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CLEAN UP CREW [Alyssa] Empty on Sun May 28, 2017 3:59 am

The night sky still loomed over Oak, a full moon peeking at the city of criminals illuminating the darkened sky for the last few hours of the previous day.   The hotel room was still, the only disturbances the snores of both Kenny and Arcane. Amber eyes groggily opened up, adjusting to the lack of light in the room as kenny awoke, as he did every morning. The raven hair shifted in position to sit up, but he was stopped by the presence of another, a petite arm resting over him, the owner sleeping next to him. It was just about time for another job, it was the time of day he would head into town to get a new job. Though the prospect of having her come with him today was still fresh on his mind, that and the new scratches she had put on his body. Hm, today both of them would head to the job.

Kenny had to be careful when waking her up or well, disturbing her at all without her knowing it was him. The first time he woke her up he was flipped, when he tried to scare her he damn near for a concussion. This time he would be as gentle as possible. With the most ease he could muster he would lean down and place a kiss on her lips before gently, gently, every so gently, shaking her awake. “Lysssss, wake up.” Wait, what if he woke up the split instead? He shuddered as he imagined what she would do when she was grouchy.. Maybe he could just leave her sleeping for a little while. There was no time to be afraid, he continued shaking her until she awoke.

His hand rested on her thigh giving it a good squeeze.



CLEAN UP CREW [Alyssa] Empty on Sun May 28, 2017 7:44 am

Alyssa awoke to a gentle shaking and a hand on her thigh. Her eyes fluttered open and she yawned. She found Kenny sitting over her and she smiled a sleepy smile. "Hello, handsome. Why are you waking me up? Is everything okay?" She asked. She was sweating despite having no clothes on, so she threw the covers off of herself. Cold air bit her body and woke her up more than she was. To say she needed a coffee was an understatement though. She felt slightly hungover from the night before.

Speaking of the night before, Alyssa's eyes traveled to seek out the scratched she had left on the man. She traced one as she did the night before. "I am sorry about those." She sighed and it pained her to say what she did next. "Maybe we should be good and not do anything till those heal."

That's when she remembered what they had to do today. They were finding a new job. Alyssa was surprised that Kenny had actually woken her up to go pick the job with him. Usually, he just let her sleep while he went and did the dirty work. This was a nice change of events.



CLEAN UP CREW [Alyssa] Empty on Sun May 28, 2017 7:58 am

She would eventually wake, the two crimson gems she called eyes fluttering open and greeting him with their usual youthful gleam. “Well milady, I was thinking we could go to the quest together this time, I usually leave you here on your own and I couldn’t bear the thought of my darling Alyssa being without me for another morning.” he admitted. When she brought up the marks she had left he busted out laughing before looking at her with a wide grin.

“I tresause every scratch, like you said, I must be doing something right since you keep giving them to me.” he turned and sat on the edge of the bed. There were plenty of scratches to treasure, it seemed she had even managed to give him a few new ones at that. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked through his burlap bag for something to wear today. It was another light mission, so nothing too heavy was needed.

“Speaking of that night, however, do you maybe feel sick this morning?” he placed his clothes on the table and turned back to look at her, “Not even a little bit?” he wasn’t all that concerned and was mostly joking, but by the tone he gave her he seemed to be serious. It was just a little teasing because of the scratches she put on him.

Whilst he waited for an answer he threw on a shirt and hiked on some pants. “Oh and today’s job is kinda easy, we’re just moving some bodies.”



CLEAN UP CREW [Alyssa] Empty on Sun May 28, 2017 8:10 am

Alyssa stood, stretching her sore limbs. She walked across the room over to her bag to pull out a pair of skinny jeans and a red tank top. She was dressing when the question was asked, and she completely froze stiff before choking on air for a moment. She turned and looked at the man and noticed the small smile gracing his lips. Though he sounded completely serious, she knew he was joking. She turned back to getting ready herself and decided to play her own little trick on him. "Sick? Yeah kinda. I got sick a couple times this morning while you were sleeping actually." She said, completely joking, yet sounded serious.

Acting as if the prior comment had meant nothing to her, she turned back and looked up at him. "Moving bodies, huh? You are going to be doing all the heavy lifting." She muttered, pulling on a pair of white tennis shoes. Her split had been quiet these past few days, but she knew she would need to give it time to roam soon. Especially with as attached as it was to Kenny. It wanted alone time with him as much as Alyssa did. Looking back over at the man for his reaction, Alyssa waited.



CLEAN UP CREW [Alyssa] Empty on Sun May 28, 2017 8:26 am

Her reaction was priceless, she didn’t seem prepared for the question at all and even seemed taken back by it. Though, it seemed that his joke would backfire as she told him she was feeling sick. Kenny doubled back mouth open in surprise as he seemed to have lost his footing and hit the ground like a log. He didn’t faint, but he may as well have.

He was going to be a dad? No, no, no! It was just all of the drinking they were doing right? Maker why didn’t he think it through last night. He couldn’t be someone’s dad...Or could he? He sat up and looked her up and down. She was damn cute, and according to her and some others he looked alright. Yeah! They could totally make it work! He got on his knees and shuffled over to her pressing his cheek against her stomach. “Woo! I’m gonna be a dad! WAIT! I’m gonna be a dad! We’ll need to get married, buy a house, I’ll need to get a real job!” he began mumbling as he stood up and continued to dress himself.

“Sure hon, you should start asking around about preschools while i’m moving the corpses!” he bellowed happily as he stroked his beard, “I’ll have to shave too, yeah, and then maybe look for us a place to stay and oh what do you think about Kenny Jr? It’s okay if it’s a boy or a girl.”

He was rambling on about it as he opened the door and waited for her.



CLEAN UP CREW [Alyssa] Empty on Sun May 28, 2017 8:40 am

Well...that backfired. Alyssa shook her head and could not help but chuckle. Did the man really want to be a dad that bad? "I was joking, you dweeb." It was a loving insult, and she hoped he knew she meant it that way. "I have no been feeling sick. You are not going to be a dad." She patted his shoulder and kissed him. "Sorry for your luck there, dear." With that, she woke Arcane and fed him before meeting the man at the door, ready to leave and head for the scene where they would be moving the bodies. "You would not want a kid with me, anyway. I feel like I would be a horrible mother...and if they got stuck with multiple personalities as well, you would go running for the hills."

She walked along side Kenny as they made there way to the scene where a man instructed them to move the bodies where he could dismantle them. It was an old construction site that seemed to be momentarily abandoned. Alyssa was not going to be much help this time. She could barely lift a person her own size, let alone someone three times her weight. Most of the bodies were grown men. They were all dead weight, as well. Most were fat and weighed over two hundred pounds a piece. She walked over to the smallest man she could find and grabbed him by his arms. They were covered in blood and bullet holes sat in the center of his chest. The man was cold and going stiff. Blood coated her shoes and she sighed, knowing she was going to have to buy new ones soon. Perhaps she could convince Kenny to go shopping with her later. He seemed to be in need of some new things as well.

Dragging the first body into the next room where the man had laid out the tarp, she quickly left before she could see the first chop of the ax and the first body part come off. Her nose curled up as the smell of death and blood finally hit her. Arcane sat in the corner seemingly as uncomfortable as she was in the mess. He had found a spot clear of blood and bodies to lay himself down in while she and Kenny handled the mess. "What a help you are." She said out loud to the growilthe.



CLEAN UP CREW [Alyssa] Empty on Sun May 28, 2017 9:45 am

Kenny tilted his head when she shot down his baby fever almost instantly. Before meeting her he would have freaked out about it, got scared and forced himself to be supportive of the woman and child, but now, that he was getting all the closer with Alyssa he wouldn’t have minded it, though it would take a lot of on the job learning. He was partially relieved that she wasn’t pregnant, but when she put herself down he shook his head. “That’s not true, we would be a team and the child would be wonderful and if they have more than one personality I’d love every little split the same.”

They walked side by side, Kenny placed his arms behind his back. It was silent, though he couldn’t blame her, their last conversation was slightly awkward given they were both playing jokes on one another. When they arrived they saw the chap who put out for the job.

Alyssa began to work immediately, Kenny followed suit and picked one of the large bodies up and hefted them on his shoulders. He followed her to the next room over and he tossed the stiff corpse onto the ground. He watched it hit the ground and settle. Strange, looking death in the face like this should have scared him. He froze for a moment and looked down at the corpse. He would keep silent, as he looked down at it. Would this be him one day? Stuff as a board and tossed around like he was nothing… He stayed put and simply looked.



CLEAN UP CREW [Alyssa] Empty on Sun May 28, 2017 2:48 pm

Alyssa watched as Kenny froze up when they began moving the bodies. Stopping between moving them, Alyssa walked over to him and stroked his face. "Hey, it's okay." She kissed him gently. "Let's just get this done and then we can clean up and get some food, okay?" She tried her best to cheer him up from whatever slump he had got into. She went back to moving the bodies, and soon, they were done for the day. She had helped Kenny get the bodies out back that needed to be buried and then they waited for the man inside. She had not even bothered to learn the man's name. He was simply a part time employer.

As they waited, no words passed between the three of them. Alyssa just wanted to clean the blood off of herself, and she did not have must else to say about what they had just done. Soon, a car pulled up and the man simply gets inside, handing them a bag with their rewards inside of it. As the car pulled off, Alyssa smiled at the man beside her.

"Let's go get cleaned up, then we can get some food." She said.


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