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Thinking Time [Manzo]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Thinking Time [Manzo] Empty on Mon May 29, 2017 7:06 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn held nothing against anyone for what happened to her in the past. Drowning out everyone passing her by, Hans was at home, her newly founded twin brother was doing alchemy, and Hikaru...she had not a clue. That man always worried her, but the redhead had grown tired of it. The neko was too pissed off to care about herself getting wet seeing that it was about to storm. Era was sometimes a lonely place during those times of rain. Everything just sounded so hallow you could hear a pen drop. The sky above was growing a purple-gray color much like her current mood. Loud thunder cracked causing her to look up and not flinch. "Rain is coming..shit" she whispered.

She continued past the abandon park, the one she used to play in as a kid. Ivy vines grew onto the old fence and sign that said "Danger" on it. LeeAnn knew it was dangerous only because of the creatures that lied behind this road. A small place she found when she was a kid. Often times, this small place was her secret. No one knew about it except for Hikaru and Hans. The memories flew back of a small little redhead running along this old beaten path. Her long red hair flown with the wind as she dashed to the special place. Many times it was to escape from her mother. After so much suffering, why would she still want to find her? Leeann could not answer that question that lingered.

The redhead stopped in the path coming across an old abandon railroad. This used to be alive at one point until the new tracks were put in. A sudden urge told the crimson to start running. Slowly she started to jog then an old feeling told screamed at her to run. Run for her life. Her black boots caused dust to emerge from her steps. "Run. Thats all I knew years ago. These legs know too well, but what am I running from" she thought. She saw the place seeing a small cavern in a side of a hill. It was dark so Leeann created a torch and lit it with fire. She carefully stepped into the cavern. It had been years since she was last here. Echoes of her boots carefully clobbered through hte walls.. It was dark until she came to see a body of water that was glowing with a blue aura. Sure she was scared of water, but this was something she loved to see. "Its been a while" she said. Though she saw someone else here and it could be Hikaru or Hans. The scent was not either one of theirs. The Neko could not place her finger on it.

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