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Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Traveling]

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Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Traveling] Empty Thu May 25, 2017 4:15 am

It was early in the morning and Seira only got a quick glimpse outside before she pulled the curtains shut again. The sun was shining bright and the weather was beautiful—a perfect day to travel. After staying in Magnolia Town for over two weeks the Sorceress decided that it was time to leave—for now—and her next stop would be Hargeon. Hargeon was, much like Magnolia, home town to a light guild and while Seira knew hardly anything about Blue Pegasus she figured that they wouldn’t be a problem. There were jobs for her to do and she wanted to get around a little more before she returned to the north of Fiore.

Marigold Town and Hargeon were in the deepest south of the country after all. After Seira finished packing she checked out of the inn she had been staying out and started her journey. Most of her way lead her through a thick, but safe forest. She didn’t have any strange encounters and didn’t run into any dangerous people, fortunately. Seira stopped by a little inn on her way to eat something and get some rest for the night. She continued her travel in the next morning and arrived in Hargeon Town after merely a day and checked into an inn close by the harbour.


Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Traveling] LqKLdpe

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