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Missing the family Crest [Private/Request]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Missing the family Crest [Private/Request] Empty on Sat May 27, 2017 7:07 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Another day, another jewel. So the saying goes or so Uchida had hoped. He was going to undertake another "job" More like another menial task for him to kill time doing and make a quick buck. As usual, he was expecting his "buddy", Finn to tag along and help out with this situation. After all, they were a team so something like this shouldn't be difficult at all between the two of them. Finn should have a copy of the picture he was holding. The picture had was of two swans entangling their necks made out of a rare material. It seemed pretty valuable to the point where even if he did get his hands on it, he might pawn it for a quick profit and steal it back later. Sadly, he joined a straight lace guild and could never afford to be caught doing that. He wanted to be rich, powerful and famous, legally. So he had to start where everybody else did, from the bottom.

He didn't decide to wait for his partner to show up  and decided to take on some of the hunting himself. No point, in getting two, technically three, "people" to question a few civilians. It would see like some sort of stick up or straight up robbery. Well whatever, he can handle this, he guessed. Looking around the streets of Era he was looking around to find some people to question and ask about the crest. He mainly avoided the larger crowds and tried to talk to people in groups no larger than four or five people. He felt a bit timid in a group he considers large, comparatively. Anyways, he began to look around for any people the might have potentially seen something at least resembling this thing. After looking around briefly, managing to spot more of the smaller groups of civilians, he spotted a couple, a group of guys openly goofing off in public and some rough looking dudes itching to start something.

Well, it's not like it'd hurt to start by asking these fine people if they've ever seen this crest or not. He decided to walk up to the couple, and call out for their attention. "Oi, have you guys seen this particular crest around here anywhere?" he asked a bit halfheartedly. Teh couple gave a brief glance at each other before taking a glance at him and pointed in the direction of the noble family's home. "You daft, boy? Everybody knows about the family crest. They don't live too far from here, would you like directions?" the male had told him. Uchida had sighed and decided to try to reword his question before ultimately deciding to give up. "No, see,
the family crest is actu- Know what. Never mind... Enjoy your day."
Uchida said, muttering that last part in frustration. He decided he'd go back and wait for Finn's appearance yo either go question more people or decide what route they wanted to take in looking for the crest.

#2Shichiro Uchida 

Missing the family Crest [Private/Request] Empty on Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:24 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Uchida had continued to wait for his partner to show up but it seems he was waiting for an awfully long time. Feels like a months has passed but alas, nothing so brazen. He decided he would finish this request on his own and decided he would continue to interrogate the people of Era. One by one, Shichiro had asked them about a missing family crest and nothing had turn up until he asked an elderly man about the missing family crest. "Missing family crest, huh? Well, there was a shady man peddling a crest that looks just like that. I turned him down of course but if you go down to the square in the middle of town you might still be able to catch him. Hope that helps, sonny." said the elderly man. Shichiro nodded to the man and began to walk hastily in the direction he was given in hopes he would find the guy attempting to sell stolen property. A few minutes went by as Shichiro made to the town square. He looked around to see if there was any shady merchant or peddler trying to sell hot goods.

There, found him. Shichiro could already tell his type especially when he's not so clean himself but still clean enough to be accept by a good "good" guild. He approached the shifty peddler and inquired about purchasing the stolen family crest. "Looking to buy, eh? I got a great deal for you then mate. For only a hundred thousand jewels, this magnificent trinket can be yours. What say you?" said the man. Shichiro smirked and decided to ask the man his name in case he wanted to get a hold of him for future trades. "Name's Gaud mate. And sure, you can come to me for all your exotic needs. Now, er, bout this crest ere?" He said a bit nervous, slightly regretting giving out his real name. "Gaud, huh? That's a rather unique name. I'll be sure to remember it when i'm giving it to the Rune Knights for trying to sell stolen goods. Hand over the crest or we can do this the hard way, i hope we can do this the hard way." Shichiro said, coolly. "Stolen!?!?! You have me misunderstood, i bou- er "acquired" it through fair trade, how do i know you aren't trying to rip me off and make out with such a beauty." Gaud had said a bit haughtily and angrily. Shichiro sighed, digging into his pockets and pulling out a piece of paper with his request details. He then violently shoved it into the man's face and let go so the paper dropped into Gaud's hand.

Looking the paper over, Gaud's face was slowly realizing the situation as his face went from skeptical to horrified within seconds. "I-i swear i bought this crest from somebody else. I swear. I don't want no trouble so here, take it back." a terrified Gaud said. Shichiro smirked as he received the crest muttering "Nice doing business with you"  as he walked away. "Don't mention me name ya ere!?!?!" Gaud called out a little panicked. Shichiro waved him as his next destination was to go to one of the main gates to turn over this crest and receive his reward. Upon reaching one of them, he informed a guard of the missing crest and handed it to be properly returned to the corresponding family. From there, Shichiro went off to do other shit.


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