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Clean Up Crew [Quest: Amon]

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#1Amon Irving 

Clean Up Crew [Quest: Amon]  Empty on Tue May 30, 2017 2:15 am

Amon Irving
Amon woke up in his safe house a place where he was calling home at this point. He had ghotten the money for it from The Watch, the organization he had previously worked for before they released him. Even though he was no longer working for them he still kept some of his old contacts from inside the organization. He would have been dumb to give up on the contacts especially considering how much they did for him. However his true reason for keeping his contacts was because they helped provide him with a constant stream of income, something he would need to survive in this world. The day before today he was approached by one of his contacts who gave him a job, a rather simple one but it paid well. Amon was to meet a man by the name of Remy and help him with some gang stuff or whatever. Amon didn’t pay much attention to the details because he needed the money and he was willing to do whatever.

Amon would arrive on the streets of oak wearing his normal civilian clothes which consisted of a white button down collard shirt and some black slacks. He was told to meet Remy on the street by a local coffee shop called “The Greatest Brew” honestly the name was rather misleading or confusing or at least that’s how Amon felt. A few minutes went by as Amon stood by the shop waiting, and suddenly Remy the man he had been waiting for had approached him. Honestly Amon was expecting someone a bit different looking seeing as this guy was supposed to be some type of gangster of whatever. But regardless of that the two would make introductions and then they would start to walk and talk with Remy explaining the situation in detail to Amon.

“So our crew got into a little brawl with another crime family. Both sides took losses more of their guys than ours but we still took losses. So the bodies are in this building up ahead and its 10 of them. Basically I just need help cleaning this shit up. Im gonna go out back and chop the other familiy’s men up and I just need you to bring the bodies outside. But im also gonna need you to bring my guy’s bodies out wrapped up in some sheets or something, those are gonna get picked up so they can have a proper burial. Ah we’re here so lets get this started im going out back.”

And just like that the two had arrived at the building and the operation would start. Amon was tasked with helping clean up dead bodies a easy job sure but a bad smelling one definitely. The smell of old blood and rotting flesh smelt terrible, but this was nothing new for Amon. To start he took off his white shirt which revealed his bare chest and put on some black leather gloves. After that he would begin to look at the bodies and think to himself in which order should he take them out, Remy’s men first or the opposing side first. Remy only had three guys so Amon thought it best to wrap them up and take them outside for pick up first. Amon found some heavy duty black trash bags laying around, it was a construction site after all. He had taken three of the bags and one by one he would place one of Remy’s guys in a bag.

Once all three of them were in a bag and tied up in a nice knot, Amon would pick one up and take them outside to Remy. Remy seen Amon bringing out the bags and asked “Why you put them in bags I still need to cut th---….” He was cut off by Amon who said “No these are your guys, remember you said you wanted to get their bodies picked up so they could get a proper burial.” Remy then made a shocked face and said “I apologize and thank you for putting them in a back and not just dragging their bodies out here in this alley. Please do continue with your work.” Once all three of Remy’s men were outside a truck would pull into the alley. It was an associate of Remy’s and he had come to pick up their dead friends and take them to their families or wherever they would go. Amon loaded the bags filled with bodies onto the truck and then watched as it drove off. Now it was time to start carrying out the other 7 bodies to get cut into many small pieces.

There were 7 bodies that had to get dragged out into the alley and cut up. Amon would pick up the bodies one by one using the rescue carry, a hold which consist of the body being thrown over the shoulder and carried. It helped to make carrying the bodies easier and faster. Amon gave the first body to Remy and watched as he went crazy with that axe of his. All the blood and organs that came flying out of the body was insane, however Amon had seen much much worse working for The Watch. And so after loading the body parts into a bag, he would go and bring the other 6 bodies out one at a time and do the same thing for each one until all 7 of the opposing gang members bodies was cut up and placed into 2 huge trash bags.

After they were finished Amon would take off his gloves and throw them in one of the bags filled with body parts. He would then exchange final words with Remy who would say “Thanks with the help cleaning up, as we discussed I will send your payment to our mutual friend who will then give it to you. And thanks again my associate will be here soon to grab me and these bags.” Amon would nod to the man as he would walk away and say “Yeah no problem.”

WC: 1024/1000

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