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Beach Gym | Snowflake

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#1Venus Rosé 

Beach Gym | Snowflake Empty Thu May 25, 2017 5:29 am

Venus Rosé


The youth clicked her tongue at the roof of her mouth in annoyance due to the mob of locals that surrounded her. The streets were as crowded as ever with people pushing each other to reach to their desired place. The place was bizarre and loud, something she had an aversion to, for she gets extremely uncomfortable when being engulfed by tons of people. The maiden weaved through the crowds, edging through the dense flow of people. Once she was able to exit the cluster, Snow heaved out a long sigh, out of relief that she was finally free from being squished by people. She regained her posture once again and meandered the streets to search for the mission-board to complete some quests. She figured that doing quests would help her kill time.

”The Beach?”

She mumbled, her eyes skimming through the lines written on the sheet of paper held in her hands. Snow had never been to the beach in her entire life since her parents never took vacation to anywhere else and the girl had not been interested in anything apart from the books. They say beaches were covered with water and sand and people would bask under the sunlight to enjoy the heat. Snow did not like the heat but she had always been curious as to how beaches look like and how different they appear from the pictures she had seen from the pages inside the countless number of books she has read. The quest was not one that she would thoroughly enjoy but seeing the view of the beach was one of the reasons that she was resolved to do the mission.

The cyborg set out on her journey towards the Hargeon Beach, which would take no longer than half an hour on foot. She would have just hired a cart and rode in it to her destination but she figured that she could appreciate the stunning sights of Hargeon and the sea that outstretched beyond the land. Upon her arrival at the beach, she was astonished by the fantastic colouring of the beach; the blueness of the sea and the sky, just a few shades lighter than the colour of her hues. She could smell the saltiness of the sea as the cold breeze brushed past against her, lifting up the hem of the skirt only to reveal her white bodysuit underneath. Families rested underneath their tents with their children while other female adolescents basked underneath the sun to achieve their tanned skin.

Her outfit was different from the rest of the people, most of them only in their underwear or their fancy garments which revealed much of their skin. The girl decided that she would purchase a swimsuit from a store nearby to fit in and not attract any unnecessary attention with her strange outfit. Once she was done, Snow came out of the store dressed in a black bikini which exposed her slender figure. As she strutted along the sandy beach, she would receive an eyeful from a few guys who ended up staring at her large assets, some blowing whistles towards her and others calling out for her but none of them deserved her attention.


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Beach Gym | Snowflake Empty Thu May 25, 2017 7:56 am

Venus Rosé

Snow stared down at her feet and scrunched her toes, feeling the softness of the golden sand that was still slightly damp from the retreating tide. Her eyes were bare, now that she had taken off the piece of cloth that was wrapped around her cerulean orbs. Silver hair that framed her small visage caressed her cheeks gently due to the momentum of the wind. Among the crowd of people, one stood out in particular, a blonde one in fact who appeared to be working out at the open gym on the beach. The main reason she was at the beach was to assist her client, Jay Holiday, in lifting weights, stretching and whatnot. The girl approached the blonde and enquired, ”Jay Holiday?” The man turned around to face her in response of his before his eyes briefly glided over her body, his lips growing into a smirk.

When she noticed the man ogling at her body, Snow let out discreet cough, her eyes averting away from his gaze. The blonde blinked nervously before a wave of colour flushed his neck and cheeks. ”Err, I apologize. And, yes, I’m Jay Holiday.” The man nodded, a grin spreading across his lips. ”I heard you required some assistance with spotting. So, here I am.” Snow folded her arms across her chest and continued to speak, ”So, where should we start?” Jay Holiday broke into a huge smile and gestured towards the bench press laying nearby. ”Let’s start with 30 pounds first.” He began to lay down on the equipment while Snow gathered the weights before adding them onto the steel pole.

The weights would increase bit by bit and Snow would often help lift the bar just ever so slightly when Jay is struggling with the increased weights. Snow was not someone who worked out frequently nor someone who goes to the gym albeit, the daily exercises of walking and jogging around the area was enough for someone like her to be fit. With the weights being increased each rep, Jay’s grunts would become louder before his entire body was covered in sweat as he made his way through the end of each set with the loud encouragement of a Blue Pegasus mage. By the end of the set, Jay was already lifting at least 200 pounds of weight. Veins emerged through his skin, his face flushed red from the heat and the rush of blood surging through is body when he attempted to lift the bar.

Not wanting her client to get hurt, she firmly grabbed hold of the bar so that it would not slip out of his hands and hurt his body. Both of them were already panting when Jay Holiday had finished his bench press exercise. A smile on his face was enough to tell her that he was satisfied with the work today. The man gave her a pat on the back and commented, ”I managed to finish the sets with your help. Thank you.” Jay reached into his bag that was laid on the sand for the jewels and handed it over to her. ”Come hang out here if you want to work out again.” She took the jewels, grateful for the reward and turned to face towards the sea. Perhaps, it was time to enjoy herself before the dusk falls.


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