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Era Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Travel]

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Era Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Travel] Empty on Sun May 28, 2017 2:04 pm

Hargeon was nice and all, but as usual what really brought Geb there were the jobs. There was tons of work for dark mages in Hargoen, and last time Geb was there he got tons done. but he was certain that he wasn't done yet, and the people in Hargeon were still in need of his help. That was something he had to take advantage of, for the money of course. So, he grabbed Gallent, or, not really, after all one couldn't really pick up a munchlax without breaking their back. But, the two of them set their course for Hargeon town. It was a long, treacherous journey that would take them quite the while. Two whole days, in fact! Geb had to sleep in an inn at the halfway point, where Gallent had to eat a bunch of stuff all night, causing Geb to have troubles falling asleep - it was pretty crazu actually. However, the next day, the two got to Hargeon just as night fell, and thus went to sleep peacefully. The next morning, they'd be up and ready to go and do some work. Geb wondered how that smuggler was doing, maybe he still needed some help? Hopefully!



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