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Wandering the Streets [Kenny]

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Wandering the Streets [Kenny] Empty on Sat May 27, 2017 9:19 pm

Upon the completion of their last quest, Alyssa and Kenny had traveled back to the hotel to clean up. Arcane had immediately ran to his food dish and began eating while Alyssa stripped off her blood covered clothes and threw them in a trash bag to get rid of them. She showered quickly, trying to scrub the dried blood off of her ivory skin before getting out and drying off, dressing in a new pair of jeans and another tank top. She had noticed she was running low on clothes and shoes now. It was time for her to go shopping, and she was going to drag Kenny with her. Maybe he would let her get him some clothes as well. Though she preferred him with as little clothes on as possible, she enjoyed seeing him dressed in finer things. Maybe she could get him some more comfortable button downs and ties. She enjoyed seeing him in ties. Her mind wandered off to alternate reasons for getting him ties...such as uses in the bedroom.

Shaking her head to clear the naughty thoughts, she made her way out of the bathroom to find Kenny. She smiled once she saw him. "Hey hot stuff, we are going out so get ready. We both need some new clothes." She said. Arcane jumped up, hearing that they were going out and Alyssa laughed. "Maybe we can even get Arcane something. He's been helping a lot lately. He deserves a treat."


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When they got back to the hotel room the two of them were covered in blood and grime from the job before. Kenny, not too bothered by the drying blood opened up the fridge and got himself a beer. Staying so close to the pub had it’s perks, he didn’t have to go too far for a drink. Beer in hand he stretched his arms and legs and sat on the couch adjacent to their night stand. He kicked his feet up and relaxed, all of the jobs they had been doing were taking a lot out of him, mostly because he had been waking up early and cutting his hours in bed down to what must have been a less than seven hours. Add in whenever they did the deed and he was peeking at four hours of sleep at most. It was worth it though, getting to spend time with her was well worth the sleep deprivation, but now it was time for a nice nap. He yawned and laid his head back. His eyes drifted shut and he placed the beer on the night stand, nothing could interrupt his nap, and now he could catch up on some much needed Zs.

He began snoring lightly, he was just about to sleep when she came out of the bathroom and caught his attention, “Y-yes dear? Shopping? Wha?” he shook his head, yawned, “But beautiful, wouldn’t you rather take a nice nap with me for now? Maybe just an hour or two? Three or four. I mean yes, yes, shopping… I’ll just be here… Asleep.” he nodded off and began snoozing.


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Alyssa crossed her arms and tried to think of a way to get the man up. Climbing onto his lap while he laid there, she placed a kiss against his chest. "Come on, please? We won't be gone long. We can even get some food. Then we can come back and sleep all night, I promise." She said with puppy dog eyes, hoping it would do something to sway him. She ran her fingers through his hair and laid down on his chest. "You need new clothes anyway. I have plans for you that need to be set into action." Standing up, she walked towards the door. "Or I'll just go by myself. I'm sure there will be another nice young gentleman willing to carry my bags for me." She shrugged.


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Kenny woke up once again when she got on his lap and laid on his chest. First the puppy dog eyes made his defenses melt, “New clothes?” he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, then she brought up someone else helping her with her bags, “Wait, wait, I’m up.” he raised his head, “Let’s shop, yeah!” he rubbed this eyes and shook the sleep off. There was no use in fighting it, he couldn’t resist and hey maybe it’d work out in his favor. He didn't want any clothes, but maybe, just maybe he could get to see her in the changing room while he carried her bags. “Yeah, let’s go dear.” when she got off of him he would stand up and stretched again.

“So, where are we going to first? And what kinda clothes do you have in mind for me?”


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Alyssa happily took the man's hand, leading him out into the streets of Oak. Arcane followed them about two feet behind. "I'm thinking of a little shop I saw the other day first. And for you...I want to get you some nice clothes. Button downs, ties, all that stuff. We can get you some jeans too, of course." She said. Pulling him into the store, Alyssa began searching around for herself. She found a couple shirts and some jeans before looking at clothes for Kenny. She found a lang sleeve button down that looked comfortable enough. She pulled Kenny back to the dressing room. Making sure there were no employees around, she pulled him in and began stripping to try on the clothes.


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Kenny followed along, he did his best to keep up, but he was still too tired and was moving rather sluggishly. “Button downs? But I-” he didn’t get to protest, she lead him to a store on the corner. It seemed it was similar to the tailor he had seen in Era though it was a bit bigger. Back to her choice in clothes for him, he didn’t exactly like jeans or anything of the sort, but for her he would wear whatever she brought him out. He watched her pick some things up and before he could mumble so much as a word she took him to the back of the store and into a dressing room. He didn’t expect to be having some fun so early, though he did quickly remember that they were here to try on clothes. He sat on the chair in the room and watched her strip, “Am I getting my own little strip show?” he joked crossing his arms with a wide grin.


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Alyssa gave the man a smile and bit her lip as she pulled her shirt off. "Yeah, guess you do." She said with a smirk. She quickly tried on the clothes and found they all fit well. She began reaching for Kenny's clothes, pulling off his shirt to make him try on his own clothes. As he put on the button down, Alyssa couldn't help but stare at his chest. Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself. "Seems like it fits." With that, she walked out and found Arcane. They paid for their clothes and walked back out onto the street. Hearing her stomach growl, she looked up at Kenny. "Can we get some lunch?"


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They tried on some clothes, nothing too shabby. Kenny didn’t care too much for all of the ties, why did they even buy so many? He didn’t even like ties! He rubbed his neck at the thought of wearing one, they were like collars made to tame men like him, wild, free, moderately strong men like him.She seemed eager to be in the changing room together, be it she practically stripped him and helped him pick what he liked and didn’t like, or what looked good and what didn’t look good. He appreciated her help in finding some clothes and he was happy with most of his selection, though he could have done without all of the ties and collared shirts. When they walked out of the clothing store Kenny had multiple bags draped on his arms and two boxes of shoes in his hands. Okay, they did a little more shopping than he would have liked. “Lunch?” he smirked, “Well now that I'm awake maybe I can get a little snack before we go get a bite to eat.”


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Alyssa gave him her signature smirk and shrugged her shoulders. "I guess we might have time for it." She said. As she leaned it to place a kiss upon his lips, Arcane ran between the two of them, pushing Kenny away from her. He started growling at the man and Alyssa became extremely confused. The growlithe had never done such things towards the man. Did he think Kenny was hurting her? Well, he had never been awake while they had done anything so he did not know what he was looking at as the man's hands touched her skin. Laughing, Alyssa patted Arcane and looked at Kenny. "Later then. Arcane says no right now."


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Just before their lips met Arcane charged in between the two and darn near snapped at Kenny. He was growling at him, unusual for the little red dog, but understandable as well. It confused Kenny all the same, they had kissed before and Arcane seemed fine, yet today he decided to intervene and act as if he was going to bite Kenny if he did so much as get close to his master. Strange, it truly was, but kenny wouldn’t object, he didn’t have much choice in the matter. If he said or did anything he could hinder their relationship and he refused to do so. “Later, yes, but does this mean I can’t even touch you?” he asked scratching the back of his head. “Alright, let’s just get a bite to eat.” he placed his hands behind his back and followed her.

“What are you in the mood for?”


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"Hmm, how about sandwiches? Theres a nice little shop here up the street." Alyssa said, leading the man towards the shop. Arcane followed closely, watching both of them. She had not known what got into the poor thing. Was this a bad idea? Being here with Kenny? Arcane could usually tell peoples intentions. Were his suddenly not as pure as she once thought? She would have to put her guard up now, and watch the man more closely. She was watching out for herself at this point, and she needed to make sure she did not fall any further for him until Arcane seemed to think his intentions were once again pure.


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Great, great, there goes a few weeks of getting closer out of the window because the dog all of a sudden decided that Kenny wasn’t good enough for his master. How terrific, his hands still behind his back Kenny leisurely followed along and looked at everything but Alyssa. No use in getting hurt because of a attraction, one that could possibly be fatal. He would look up at the roofs of the buildings they passed reading each sign closely, something to take his mind off of the other two. “Eh, sure.” he made himself sound disinterested more or less. Was it cold to do this? Yes, but maybe it was best he gave Alyssa and the little red pooch some space so Arcane could think or whatever dogs did.

“Actually as fun as it sounds, I need to head to the mission zone. It’s over at the castle. But uh, hey, enjoy your sandwich.” he didn’t even look at her as he turned to leave, throwing up a hand and heading for the direction of the castle.


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"Kenny! Wait, what?" She followed the man quickly and then grabbed his arm to pull him to a stop. Arcane barked at the two of them and Alyssa glared at the growlithe. "Arcane! Go home!" She yelled. The little growlithe looked betrayed but he turned and trotted off towards the hotel with his head down. Turning her attention back to Kenny she was confused. "What's with the change in attitude all of a sudden? I thought we were having a good day." He must have sensed her own change in attitude to be acting so cold to her.


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He heard her call after him, he stopped in his tracks and sighed. What did she need? Was he that obvious to read? He didn’t want to part ways like that, but alas, he didn’t want to get bitten or to put any strain on the relationship. He wanted to keep things safe and secure, if Arcane didn’t trust him or very much like him right now he would come back later. Kenny damn near fell for her days ago and he wouldn’t mess up again, not like the other times. This was a new beginning for him and he didn’t want to mess this up. He turned to her and nodded, “We are going to have a good day, I promise, but right now I should give you and Arcane some space, it’ll be time for him to maybe settle down.” he stroked her cheek and kissed her, “Just promise me you’ll be at the castle after you talk to him.”


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Alyssa sighed and nodded before kissing him once again. She turned and wandered back to the hotel, giving her plenty of time to think. She found Arcane waiting at the door for her. They went inside and sat on the couch. The growlithe laid in her lap and she let his head. "Look boy, you really have to chill around Kenny. He's not going to hurt me. I know you love me and you want to protect me, but you have to understand that if he ends up hurting me somehow, I'll let you know. I'm a big girl I can handle it." She sighed and put her face in her hands. "Why did him walking away hurt so much though?" She sighed...she knew exactly why. "Fuck!" She hit the pillow. Arcane looked at her curiously. "Damnit!" Tears formed in her eyes. "I love him..." And with that, she cried.


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This life was one full of intrigue and heartbreak. Kenny had been a man of indifference when it came to things like love and lust, he had never truly loved, he had always given in to lust when presented it, but he was always indifferent to the person he was with. Those things of course changed when he had a chance encounter with Alyssa, an introduction turned into flirtations and those flirtations had managed to turn into emotions. There was no beating around the bush now, he obviously had feelings for Alyssa, but he was afraid that she didn’t feel the same for him. There were a lot of women and men in the world and he had met many flirted with some, but never before had someone stuck on his mind like this.

He began on the path to the castle and stopped at the front gate, maybe he could make it up to Alyssa for walking off… but how? Well, they were supposed to get something to eat, “Hm, I think I have an idea.” he spoke to himself as he approached the job location.

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