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Sign Me Up [Seira]

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Sign Me Up [Seira] Empty Thu May 25, 2017 4:50 pm

Hargeon Town was, like any other city in Fiore, quite beautiful but full of strange people. Seira had only recently arrived and she planned to stay for a few days before moving on to Marigold. During her time here she had noticed that the people in the south, especially those who lived by the port, were quite different from those who lived inside large cities in the middle of the country. Not that she minded that, of course, but it was still a strange sight sometimes and she figured that she would have a great time in Hargeon nonetheless. It was one of the older cities of Fiore and next to its port, there were also a train station, the beach, a park and of course the Blue Pegasus guild that could be used as a stop for sightseeing fans. Seira herself wasn’t someone who did a lot of intentional sightseeing, she simply travelled the town whenever she wanted to to get a better look around and today was no different. She had rented a nice, spacious room in an inn close by the sea so that she could see the port when she looked out of the window. Seira had plans on going to the beach today, the weather was quite lovely and there was nothing else she could possibly do. The great thing about Hargeon Town was that you could find fresh seafood basically anywhere and she didn’t have to look far to find a place that sold something delicious with seafood for breakfast as well. Seira knew that Hargeon was quite famous for the 8-island-restaurant, that served amazing seafood and was known throughout the countries. She had plans of visiting that place at some point, but for today the beach was more interesting. Since the weather was great she would only wear a simple dress when leaving the house and Seira stopped by a café to get breakfast first. The people of Hargeon Town were friendly, but still different from Magnolia. From her point of view, the people in Magnolia were more open, friendly in a family-kind of way, perhaps also because of the guild that had settled down there, and Seira knew she would always prefer Magnolia over other places, but Hargeon wasn’t so bad either. The citizens had a different temper, a bit rougher, but she assumed that something like that was needed if you lived by the sea since life could an probably was much harsher here during winter or stormy months of the year. Seira walked casually through the streets of Hargeon and looked around to see if she could find anything in the stores that interested her. There seemed to be nothing for now and she knew that she had to take an entire day out of her plan to shop in peace so she could actually find something, so instead about worrying about that she was heading towards the beach. Hargeon’s beachside was extremely large and had a lot to offer and even though there were always a lot of people present when the weather was good, which it was today, it never felt too crowded which Seira really appreciated.

There were a lot of street vendors selling snacks such as ice cream, hot dogs and candy, also cool drinks of course and a few bars were build by the beachside. There was even a gym and a store that sold all sorts of items related to swimming. Basically, it had everything that you needed and everyone seemed to be enjoying some time at the beach. Seira wanted to go for a walk and look around at the people that were present, but it wasn’t her intention to go swimming just yet. Maybe another day. Seira walked by the gym and decided to take a look inside, not because she wanted to work out but because she assumed that mages would be here too to train themselves up. When she did that she was noticed by a tall, muscular man with tan skin and blonde hair. He waved her over and smiled kindly at her and even though his appearance was odd he seemed friendly enough. “Hi there, do you have a moment to spare? I’m Jay Holiday, but I’m sure you knew that already,” he laughed and Seira frowned. “Do you happen to have some spare time? I need to sign up for this competition today but I’m too busy training.. perhaps you could help me out and sign me up? It’s right over there!” He pointed at a booth on the other side of the beach. “I’ll pay you of course, but you really need to hurry!” Seira was somewhat taken aback by his sudden appearance and plea, but she had no problem helping out since it seemed easy enough. He ordered her to write down his personal information, which she did. His last and first name, birthdate, height and weight and all those things were written down on a formula before she left to sign him up for the competition. The distance was quite far and for a normal person perhaps too long to make it in time, but Seira, as a wizard, was quick on her feet and had no problem moving faster than others. She rushed to the other side of the beach relatively quickly, but had to be careful because there were quite a lot of people she had to dodge. Most of them were the playing children, because they were basically everywhere. Then there were the drunken teens and even though there were plenty, at least they hardly moved. The elderly people were also an issue, even though they hardly moved they somehow managed to always stand exactly in the way which was quite bothersome to her. Seira quickly ran past all of them and made it to the booth where she would stand in line with some weightlifters, eventually sign Jay up and then return to the strange blonde to get her reward and continue on with her day.


Sign Me Up [Seira] LqKLdpe

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