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Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest: Geb]

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Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest: Geb] Empty on Sat May 27, 2017 12:24 pm

Another day, another mission. Geb was finally going to do his first piece of work in the city of Era, along with his companion Gallent the munchlax. But first, let's inspect how Geb got to this point in time, shall we?

It was a cloudy day in late spring. Geb fell off his bed in his hotel, bumping his head on the cold hard ground as he woke up rather forcefully thanks to it. Sighing, he figured he probably wouldn't be able to get up after that, so he supposed that he might as well go ahead and get dressed.

Geb put on a red jacket and jeans, not feeling the need to dress particularly fancy today. Looking in his wallet after grabbing it off the counter, Geb noticed he was a little short on money. He groaned. "Great, just great... suppose I'll have to go get some in that case."

Getting the  Munchlax up, or trying to, Geb had to spend a lot of time on. The beast had been eating all night, so he supposed it was in his nature to spend the rest of the time sleeping away. Talk about a troublesome creature.. Geb was glad that humans weren't like that, or he'd go crazy. Though, thinking more on it, there probably were a lot of humans like that in the world.. quite the scary thought, if he must say so himself. Oh well, he didn't have time to worry about that. Once he finally got Munchlax up, he and Gallent went out the door.

The streets of Era today were cloudy as stated before. It seemed to be on the edge of raining, like when one needed to sneeze, but no matter how much they tried, couldn't pull it off. This was a similar case, of course the changed variables being clouds and raining. Regardless, the smell of possible rain filled the air, and it was certainly hard to ignore. Not that Geb could smell it, thanks to his lack of olfactory senses as a machia, Gallent certainly could. And it seemed like he wasn't quite the rain person judging on his reaction.

Geb was making his way to a bar with some "shady" requests in the outskirts of Era, since that was about the only place he had heard of that would be able to find him work in the area. He supposed it made sense, considering the fact that Era was a place of many knights - it was only because of the back alleys that he heard of this bar anyways. Thanks to the fact it was in the outskirts, it was probably not nearly as patrolled as other bars in the city.

Walking outside of the city walls, Geb looked around to try and find this place. On the top of a distant hill, he spotted it, a bar of wooden walls with a chimney of smoke from the top. And as he made his way up this hill, it began to rain.



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Geb entered the establishment, it was full of shady looking figures. Well, he should've expected it from such a place. He left Gallent outside, knowing that he would only be creating problems for Geb if he had been brought inside, he most likely would of stole someone's food or something. The place had a big billboard full of different jobs that dark mages could take, including a few hits. Scary stuff, eh? Well, it's not like Geb hadn't killed before, especially on a mission. Geb was about to sit down at one of the bar stools, when someone came from behind him to place a hand on his shoulder. Geb looked around to see a tall, burly man with a beard. He seemed a little bit intimidating from his looks, but judging by the strength of this man's grip, he was strong. Not nearly as strong as Geb, though.

"Tell me, what is it?" Geb asked, looking the man in the eye. The man removed his hand from the boy's shoulder. "Calm down, lad. I simply wanted to inquire you for a job. Unlike some of the people here, you're strong, monstrously so. I can tell. After a while the way a person walks can be an indicator of it."

Geb nodded. "Indeed, I'm strong. Luckily for you, I'm also looking for work at that. Now tell me, what was it that you needed done today?" The man pointed to a nearby table. "Why don't we discuss it over there?"

The two men headed over to the table, Geb taking a seat by the window. "So, what is it that you have for me, sir?" he asked.

"Well, first off the name's Gaud."

"Geb, nice to meet you. Again though, what can I expect of this request you got for me?"

The man chuckled. "Straight to the point, eh? I suppose that's not a bad trait to have. Listen, I'll be simple: i want you to con a conman." Geb leaned forward. As one who appreciated art, Geb was against these conmen. "Very well, I'm listening. What did this guy take? Something valuable?"

"A rare item. He gave me some fake cash in exchange, dirty rat. He manages to evade the rune knights somehow, so I needed a dark mage to help take him our." Gaud leaned forward to make sure nobody was listening. "Listen, I won't report you or anything. Just get me back the item from him, and I'll toss you some money and we can forget this ever happened. I don't want my shop being tarnished, you know what I'm saying?"

Geb nodded. "As one who also owns an establishment open to the public, I know that dark mage affairs are something to be kept out of it. Now, there is just one thing though, who is this conman, and how do I find him? Wouldn't it be, well, fairly hard to track him down if not even the rune knights can, from the sound of things?"



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The rain began to settle down outside as the two men spoke about their plans, and the Munchlax began to eat the hay on a farm across the street.

"Well, I've got a plan, you see lad." Gaud then gave Geb a rubix cube. It was a toy, sure, quite the intricate toy, but a toy nonetheless - what was his plan here? Taking the rubix cube, Geb blinked. "And what am I to do with this cube..?" he asked. "Well, it's a bit more than a rubix cube." Gaud took a drink from his mug, wiping his lips off afterwards. "You see lad, that there is an extremely rare cube. One of the first ones ever made. A lot of antique shops and collectors would pay big money for that. Now, that's how we're gonna bait jar jar in. You see, that's not the real one - a counterfeit. It's pretty well made though, so common folk really can't tell the difference. That way, if we give it to Jar Jar and he tries to sell it, he's shut down."

"I see.." Geb noted. "So, in other words, you want me to try to sell this to people, Jar Jar will grab hold of the commotion, and attempt to buy the item off me?" Gaud nodded. "Yeah, and from there, two options - one, you can try to trade it for the item that he conned off me, or two, you can just beat him up and take the item. It's just a small axe, should be pretty easy to find off his body. You'll know it when you see it, I doubt that man carries many axes." Geb nodded. "It seems like a solid plan. Want me to meet you back in your shop once I got it? And how much time do I have?" If Geb didn't have much time, he wondered if the job was even possible. After all, this Jar Jar guy could sleep through the day, who knew. It would come down to luck in some respects. As Geb was thinking to himself about that, Gaud began to talk once more, interrupting Geb's train of thought.

"Eh, you probably have about 12 hours. But, the little rat moves around the town and hears everything so fast that I doubt it would take that long for him to find you if you get started right away anyways." It seemed like Ge's fears were gone, he could certainly do this job fast if this conman was that active within the city. It was scary though, to imagine how big his info network must be. Either that or he was just good with eavesdropping.. either one seemed like a plausible solution Geb.

"Alright, in that case, I'll be on my way. Thank you for the job sir, I won't fail you, promise." Gaud nodded. "I have faith in you, lad. You certainly seem more capable than most of the other mages who could of done this job." Geb smiled. "See you later, sir."

Geb exited the premises, as he noticed Gallent eating some hay. Geb waved. "Yo, we're doing something. I'll get you a buffet later, but I need your help. C'mon." Gallent jumped out of the hay pile and headed with Geb back to the city. It seemed like the two of them could finally get started on their plan.

Geb was in a park in the central part of Era. Now the rain had stopped, at least for the time being, so he could see a few people walking and playing chess in the area. Time to get started. Hopefully this would go well, otherwise Geb probably wouldn't be going back to that bar. Or that shop, for that matter."

Geb began calling out to passerby people. "Get your hands on a rare, antique cube! One of the first of it's kind!" Geb held up the cube, but made sure to keep a tight grip on it. He didn't want any thieves snatching it out of his hand, after all. Of course, he had Gallent next to him, who was munching on a bag of pretzels. Maybe he could seem like a bodyguard to some. Or a cute mascot. Or, well, something. Probably nothing big though. Around him, he could hear whispers. If he kept this up, he would finally be able to lure out Jar Jar. Thank goodness, this was taking a long time.

With about 6 hours left to go, a nearly-bald man approached Geb very creepily. "Hello sir, are you interested?" he asked. Looking around, Geb noticed nobody else was in the park. Thank goodness, he wouldn't want to knock out Jar Jar and then have the knights come for him right away. Speaking of Jar Jar, this man was just as ugly as Geb would have imagined. He certainly was no work of art.

"Hello sir, my name is Jar Jar. How much would you like for that item?" Geb smirked. This was him for sure then. "A fist." Geb said, as with his gigantic strength sent a punch straight to Jar Jar's jaw, knocking him back multiple feet. Thanks to Geb's s-rank strength, this would of knocked the man clean out. Geb opened up the man's coat to find various goods inside, one of them being the axe he was looking for, and just as Gaud said, it was the only axe the man had been carrying. Perfect. Gallent took out a chocolate bar he was carrying as well and ate it whole, and the two would begin to make their way towards the shop of Gaud.

Geb went o Gaud's giving him back the item. Gaud had to note out that he probably wouldn't ask for work again considering he didn't like Dark Mages, but noted that Geb was always welcome to come in and buy something. Perfect. Geb walked out. Today was his last day in Era, and now he was going to get some more work in a familiar place. Hargeon.



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