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Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]

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Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]  Empty on Thu May 25, 2017 5:29 am

Kenny had done it again, he left early in the morning to find another job for the two of them. He refused to wake her up when he left, it was a sliver of reluctance to make her do dirty work with him and quite honestly he wish’ he had the ability to get her higher level work, but he was too far down to find her anything acceptable and fitting of her status. She was classy, warm, kind and tons of fun to be around, just thinking about her made him dreamily sigh, though thinking about her boldness made the scratches on his back sting. Oh what a woman, erm, what? Kenny coughed into a closed fist when he reached the building for today’s request.

That's right, they had a special assignment today, a gift of sorts. A rat kidnapped, bound, and ready for torture, ahem, “Interrogation.” Kenny rubbed his hands together and cracked his fingers. This was going to be fun, he didn’t need any tools or tricks to get the info out. Oh no, his hands were more than enough or well, their hands. Despite leaving her so early again he did leave another note about where he was going. Even if he didn’t want her to dirty her perfect hands with such disgusting work the two of them were a team thus his personal feelings could wait for now. When Kenny reached the building he met up with a Martello, he had received a mask and asked for a second for Alyssa.

Hm, maybe he could have some fun before the real party started. Kenny put on his balaclava and crept into the shadowy corner beside a dumpster as he waited for Alyssa to enter the alley, or well whenever she did. He was going to get her good.



Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]  Empty on Thu May 25, 2017 6:10 am

Alyssa had awoken once again to the man being gone from the bed, finding another note in his place. He had gone to find them another job. Oh what a man he was, taking care of all the dirty work for them. He kept them supplied with jobs and also kept her supplied with things to help her 'other needs' as well. She enjoyed this man, way too much for her own good. She was getting in way too deep with him, and she did not know if she would be able to handle it if anything happened to their team. He was the first person she had truly ever opened up to, and she did so happily as she had high hopes that their team would survive the trial of time.

Waking Arcane, Alyssa walked to the place where Kenny had told her to meet him. It was a dark alley and Alyssa began wondering what exactly he had led her into this time. Upon entering the alley, Alyssa could not see Kenny. Looking at the note she was confused. This was the place Kenny said meet him. Wandering a bit deeper into the alley, she was soon consumed by shadows and still saw no Kenny. Looking down at Arcane, Alyssa turned to begin making her way back out of the alley. She would wait on the man there...if he decided to show. She stopped after she took a couple steps, wondering if coming there was a bad idea.



Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]  Empty on Thu May 25, 2017 6:21 am

Soon a set of footsteps could be heard approaching his alley. Kenny hunkered down in waiting for the person to come strolling by. This was stupid and she would probably be pissed at him, but it was just some light hearted fun right? Nothing bad could come out of doing this, it was a gentle prank. Then again… What if she had Arcane with her? Shit, it’d hurt to get bitten by him. Kenny couldn’t be deterred now, he had to follow through with this prank and pray the pain would only last a few days. What was the worst that could happen anyway? Besides his head being smacked clean off. He rubbed the spot she had slapped last time, it still stung to this day.

When the last step stopped and she was just close enough, Kenny pulled down his mask and cracked his neck. ‘Here goes nothing.’ he lunged out of the shadows behind her and gripped one of her wrist with one hand and her throat with the other, “Stay quiet baby and I promise I’ll be gentle.” he masked his voice with a lighter tone, “What’s a tasty thing like you doing in a place like this anyway? Besides looking for trouble.” he pressed their bodies together, though he had to crouch a bit in order to sell that he was shorter than he actually was. He was stupid, she would kill him and his tombstone would read “RIP Kenny “it was just a prank bro””



Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]  Empty on Thu May 25, 2017 2:20 pm

Alyssa was terrified to say the least. Someone had grabbed her as she was walking out of the alley way. Before she could even stop to think about what she was going to do, she spun and hit the person square in the jaw. She had never actually hit someone before and she was surprised with how much force she put behind it. As she turned, she saw that it was Kenny, even with a mask on she could tell. No one else she had ever met had the same body structure that he did. She should have known the voice, or by the way her body fit perfectly against his as he had pulled her against him, or by the way Arcane did not seem threatened or attack.

"Oh my God I am so sorry!" She immediately pulled his mask off and began to stroke the man's jaw where she had just hit him. With as much as her own fist hurt, she was sure his face hurt as well. She placed a tender kiss on the spot that was already slowly starting to turn a purple color. "You cannot do that to me! I just act when I am in those situations. I do not think. Geeze is your face okay?" Her arms were wrapped around his waist as she hugged him close. "I am so sorry."



Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]  Empty on Thu May 25, 2017 4:44 pm

It seemed he had managed to give her a spoke, but alas just before he could tell her it was him, POW she landed a strong right hook right across his jaw. Kenny could feel the ground slip from under him as he was practically knocked aside by the blow. As he went down there was shock on his face, but he deserved the shot all the same for trying to scare her. It felt like he was falling in slow motion as he finally hit the ground a foot away from Alyssa. Anymore force and that shot may have knocked him out cold, luckily he was only dazed as the world around him was spinning. “Hello… Dear…” he managed to blurt out as he laid flat on the ground for a moment.

She was very apologetic, which made the pain in his jaw feel a little more at ease. He couldn’t do much of anything as she pulled his mask off. “It’s okay honey… Do you hear the birds too?” when she hugged him he managed to get some of his sense back, his arms wrapping around her as he hugged her back. “No need to be sorry love, I probably should have remembered just how strong you are,” he shook his head, he was still a bit dizzy from the punch, “But it’s good you can hit so hard. We’ll need those hard punches or our net job.” he stood up, she was still in his arms as he placed her on her feet.

After standing Kenny doubled back for a moment, stepping backwards and wriggling his jaw. “Phew, I’m just glad you made it. And I am so sorry for scaring you. But hey check it out.” he handed her a mask, “Put this on and follow me.” Kenny picked his mask up from the ground and made his way for the only door in the alley, he put his mask on and waited for her to do the same. “When you’re ready go ahead and open up, I need to… Just breath for a second.” he placed his hands on his knees and shook his head again trying to get his mind back in order.


Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]  Empty on Thu May 25, 2017 5:05 pm

Alyssa was afraid of what their next job would be. She looked questioningly at the man as she slipped the mask over her face. Nearing the door, she could hear a groaning on the other side. She was a bit frightened to see what was behind that door, but she owed it to the man she had just nearly knocked out. Opening the door, she eased inside, taking Kenny's hand and pulling him in behind her. There was a man tied to a chair, already looking quite beaten and uncomfortable. She had no clue who he was, but she was going to figure it out.

"Who is this? Why is he tied up? This better not be some kinky fetish thing." Alyssa muttered as she looked up at her partner. His jaw was a bit swollen and turning different colors. She frowned at the damage she had caused to his gorgeous face. Well, guess she was gonna have to get used to looking at a bruise for a few days.



Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]  Empty on Thu May 25, 2017 5:18 pm

Kenny slowed his breathing and did his best to keep still, but all of his efforts seemed futile. He couldn’t make much of anything out, he could barely really stand. She took his arm, he sluggishly followed her into the room. “H-hold on I just need a few minutes to collect myself.” he waved with his other hand, but his words were far too low for her to hear. When she opened the door and let him go he placed his hands back on his knees and leaned against the nearest wall, looking at her and the tied up ruffian. That was right, he had to explain what was going on.

“He has information we need…” He broke his words to inhale, “And we need to beat it out of him, something about a money transport. I’m sorry babe, I didn’t know if you wanted to do it or not, we don’t have to if you don’t want to.”



Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]  Empty on Thu May 25, 2017 6:29 pm

Alyssa had a lot of pent up rage from her split. Knowing she needed to let a bit out, she happily walked over to the man. "A cash transport huh? I like cash. Why don't ya tell me about it before I have to hurt you?" She asked. Arcane stood beside her, growling at the tied up man. He just needed one word and he would attack the man. He did not speak at first, only spit at Alyssa. Her right hand still hurt from punching Kenny, so using her left had she delivered a slap across the man's face. "I guess this is gonna be fun. Sadly I am sure we are supposed to be keeping you alive." She hit him right in his nose, satisfied as she heard a crack and blood began running down his pale face.

"You are gonna have to try harder than that, bitch." The man spat blood to the side of him and laughed. Alyssa was mad, absolutely livid. The man had laughed at her. Alyssa looked at Arcane and smiled.

"Be a good boy and take care of him will you?" She asked her companion. Arcane happily ran over and bit down on the man's leg, drawing a cry from him and blood. She hit him once again before looking back to make sure Kenny was okay. "I can not get him to crack by myself. Sadly I am too weak." She made sure not to say the man's name, as she was sure they were wearing masks for a reason. Before she let Kenny take over, she gave the man tied down a swift kick to the balls and called Arcane back.



Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]  Empty on Thu May 25, 2017 6:59 pm

Kenny shuddered when Alyssa seemed to begin her interrogation bit. She started out kind, but then things took a turn for the worst for the tied up fellow. He spat at her and soon blood flowed freely from the new slit on the subject's nose. It was almost scary how strong she was, but the sight of her putting on brute force made Kenny all the more excited to learn more about her. To think, originally Kenny had thought she would charm him into telling them, but no, she was down right beating the info out of him.

Arcane took a turn and Kenny yet again was surprised, even his sweet new furry friend could be brutal. He watched the two go to work, surely the man would crack and end his torment. Sadly, he didn’t. He only cried out and kept the information sealed.

Kenny shook his head a last time and slicked his hair back, he was ready for his turn. “I’ll handle him hon, you did wonderful.” he caressed her masked cheek and smiled, as Arcane passed he gave the little dog a pat on the head, “You did well too boy.”

Upon standing Kenny’s mood seemed to have shifted, he looked at the pathetic heap of a man just barely able to slump in his chair hands and legs bounding him like he was a meager little worm of a man coated in his own crimson essence. Kenny hand reached out and gripped him by his hair, he was still conscious, good, good.

The lumbering brute, hand still locked on the man’s hair raised him up and immediately slammed his head against the nearest wall pinning it there as the tied gentleman struggled against Kenny’s grip. “Don’t you ever spit on her,” he would keep him there for a moment relishing the worm’s squirming about under the pressure.

“Who are you supposed to be? Her body gua-” Kenny didn’t give him time to finish, he doubled the man over his fist with a jab to his gut.

Kenny let him fall to the ground and knelt over him, he snatched the perp up by the back of his head and with as much restraint as he could muster he repeatedly smashed his elbow into the perps face. When the nose wound was open enough kenny jammed a thumb into the gash and twisted it about, driving his thumb as deep as he could there were screams of agony and begs for mercy, but the sound that got the raven hair to stop was “I’LL TELL, I’LL TELL.” Kenny pulled his thumb out and looked down at him.

He picked him up by his collar made him look at Alyssa, “Apologize.”

“I am sorry mam…” he spoke through the blood filling his mouth.

“Is that good enough?” he looked up at her.


Interrogation tactics [Alyssa]  Empty on Thu May 25, 2017 7:04 pm

"That's fine." Alyssa answered and then looked back at the man. "Just tell us what you know." And he did. He spilled everything he knew quickly, not wanting to be beaten anymore. Kenny and Alyssa took the snitch and dropped him in the back alley, still alive. She followed Kenny back to where they were supposed to provide the information and then smiled as they received their reward. She quickly pocketed her own cash and wrapped her arms around Kenny for a hug. "Well, we did it. Another mission successful." With that, she led Kenny and Arcane back to the hotel.


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