue May 30, 2017 12:00 am

Amon Irving
Amon was still in Oak trying to make some cash before he moved onto the next town. Again his contacts from his old organization set up another job for him, again he would be working for the same crime family however instead of the brother who seemed to be second in commend this time he would be working for the head honcho himself. Only this time the job wasn’t as simple as cleaning up some dead bodies. This time the job required Amon to raid a cash house of a rival crime family, steal the money, and then after that burn the place down. Amon was more than prepared for such a thing, after all Amon used to do stuff like this every day. Amon was instructed by his contact to meet Martin out front of the Martello family house. When Amon arrived he was met by Martin who would make his introduction and give a brief recap of what Amon was to do. “So you sure you can handle this kid?” Amon would swiftly shake his head with a nod and would say “Don’t call me kid… say that to young people you don’t ask for help, old man.” Amon’s comments made Martin irrated just a bit but he would then give Amon a map to where the cash house was while saying “Try not to get lost or die.” As he would then walk away.

Armed with nothing more than a map, his magic, and his brains Amon would begin trekking his way through the busy streets of Oak making his way towards the cash house. Amon followed the map and the route drawn on it to the T, making no deviations in his route what so ever. He would arrive at a rather isolated and deserted part of the town. A lot of the buildings around here were abandoned and empty, at least they were to the naked eye. The reality was that most of the buildings were being used for stash houses, secret shady meetings, or just the homeless looking for shelter. After walking through this part of town for about five minutes Amon found the building that he was looking for, the building was an old deserted diner. From what Amon knew about the town this place used to be really popular that was until the owners got an offer to move to a bigger and better location in Era. Amon would scout out the place for a few hours as he would wait for an opportunity to present itself. He waited and watched from the shadows as the two guys who were sitting on the place counted money and watched tv.

After about 3 hours Amon’s opening was about to come as he watched as the 2 men left and began to head towards the more populated part of the city from where Amon had come from hours ago. Amon would then go to make his move as he would make his way into the deserted diner and begin to look around. He looked in all the obvious hiding spots he could think of in hopes that he would find the money. He looked in the fridge, in the air ducts, in the bathroom stalls, he even looked under the sink and found nothing. Things weren’t looking too good for the mission and they looked even less good when Amon heard a voice right outside the diner door while he was inside. Amon quickly scattered looking for a place to hide, he would decide on the deep freezer. Luckily for him the whole building was deprived of power excluding the TV and mini fridge the thugs had hooked up to a generator. It turned out that the thugs watched the cash house in shifts with a 20 minute break in between each shift. Which in short meant that Amon was gonna be stuck in that deep freezer for another 5 hours while he waited for them to switch shifts again.
Amon was sleep most of the 5 hours, surprisingly the deep freezer was the perfect size for him to be comfortable. However he would wake up whenever he heard the thugs talking to each other for the most part they were just talking about how much money it was, or some dumb show they saw on tv. They actually had a very personal heart to heart at some point, but the conversation that caught Amon’s attention was right before the shift change when they discussed where they would hide the money. “I told the boss we should hide the money somewhere else. Its so obvious its under the floor tiles you can just look at them and tell they are out of place.” One thug would say. The other would reply with “Oh stop complaining does it really matter? Its not like its our money I wouldn’t even care if it disappeared.” The two would then leave which left Amon twenty minutes before the next shift would come.

Amon jumped out of the freezer and looked at all the floor tiles to see which one they hid the money under. And just like the thug earlier had said it was very obvious looking but im sure they thought no average person would dare take their stash even if they knew it was here. So Amon took the bag of money and would now go to burn down the building. Using his magic he would overload the fuse box which would cause a big enough blast to catch the building on fire. Amon would pump as much electricity as possible into the device unto the sound of crackling electricity was heard and then a loud boom bang followed, and soon after that the flames spread. As the building would burn Amon would make his exit and with the money bag and make his way back to the populated main street. Once he got into the crown one of Martin’s men would tap him on the shoulder and whisper to Amon asking for the bag. Amon would remove the bag from his shoulder and the man would take it and seeming disappear into the crowd.

WC: 1038/1000

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